Where’s the Feast?


I haven’t a clue!  Our hostess is still MIA.  I pray that she is well.

I surfed the web and here is a new one:  The Meme Express Ride the Meme Express!

All Aboard the Meme Express – Friday, August 1, 2008

Francis Scott Key, American composer ("The Star-Spangled Banner"), was born on August 1, 1779.

Today, our Meme Express prompt is this: singing on-key. Perhaps these questions will stir some creative imaginings:

Do you like to sing?  Love to!

Do you sing in the car? In the shower?   Yes and sometimes.

Have you ever sung a solo in public?  I was the lead singer in a rock and roll band when I was a teenager and a soloist in church for a while.  Stage fright got the best of me eventually, though.

Can you carry a tune, at least in a bucket?   See above.

Have you ever felt as if life was out of tune somehow,

even for a short while?  Oh, yea.  I spent a year lying down on a couch a while back.  A very bad  note.

Have you ever actually lost your keys?  I don’t think so.

What are your keys to living?  Treat others as you want to be treated and love the Lord with all your heart, soul and mind.


Well?  What do we think?  Do we like this one?  Let me know, okay?

Hope all is well in your world.  I know it is in Aimee’s as she can now hold and love her newborn baby boy, Jaxton Gauge.  I am so happy for them!

Blessings all around, g

10 responses to “Where’s the Feast?

  1. I used to sing bass in the choir at church, but just moved my mouth on higher notes.  Finally gave my spot to another man who could actually sing.  Nope, never sang a solo, and it’s a good thing.  Friends are hard enough to come by, and besides, don’t want to make any babies cry or blow the circuits on hearing aids.  Yep, temporarily lose my keys frequently….do they make beepers for lost keys?  Have to echo your keys to living.  Just no other way to go.  Almost forgot,…don’t sing in the shower or my truck.  Our plumbing is getting too old, and the truck is sensitive to bad vibrations.  Have a wonderful weekend G.

  2. Life is definitely wonderful for Aimee, Kenny, and Jaxson.  There is nothing more but basic and beautiful than a family with a newborn.
    It is difficult when people suddenly drop off without no sudden warning.  Many of us are left wondering if something terrible has happened.  I have unfortunately seen this happen to several of my quad friends, but I also pray that they’re doing okay and just found something else to do for a while.
    You can ask anybody who knows me and they will tell you I am an awful singer.  I can’t carry a tune, even if it had a handle.I know this seems rather awkward, but I had a nice comment written and when I was transferring it with my voice software it was lost like a sock in a dryer.  I often wonder where all of those missing things go to reside.
    May you have a wonderful weekend and continue to shed light on everything you come into contact with.  I treasure the fact that I was able to come into contact with you in this fantastic space of ours.  Often I wonder what I would be doing right now if it wouldn’t be for computers, Internet and all of the people I have come to know and love over the years.Take care,Billy Paul

  3. Oh my!  That lead singer in a rock and roll band thing has sent my jaw to the floor!  Wow!  Okay, pulling it together…
    Love to sing.
    But only in the car… alone.
    Out in public, yes, but with the windows rolled up.
    Can’t carry a tune in a dumptruck but fortunately I know that.
    My life definitely needs tuning from time to time.
    Keys never lost – but stolen twice.
    My keys to living?  Keep your eyes on the road and if bad things happen – tuck and roll. 

  4. Do you like to sing?  – All the timeDo you sing in the car? In the shower? – You betHave you ever sung a solo in public? – My church is full of out tune singers, so I feel right at home thereCan you carry a tune, at least in a bucket? –  ^Have you ever felt as if life was out of tune somehow? – Sometimes a little more often than I’d likeHave you ever actually lost your keys? – If you find mine please let me know because I’ve been looking for agesWhat are your keys to living? – Everyday is a lesson

