I am stopping by to request prayer for Steven*Curtis*Chapman and his family as they mourn the loss of their five year old daughter to a tragic accident.  My heart hurts for them.
Hope all is well with you.  I am still working out what needs to be worked out here.  Hopefully, I will be back soon.  blessings, g

8 responses to “Steven*Curtis*Chapman

  1. I heard about this in the morning, then I read this afternoon exactly how it happened… even more grief for their family.  There are going to be tough times ahead for them… they definately will be in my prayers. 

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about this.  I’ll put them in my prayers tonight.
    Thanks for making comments and I do apologize for not having gotten by here sooner, but I really haven’t been doing much blogging at all lately.
    The entry that I lost probably really wasn’t that great, but I was using the reference from a new television show, "How I Met Your Mother," and I’m sure it was lost on most people.Take care of yourself,Billy Paul

  3. Hi G, Hope all is well with you. I too was saddend by the news. I heard it today on my way to work , on the Christian Radio Station. Their 18yr old son sure needs our prayers as well. I heard he was backing out of the driveway at the time. Can you imagine how he must feel. Take care G. You are also in my prayers. Dianne

  4. Yes, it is so tragic.  So is the tragedy in China, Myanmar, the Sudan, North Korea, and the Middle East.  Let us not forget any.

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