Up and Running

Another week, another race to the finish.  I thought I was going to get to sleep in this morning as Bells was coming later than usual.  However, the phone woke me up very early.  I heard a little voice saying, "Hi!  Hi, hi, hi, hi!"  Isabella was playing with her mom’s cell phone and must have pushed to buttons to press redial.  If I had to wake up early that little voice is a great alarm clock!

For Today…

Outside my Window…a breezy, hot day full of sunshine after thunderstorms

I am thinking…about things best left unthought of lately

I am thankful for…the end of summer school for The Boy on Wednesday so I can have my car back for the mornings

From the kitchen…strawberries, melon and fresh blueberries for my lunch.

I am wearing…jeans and a olive green, lovely shirt, white sandals

I am reading…a Tess Gerritsen novel

I am hoping…for a less crazy week than the last few have been

I am hearing…the purr of the air conditioner and Isabella’s cartoons

Around the house…a sense of fatigue from the heat and a sense of quiet despair from one

One of my favorite things…is quiet time

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…another physical therapy session (today’s rocked!), visits, struggles and victories

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you
Have a blessed week, g

7 responses to “Up and Running

  1. I love little alarm clocks like that! Never a problem with waking up to that, huh? Good meme.. I like that daybook. Hope your week goes well, with less despair, and more joy in your house.

  2. I hope everything you wish for you get.  I loved your idea for the entry, it’s very interesting and enlightening.  I do think I might have missed something while I have been away nursing my own difficulties.  Physical therapy?  Perhaps I will go back and look at some of your other entries.Take care of yourself and I really do hope your week is a great one.Billy Paul

  3. You just got to quit mentioning fresh blueberries.  I’m drooling on my shoes.  I love blueberries!  Got to scamper off to lunch, to be topped off with fresh peaches.
    Have a blessed day!

  4. Good morning Gail…I’m once again up earlier than the newspaper arrives.
    I am very grateful for the advice on places to stay.  I am very hesitant about Seaside Hgts, remembering a visit there a few years back.  It went so downhill from when I spent my summers there as a child.  I was thinking of Point Pleasant, a friend at work said they liked it there very much.  I don’t really want to go too far south and spend more time driving than I have to.  I need to get as much beach time in as I can , as it will be it for at least till next year.  It’s been fun though surfing around websites for the perfect place.  I guess that’s part of what has kept me from updating.  It’s on the agenda for today though.
    Have a wonderful day Gail —

  5. Think I told you the PT did wonders for Patty, but on the downside, she now has no excuse for stripping off old wallpaper…not a good thing for old John.  With this current home project, we have banned wallpaper forever.  Paint rocks! 
    Gail, go out and play in the rain…..literally.  Very satisfying to act like a kid again.  Works for me….but I’m a man…makes sense huh?  BTW, I’ve been hung up on Heart’s old songs lately.  Those Wilson sisters will go down as among the very best to have ever cut a classic album.  My kind of music. 

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