Friday Get to Knowya Betta’

I returned to the previous post hours after writing it to delete it. However, I found such supportive, loving comments that I just couldn’t.  I feel so blessed and am very thankful to each of you who reached out.  Bless you.
I am going to ask  my own questions today.  My creativity has not be kindled enough for a long time and the meme’s I have seen on line either don’t interest me or would take too much brain power.  Therefore, you will have to deal with the inner workings of g’s mind.  Here goes:
1 – Are you able to be around friends who are deathly ill?  Obviously, my answer to that one is yes.  I understand where others have a problem with it but I feel blessed to be able to be a part of my friend’s transition into eternity and to be of support to their family.  Although physical death was not a part of God’s original plan for us, we all exit this world eventually.  What an honor to be able to spend time with those who have confidence in the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as they prepare to join Him.  I have never had to deal with the passing of someone without faith and dread it.
2 – Does thinking of your own death frighten you?  No.  I look forward to eternity.  However, if at all possible I would prefer it to be a gentle passing. Black Sheep
3 – What song always makes you want to dance?  Fooled you, didn’t I!  Thought I was going to stick with death questions, didn’t you?!?  Bob Seger’s Old Time Rock and Roll does it for me.  I love it when it is played at a wedding and my cousins and I dance to it and sing along at the top of our lungs.  We also sing to Meatloaf’s Paradise By the Dashboard Light and the guys sing the guy part and the gals sing the gal part. 
4 – If you were told that you could magically stay the same weight you are now for the rest of your life, never gaining or losing another pound ever again no matter what you ate, would you?  Ahh…when I was younger I used to ponder this question and usually said no to myself because I wanted to lose more weight.  Now, still needing to lose another twenty pounds I would say a resounding YES!  I figure I would still be able to get in shape.  Since muscle weighs more than fat…  I do believe I would bargain for a good cholesterol level, though!
5 – Rice or potatoes?  Rice, rice and more rice.  Brown basmati, preferably, although I love white rice.
That wasn’t so bad, right?  Might have started out bleak for you but, hopefully, you had some fun with the last couple.
Any plans for the weekend?  blessings, g

9 responses to “Friday Get to Knowya Betta’

  1. Oh my.  I’m going to try.
    1.  Not sure, never had a close friend die other than very suddenly.
    2.  Not really but I would like a little warning.  20 years would be good.
    3.  Ditto on Bob Seger.
    4.  No, because I would probably just sit down and make the rest of my life one big meal… of cheesecake.  Cholesteral be danged.
    5.  Potatoes.  Boiled, mashed, fried are good but the potato dumplings, they are the best.  Yah, it’s the Norske in me doncha know!

  2. Good questions!! I may have to make one up and send it to you!! That would be fun..
    1. I’m very comfortable with dying people.. friends or not. I’ve helped quite a few over, and even had the priviledge of praying "the prayer" with some..That’s the most awesome feeling in the world.
    2. No.. I wouldn’t mind any time.. I am anxious to get there!! But, I’m happy to stay here for a while, too.. Whatever He wants.
    3. All music is my favorite!! But that one really gets my moving, too!!
    4. No.. I want to lose some..have to, actually.
    5. Yes.. LOL I love both, but potatoes would probably have to win.. much more versatile.
    Good one, G.. Hope this week is better for you..

  3. Well, I’ve lost a few pounds recently and I’m right where I like to be. So I’d totally take that magical thingy.. then I could go out for pizza. 😉

  4. Hi G,
    Just doing a little blog surfing this morning to say hello.  Been super crazy busy around here but that’s nothing new with me.  I have just posted a long post as to what I’ve been up to if you want to check it out.  Love the new pics of Isabella!  She’s really growing up and what a cutey pie!  Things change so quickly in life.  I just can’t believe all the changes in the past few years.  I’m seriously hanging on for the ride of my life…..following His plan for me.  So hope you have a nice relaxing weekend.  I’m relaxing today and then getting together with a girlfriend this evening at her campsite.  Good times!

