Nation Loses a Man of Integrity – Make that Two

On Saturday, I awakened to the news that Tony Snow, after a valiant fight with colon cancer, had died.  I have been an admirer of this man since he left in the middle of a radio show he was guest hosting because his wife was having a pregnancy related problem.  His family came before his career.
There are few people in the worlds of politics and media who I personally believe to be of high moral fiber; to have integrity, honesty and loyalty.  Tony was at the top of that list.  All the stories I am hearing recounted of him paint the picture of man who smiled a genuine smile most of the time and made sure his career wouldn’t interfere with his family, whom he protected from the spotlight.  If a fan spoke to him on the street, he had a real conversation with them asking about their life and showing true interest.  One woman said he actually kept up with her and her cancer fight in her small town in Ohio!
He was candid about his cancer and would not let it turn his life into a "pity party."  He was not afraid of death though he loved life (click here for an article he wrote about cancer’s unexpected blessings).
I must admit to  you that, by the time I went to bed Saturday night, I had tears running down my face from the pain of his passing.  I pray for comfort for his wife, Jill, and their three children.  May the faith that sustained him sustain them as well.
blessings to all, g
A big thank you to Deb who reminded me of the passing of Bobby Murcer the same day as Tony Snow died.  Bobby was an outstanding baseball player for the New York Yankees in the sixties and seventies.  He is the only player to have played with both Mickey Mantle and Don Mattingly.  He, too, was a man of integrity. 
Born and raised in Oklahoma he was married to his high school sweetheart for 37 years.  Bobby and his bride were seen holding hands throughout their marriage. 
After serving in the army during the Viet Nam years, he returned to baseball stronger and more disciplined.  He was traded twice before being brought back to his beloved Yankees.
From the field to the broadcast booth to the front office and back to the broadcast booth, Bobby was a hard worker and kind to all.  He never passed anyone at the stadium without saying hello.  On broadcast days, he arrived three hours before taping the pregame show to check on the rosters and familiarize himself with all that was going on.
He was my favorite Yankee broadcaster.  I agree with ‘rett; I hate cancer.

9 responses to “Nation Loses a Man of Integrity – Make that Two

  1. He was a good man, and I believe that strength will continue to comfort and bring peace to his family.
    Thanks for the link to the article. -cindy

  2. Hi Gail — I’ve been by a time or two and actually started to comment, but my phone here at work was a nonstop pain in the neck that day and I didn’t get to comment. 
    I went to the links you shared and while I did know who Tony Snow was, I had never realized what a well thought of man he was.  Thank you for sharing with us.
    I was watching television Sat night and it was announced that Bobby Murcer (retired Yankee and Announcer) had passed away.  His struggle was with a brain tumor.  Watching the commentaries they had and listening to him talk I was so struck by what a genuinely good person he was.  Everything you wrote regarding Tony could also be applied to him.  When asked what his favorite book was during an interview he replied right away, with no hesitation, "The Bible".  When asked if he was afraid, his reply was "certainly not, this is God’s plan and I trust Him to know what he’s doing".  I was so impressed by that.
    Well, getting back to work now.  I’ll be back though!  I sure do miss the Feasts.  

  3. Wow, what an amazing outlook on something most people would be angry, upset or just plain questioning, "Why me?"  I had heard his name before but since I don’t really keep abreast of politics, I was not familliar with him.  Certainly sounds like my loss.

  4. Ditto….this tribute is also a testament to my friend G.  Compassion is one of the greatest gifts of grace.

  5. I have to agree with you about Tony Snow, he definitely put his family first and the fact he could be liked by people on the left as well as people on the right shows you that he was a man of great moral character.  I was truly saddened to hear of his passing.  We will definitely miss him.BP

  6. hmmm…don’t know Tony Snow. BUt for you to have felt this way, he must have been a really outstanding character.
    How are your shoudlers now after the jab? is it better? praying all is good and that you’re better. 🙂

  7. Living in my part of the world I must say I’m not familiar with the names but they sound like remarkable folks. RIP.

  8. Patty and I were talking about how your shoulder was progressing.  Hope you are regaining some much needed mobility.  Surely Bells is becoming an ever increasingly heavy load…grin.  It is hot and very dry here.  Brush and wildfires are a constant concern.  Did any of the recent flooding touch the lives of anyone you love?  We have been watching this devastation is both horror and sympathy for all those good folks subjected to nature’s oft relentless wrath.  BTW, did himself ever find a hat to suit him…lol.

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