Thank you to Peggy:

The Simple Woman’s Daybook~12


Outside my Windowis a hazy, hot, humid and mostly gray day (thus the title, HHH).

I am thinkinghow wonderful a nap would be right now.Sleepy

I am thankful forgood health and air conditioning.

From the kitchena large package of chicken which needs to be broken down to smaller packages and frozen before it goes bad.  I don’t enjoy this task but can’t put it off any longer.

I am creatingsnapshots in my mind of my tme with my granddaughter.  I don’t ever want these times to be forgotten – the activities and magical feelings inside of me.Rainbow  She is truly my sunshine.

I am goingto an "orthopod" on Wednesday to, once and for all, find out what is going on with my shoulder!  It has been paining me for around four or five months and I didn’t injure it that I know of.  It’s really very strange.  One day, I was standing in the kitchen and I reached for something and was double over with pain!  I wasn’t twisting it in an awkward to position.  The shoulder just screamed at me and hasn’t stopped since.

I am wearinga black "The Cafe" t-shirt and blue jeans.  My otherwise wavy hair curls in this humid weather so I didn’t bother to blow dry it and I look a bit like an undergroomed poodle.  With highlights.

I am readingOf Men and Their Mothers by Mameve Medwed.  It looked interesting when I saw it in the library.

I am hopingfor my Isabella to start talking in a way we can understand her better.  Her speech delay is more frustrating to us than it is to her.  However, we would love to be able to know what is on her mind.  Also, I am hoping, and praying, for an easy safe deliver for Aimee.

I am hearingWow, Wow Wubbzy (children’s television show – yes, I do resort to tv when I am tired and need a break) and the air conditioner.

Around the housemany things needing to be be gathered for Friday’s church yard sale.  We are raising money for one of our missionaries.

One of my favorite thingsis seeing your comments here when I check in.  I cherish each and every one.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Weekkeep my cool both physically and mentally…..
Take care, dear ones.  gail


5 responses to “HHH

  1. hi gail, yes grandchildren are the sunshine and the rainbows – each year should be treasured and recorded because they pass so fast. find it hard to believe my eldest grandson is now eight.  take care, here’s to us all keeping cool both physically and mentally – nita.

  2. I could give you a quick diagnosis on the shoulder pain, but since the word ‘age’ is part of the theory, I’ll let the doctor do it…grin.  My only sibling (younger brother) had a severe speech impairment until well after the age of Bells.  Although he is nearly seven years younger, I never teased him like most of his peers and I’m thankful for that to this day.  Seemingly, it just self-corrected in a very short time around the age of eight.  Don’t know if this applies to your Bells, but I do remember my mom and dad worrying about it greatly.  Now, he has no memory of ever having this problem, and thankfully, he makes no mention of being teased so much by other kids, so I do really believe he has blocked it entirely from memory.  Mark is now one of the most well spoken men I know.  Big, booming voice with perfect clarity.  Bells most likely feels the same frustration in reverse. 
      My Patty’s hair looks like she stuck her nose in a light socket when the humidity is up.  When will you women ever learn that most men love curly hair and that "just out of bed" look in women they love?  But I’ve lived long enough to know that women dress for other women, and that is something even a man understands….at least I hope most do.  Hope you have a roaring success raising monies for the missionary service.  With complete sincerity, I can tell you mission trips have been far and away the best trips of my life.  If it be His will, I would love to continue on that path for many years to come.  Would send your church a check, but don’t want to tread on your privacy.  You are a dear friend.  Like a sister I always wanted.  Straight talk, grounded in truth, and complete devotion to fact over fiction.  Be well my friend.

  3. speaking of nap…i should really have one…ha ha ha..♥~♥ :oD the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :oD ♥~♥

  4. Just got back from a weekend with my family – so much laughter my sides still hurt!
    Hope your week is a good one – good luck with the sale! Our kids made over $300, a little disappointing but still a good amount. It’s hot and humid here this week as well. Hard to leave the air-conditioning of the office for the heat at home . . . sigh, just one of the benefits of an old, old farm house.

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