I’m Baack

Phew!  It has been a roller coaster couple of weeks but here I sit ready to spring back to action.
Friday’s feast meme wasn’t available so this week’s questions are courtesy of

Friday Fiver:


1. Describe where you grew up:  A large town with plenty of green properties which it regularly sold off and is now a concrete jungle.  I hate going back there.

2. Do you wear any jewelry?  I love to wear earrings.  My hippy dippy side comes out because I like long, silver earrings.  I also got into necklaces this past winter but still shun most jewelry.

3. What do you have too much of?  Stuff!  I want so badly to get rid of clutter and I have friends who have offered to spend time with me being merciless in helping me to get there!  (I know you are smiling, Mom!  You can leave a comment, you know!)

4. Who is a fool?  A foolish person is one who talks more than they listen.  I just made that up off the cuff.  I tend to talk too much but I learn a lot more when I listen.

5. What’s your nickname?  Courtesy of Himself, Fudd.  However, he is the only one who calls me that.  Thus, my URL.

I’m going to bring Bells out to visit now so I will leave you with wishes of hope and blessings.  g


9 responses to “I’m Baack

  1. We missed you. Welcome back!!! Thanks for the Feast. I’ve missed it.
    Hometown – very small Southern town where folks didn’t lock the doors and there was a railroad that ran through town, it literally decided if you were from the wrong side of the tracks, everyone knew everyone and was more than likely kin to everyone, I could write a book
    Jewelry – wedding rings, earrings, occasional bracelet, I think I own a necklace but haven’t worn it in eons
    Too much – paper, I clean it out and it’s back before I can turn around, Where does it come from???
    A fool – they shall remain nameless
    Nickname – I have two, one given by my Daddy, one given by my Hubby, neither one am I divulging
    Have a great visit with Bells!

  2. Fudd?? As in Elmer??
    Describe where you grew up:  Small Alabama town.  Our little 2-1/2 block sub division was a mile from town.  We had a passel of kids in the neighborhood and always had things we could do.  We could climb the barbed wire fence in our back yard, which was on the city limit line, and we had pastures, woods and a creek.  I can’t think of a better place to grow up.
    2. Do you wear any jewelry?  I’d be a tad worried about myself if I did.
    3. What do you have too much of?  Midsection, yep, too much midsection.  And at times, I feel I have too many undeserved blessings.
    4. Who is a fool?  Once heard a description of the seven types of fools, wish I could remember all of them.  A fool is one who is happy with mediocrity.
    5. What’s your nickname? ‘rett

  3. Yes I am smiling and the smile will become a grin when all the clutter will be gone.  You will breath easier and feel unburdened.  Can’t wait to see it.  Love, Mom

  4. Glad you’re back.. Have fun with Bells today!
    Hometown.. medium size town, fun and friendly when I grew up.. not so much, now.
    Jewelry.. occasional rings, earrings, necklace.. most were made for me by a niece or two..
    Too much of? STUFF, too. I agree with you.. I need to de-stuff my life!
    A Fool? Someone who thinks they can do it without God.
    Nickname… My dad always called me Cowgirl when I was little.. cause I LOVED horses..lol Nothing else comes to mind.
    You have been missed, lady. Glad you and Bells are together today.

  5. Beginning to think Bells is an extension of you Gail, and I’d bet the farm you wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Grew up mainly on a dairy farm in rural Kentucky…loved it, and it hasn’t changed that much at all.
    I have way too many books that I’ve read (some several times), and need to pass them on.
    A fool is someone who calls someone else a fool.
    Nickname is Big John…boring I know, but I’m stuck with it.
    Good to have you back.  Enjoy Ms. Bells.
    Oh, yeah, jewelry….only wedding ring and a simple cross.

  6. Just dropped by to say HI and that I still read you. I’m with you on the earring thing….I must have close to 100 pairs.
    Take care,

  7. Ciao G.
    Just thought that I would stop into say Hi.
    Hope that you and your family are doing well.
    Wishing you a wonderful and Blessed Sunday in the Lord.
    Hugs & KissesLoveShelley

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