…and the heat goes on.

Heat index is supposed to be 105F today.  Thankfully, our wall a/c unit is still working. 
Unfortunately, my brain tends to fry in this weather.  I will just send out the Manic Monday questions to ya’ll and hope for the best!
What is your ideal age?  Physically at age 28 or so because I was able to run five miles back then and felt darned good.  Emotionally and spiritually, the best is yet to come.  Personal development is something I choose to work at.

What is your best excuse for being late?  Being late is against my nature.  A traffic accident?

If you had to give yourself a nickname what would it be?  I have wanted a nickname all my life and only my husband has given me one – and only he calls me by it!  (Fudd – because I would imitate Madeline Kahn in Young Frankenstein who sounded like Elmer Fudd)  Any suggestions?  Do you think "g" is good enough?  No one other than you calls me that, though!

How about some suggestions on keeping cool.  I think all of us in the northern hemisphere will be looking for some for the upcoming summer.
blessings, g
p.s.  Please forgive my not getting around to visit everyone.  My only excuses are allergy suffering and burn out.  I will get to you – promise!

6 responses to “…and the heat goes on.

  1. Patty has debilitating migraines and sometimes an eye mask (racoon blue..lol) can be kept in the freezer to place over her eyes to ease the pain.  This will chill Missy Gail off without getting wet…can’t help myself, have to tease you about the water thing.  You could also have a willing man to fan you and feed you cool grapes while you gently swing in a hammock shaded by 100 adoring men…lol.  Gail, you are a blast.  Have to give you gold stars for ceasing to smoke.  Well done my Northern friend.  Hug Bells for me…Please.

  2. as I sit here perspiring at 80f I think of you with your 105f phew that is hot.  we dont have a.c. though so we would really suffer, dont think my ceiling fan and upright fan would suffice.  love the summer and hot weather, but it keeps changing from hot to cold and that does my body thermoter in.

  3. 24 That is when I quit working for the secret government funded meth lab in San Diego!
    I am puncuality anal…I never am late anywhere, however my wife loves to be late, so when we are together we usually end up a bit late, so I just blame it on the wife…
    Prophet, well because that is what I do, and I don’t do it by choice it’s thrust upon me, actualy I’d rather not see it at all! ~grins~.
    Put some clothes in the freezer, play in the swimming pool with Izzy, get 4 young hot chip ‘n’ dales to serve you so you don’t have to move? ~grins~
    Love you

  4. well my plan is to get a kids wading pool and plop my beached whale like body into it in the shade…it might work? 
    ♥~♥ :oD the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :oD ♥~♥

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