Something New

I’m not in the best of places with my fms and a shoulder injury so I am going to introduce you to another Friday meme and hope you enjoy it:
  1. If money were no concern and LOOKS the only consideration, what car would you get yourself? (pictures for questions like this are always nice!) Either a 1975 (first car I ever drove thanks to my friend P.)1974 Corvette or a 1962 The 1962 Corvette featured a blacked-out grille, simple vents, ribbed rocker-panel trim, and a monochromatic color scheme.


2.  If money were no concern and YOUR LIFESTYLE the only consideration, what car would you get yourself?  Safety first – Volvo.

2008 Volvo XC90 Picture 

3.  What is the best thing about your current car? If you do not own a car, what is the best thing about the car you most often ride in?  It is safe and comfortable.  It’s leased. 


4.* If cars could be skinned the way cell phones, laptop computers, and iPods can, what would be a really cool skin for your car?  Zebra stripes, for sure!


5. If you were going to decorate a friend’s car with a custom-made skin as a practical joke, whose car would you skin and what would it be? I would have to choose a spaces buddy since ya’ll don’t know my friends around here.  How about Meg.  The skin would be field of wild flowers. 

Have a blessed weekend, g



5 responses to “Something New

  1. Wildflowers would be great, just make certains there’s some allergy meds in the glove box 😛
    Sorry you’re feeling punky- rest up & have a good weekend 🙂

  2. Hi G.
             Just got back from Scotland so the only thing that matters in a car is comfort!!! appart from a nice lady by your side!!! Now going for a large single malt whisky before bed (what else after Scotland). See you soon, have a great weekend.

  3. Let’s rev it up. Hope things are better soon.
    Looks only concern – 1933 Auburn Speedster
    Lifestyle only concern – Early ’60s Checker Aerobus
    Best of current car – it’s paid for
    Car skin – holographic
    Friend’s car to skin – Yours with Bells’ pictures all over it!

  4. Oh, how the mind of Gail zips and zags to keep us guessing!!  OK, I’ll give this menu a shot….
    1.  BMW X5 4.8is in Imola red.
    2.  Same as above.
    3.  Toyota Rav4—rides and runs like a fine sewing machine…good gas mileage. I have a truck (1998 Nissan Frontier long bed).  The Rav4 is Patty’s.
    4.  Skinned like a comet.
    5.  My niece.  Skinned like a cell phone…she would hyperventilate without one.
    Gail, have you considered donating your brain to science?…grin.

  5. 1. Looks – XKE Jaguar (Type E 1966-68) red of course
    2. Hummer (just ’cause I’m not allowed to have a M-1 Abrams tank – NO ONE would pull out in front of me if I had a tank!)
    3. Paid off, 190K miles and gets 28-33 mpg.
    4. The Abrams tank would have tiger stripes for sure.
    5. I can think of a couple of speedsters I’d skin their vehicles out to look like law enforcement – making everyone ahead of them do the speed limit (thus slowing them down)

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