Another Week…

Well, my quiet Saturday went very well.  I only went out once and that was to visit N. for a while.  It was great to not have any plans.  Yesterday was pretty relaxing, too.  Had the European Cup semi-finals of soccer background on the tv.  Bummer that Italy lost.
Are you a talker or a listener? Is it ever possible to really be both?  Absolutely both.  I just pray for the wisdom to know when to be which.

Do you think God has a sense of humor?  Have you ever seen a giraffe or a hippo?  He definately has a sense of humor.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Have you ever experienced it?  I believe in "lust" at first sight.  Love?  No.
I’ve heard it said that you never learn anything from talking.  That’s not completely true.  Have you ever had a conversation where you are talking and you stop because you say something that is profound to you?  Something that you didn’t realize you had worked out in your mind?  It’s happened to me a lot.
Listening is a selfless thing.  It shows a person that you are interested in what they have to say and who they are.  What can be a bummer is when the person you are with talks endlessly never letting you have a chance to interact.  What a bore.
Speaking of boring – that’s what this entry is.  Oh, well.  I can’t be at the top of my form every week, right?  My hope for you is that your week is blessed and safe.
Oh, btw, I accidentally deleted a whole folder of your spaces addresses.  If you don’t hear from me for a while let me know because I am trying to reconstruct it.

4 responses to “Another Week…

  1. lust i agree…love is something that you feel…not see…therefore love at first sight is impossible… 
    ♥~♥ :oD the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :oD ♥~♥

  2. Well, shoot.  I hope you get your addresses back.
    I’m not going to take up space, except to tell you that my answers would be exactly the same as yours, except for the first one.  Outside of my home, and my Space, I am pretty much the listener.  I think I have ‘Please tell me your sad story’ tattooed to my forehead but I’m not big on sharing my own stuff with anyone outside my circle. 

  3. Wanted to stop by and say thanks for looking out for me. =) I"m doing well as here in central Iowa we’re ok… it’s eastern/northeastern Iowa that got hit really hard. Hope all is well with you. =)

  4. Love your Space!  I agree that we can learn a lot from talking as well.  I mean, psychologists "bank on it," don’t they?  **LOL** Actually I’ve had that happen oh so many times.  I enjoyed your post.  You have a great day.

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