  5. Welcome back to Dullsville.  Hey, nothing wrong with blowing a fuse now and then.  Remember, we love you just the way you are…ROCK ON G!!  Hey Gail, your questions leave me at a disadvantage sometimes.  Remember…men…Mars…questions…not our thing…grinning here.
    I’ll submit the following…(1)  No, being with deathly sick friends or family is counted as one of my richest blessings.  G, I think you will understand how I can call it a blessing.  (2) Nope, not afraid of death in the least.  Just means phase two will be the last taste of it. (3) Any song by the Allman Brothers or Meatloaf.  I’m a spastic when it comes to dancing, so these are perfect choices.  Pink Floyd’s "Dark Side of the Moon" is a very close second…yep, I dance in my little weird mind. (4) Have to pass on this one.  Too many options…makes me dizzy. (5)  Rice, rice and more rice.  Brown, long grain, and all the other fancy, yummy rice I don’t know the proper name by which to label. I just eat the stuff.  Lots of it too.  I take a pass on white rice.  Although it does make good pellets for loading in a shotgun shell and stinging (without injury) the hide of varmints that prowl around our mountains in the night.  Evidently they consider our house a critter buffet…the garbage container especially.  Nothing quite like possum poop on the back deck.  Well, it is more tolerable than bear poop.

  6. Hello G~
    It is very lovely to hear from you… Um… no… it’s my fault as I’ve been on a respite from blogging to pursue the art thing. I will send you a private email or message to your inquire about those art pieces ok? So, heads up for incoming email from me.
    I am not afraid to die myself either. As a matter of fact I look forward to the day I sit with Jesus – or do whatever it is we do in heaven. A friend suggested to me that perhaps I should stop proclaiming that all the time, so I have done that, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t think or feel it. I also think that  watching over and protecting the still-living humans are as interesting to the angels and spirits as reality tv is to me/us. I mean the never ending drama down here must be truly interesting. I think that is in response to the great question, "what do we do in heaven?"
    Your blog looks nice and I very much enjoyed the summer pictures you posted of berry picking and the background looks like a farm. Does your mother live on a farm?
    I am trying to start blogging and visiting my closest friends more anyway. I must admit that there’s too many "friends" on my friends list. I don’t know who any of them are… but they all watch me… and well, that takes some adjustment to get used to.
    Now I paint. OH yes, remember I’ll email you after dinner… probably whilst I watch the Olympics tonight. These young atheletes bodies are to die for I swear.
    Love, Lori

  7. Hi G,
    I just left Lori’s space, thought I would swing by and say, ‘hi’
    I’m with ya on #2    And love rice and potatoes, I still can’t gain weight???
    Anyway, enjoy your weekend. I’m watching the Olympics as I type.

  8. Good morning Gail — I apologize for not being here till now for your previous entry.  Please add my prayers and support to those of the others. 
    I must add that I also don’t do well with change either so I do know how disrupting it can be. 
    I wondered why you didn’t invent your own questions.  Remember I said I thought you did?  Good job!

    1 – Are you able to be around friends who are deathly ill?  Good question — in thinking it over I realize it is difficult for me.  I find myself wishing and feeling badly that I "didn’t spend time, or do more"  I also feel that that is pretty selfish of me and because of your blog, I just may find it a bit easier.  I do so admire your faith.
    2 – Does thinking of your own death frighten you?  No, actually I feel I have lived a full life and look forward at times to the peace and serenity that I don’t always find here and now.
    3 – What song always makes you want to dance?  Oh goodness I can’t think of just one song.  I’m often found dancing with my i-pod on my head while doing housework.
     4 – If you were told that you could magically stay the same weight you are now for the rest of your life, never gaining or losing another pound ever again no matter what you ate, would you?  No I think I’d like to lose a bit before I can say yes to that one.
    5 – Rice or potatoes?  I love rice — especially with cooked spinich.  I love to have it for lunch when there are leftovers.  
    I’m hoping all is well and wishing you peace through the following week.

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