  5. Happy Friday Gail — and congratulations to Aimee!  I just love newborns.  I’m sorry about a friend missing.  I have often had that happen on my space too. Recently in fact.  I have often told my daugher Nikki, if something were to happen to me, she is to come here to let everyone know.  She knows how. 
    I do so enjoy the Friday Feasts.  Honestly I always thought you made the questions.  Anyway, I’m game for whatever, so – here goes:
    Do you like to sing?  Oh yes –  yes I do.
    Do you sing in the car? In the shower?   Yes in the car, and in the shower, mostly in my head, whatever song is stuck there.  It can be a cartoon song or a commercial, or something just playing on the radio.
    Have you ever sung a solo in public?  No way can I top lead singer in a Rock n Roll band.  No – I’ve never sung a solo in public, much to the relief of my children.
    Can you carry a tune, at least in a bucket?   No, really I can’t, when I sing along to my i-pod, I often find one or more members of my family looking at me and smiling while shaking their head. I don’t care though – I just keep singing.
    Have you ever felt as if life was out of tune somehow, even for a short while?  Yes, I feel that way quite a bit now.
    Have you ever actually lost your keys?  Yes – somewhere in a snowbank and they never turned up.
    What are your keys to living?  I need to be around people with a sense of humor, as I sometimes tend to take things much too seriously.   
    Have a great weekend Gail!

  6. Isn’t Aimee’s baby cute?? Almost as cute as ours are!! Everyone’s is the cutest they’ve ever seen, which is as it should be.. all babies are beautiful!
    Wonder where the Feast person is? Hmmm. We’ll pray she’s ok..
    I love to sing.. especially alone. In the car, shower, boat, anywhere.
    I sang in a small group in church, in high school and college, and did solos, but wouldn’t now, due to smoking changing  my voice.. glad I gave them up.. wish I’d never started!!!LOL
    I can carry a tune in a bucket, if it’s big enough!!
    My life is out of tune at different times, but the Lord gets me to the woodshed and tunes me up!!!
    Never actually lost my keys.
    My keys to living are exactly like yours! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I like to sing – mostly in car, church and often when I’m home alone.
    Have you ever sung a solo in public?  No solos but Kay and I led the worship service in a couple of small churches for several years.  A telling comment was once made by my pastor when he said that leading a worship service should primarily be out of a heart for worship, not natural talent.  He was referring to me (little natural talent), as Kay is a gifted singer and pianist!
    Can you carry a tune, at least in a bucket?  Can generally start a song on key and stay there.
    Have you ever felt as if life was out of tune?  Who hasn’t at some point.  Just don’t want to get stuck there.
    Have you ever actually lost your keys?  Once, at beach, and I don’t really think that one was my fault.  Type A person, capital and large case A at that.  You can get in trouble for moving my stuff ‘cause I know where I put my stuff.  The Queen can rarely find anything she has touched in the last 10 minutes, to say nothing of things she moved more than a day ago.
    What are your keys to living?  Walk in the Spirit.  Be humble and dependent.  Listen closely, observe details and search for the roots behind the observable actions and words.

  8. Hmmm…where could the chef be?  I’m sure she was just worn down and needed a break.  Who doesn’t need a break sometimes, right?  You are fortunate to carry a tune in a bucket, and you shoud keep using it to glorify God girl!  He gave you that gift for a reason!  I heard a talk once about using whatever it is that God has put in your hands.  Sometimes I have to remember what he put in mine.  Sometimes I wish it were something other than it is.  But, I am thankful he has given me anything! :)Take care,Amy

  9. Hanging in there…..just glad to be heading home to Maryland….that is my home now.  Missouri will never be my home again…..I think my vacation was too long.  Well I need to get to bed so I can get some rest before I wake up for my flight….

  10. Hello Gail,
    Yes, I sing – my dog howls when I do:) I have never lost my keys but my oldest daughter flushed hers once.
    The History Channel provides a lot of good information that isn’t in history books. I also get emails about history – the GoRunRi massacre during the Korean "Police Action." Then again a subject will come up and I’ll research it. The term "indentured servant" was just a fancy term for "slave." The only difference was the skin color. Maybe someday history books will be improved and contain more information and 2 semesters of college history will cover more than Revolutionary War to World War 2.
    Peace & Blessings.

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