When my friend, N, started to lose her hair during chemotherapy, her husband suggested to me that the ladies of our church cell group might want to shave their heads in unity with her.  Remembering how another friend who had lost her hair to chemo would have been angry if we had done that I told him I didn’t think it was a good idea.  Plus, I didn’t want to!Tongue out
Fast forward a number of months and I told N about the conversation and she said she wouldn’t have minded if we had.  What?!?  The sweetest, nicest person in the world would have wanted us to shave our heads and  suffer alongside her whilst it grew in? I was shocked!Surprised
Fast forward a few more months when N had finally grown some peach fuzz on that bald head.  I thought about it and thought about it and I told her I would cut the back of my hair to about a half inch on the lower half and keep it that length until hers was the same length and we would grow our hair out together.  (Bet you thought I was going to say I would shave my head.  I’m a good friend but I told her that, unless it would make her recovery complete, I would not shave my head!)
So, I go to my friend, M, and get my hair cropped up in the back as well as shortening my signature bob a bit.  I loved it!  It was what I had been wanting for for a while now and finally got it.
A day or two later I go to N’s house and show her what I did for her (cough, cough).Open-mouthed  She said it wasn’t short enough. Surprised  That ungrateful brat!  Even though part of it was as short as I said it would be I have to be honest and say that the whole idea was to be on a par – although on a smaller scale – with N’s hair growth.
Well, yesterday, I picked N up and we went to see M and have my hair shorn some more.  There was no way I would go without her in case she was going to continue being a brat!  I had to have a witness.  N is almost completely pleased.  She would have liked a bit more taken off but M said that taking off any more would "destroy the integrity of the style."  Bless you M!Angel
Moral of this story:  choose one
a)  hair grows
b)  even the nicest, sweetest people in the world can be brats
c)  love can make you do strange things
d) all of the above
Pictures, hopefully, to follow.  blessings, g
P.S.  I want to make it clear that my head is not shaved.  It is just very, very short in the back!

16 responses to “Scalped

  1. Gosh, that is a true friend!  I don’t know if I could do it… my hair is one thing I like about myself… which is vain and silly, I know.  Prayers for your friend’s full recovery!

  2. Personally I think you all should have shaved your heads.. that shows a true love, which is what she would have seen from it. Sorry to be the dissenting opinion.. I’d shave mine in a heartbeat if it would make a friend feel my love..

  3. Would I do the same for a friend? hmmmm….(think….think….think…..) hmmmm….
    very tough decision G.
    Last time I had my hair cut short was before giving birth to Jod. I told her to make it a bob, an average bob, and the hair dresser was talking about her two timing husband, and she got soooo carried away, and soooooooooooooo mad with her husband she took it out on my hair, and I endd up with a VERY short bob! It wasn’t easy to take!
    but for a close friend…..hmmmmmmm……….. perhaps I’d cut it a little short, but still not too short.
    but what you did was certainly an act of love. 🙂 bless ya. 🙂

  4. When my best friend Donna was going through chemo I offered to shave my head for the vacation we were taking together. She told me, "Don’t be rediculous! My head is not bald by choice, and neither should yours be." I almost did it anyway, and in a way I wish I had. But it would have been for my peace of mind, not hers.

  5. D) all of the above. I had a friend who had breast cancer at the ripe old age of 27. All she wanted was a shoulder. The only person I would ask if I ever have to go through chemo would be Hubby. But his is so short, he wouldn’t be giving up much.
    You really are a good friend. To everyone. Thanks!

  6. I’m with you… I don’t think I could shave my head even for my best friend.  But then I would strictly forbid my friends from doing it for me, too.  I think it’s fine for guys, not so much for women.
    Like you said, if it would cure them then it would be another story.

  7. That was really sweet of you Gail.  I guess it is true that misery loves company.  🙂
    Things are going pretty well around here.  We managed to get by without getting any rain, very little wind, and absolutely no power loss.  The majority of the rest of the state is getting a horrific amount of rain and even though I were in a drought, there’s going to be quite a bit of flooding.
    Maybe this storm will give me the kick in the pants I need to get the remainder of the estimates I need so I can get my standby generator installed, along with some other items.  I haven’t really written about that much, but it’s something I’ve been working on for a while now.Thanks for stopping by.BP

  8. I vote Mohawk for G.  Pink feather over left ear. Friendship is priceless G…you know this as well as anyone.

  9. Wasnt’ it Nikki that Victor always went back to?  I had to give up Y & R when I had my first baby… Just couldn’t keep up.
    Which vice are you left with?

  10. i would choose hair grows…i shaved my head for a friend in high school…as a surprise to her….i will try to remember to scan a picture for you someday…used my dads beard trimmer for two years…that was until my friend lost her battle…unfortunately i shaved my head for the last time the day i said my goodbyes…she loved me for it…and used to tell me all the time that she was so proud of me for not being scared to be different…. 
    ♥~♥ :oD because you shared a smile…someone’s day got brighter… :oD ♥~♥

  11. Hi Gail,
    I stopped by earlier and went to comment, but my old computer at home froze so I didn’t get the opportunity.  I was also looking for the haircut pictures.  Are they here?
    You know I would probably go ahead with the head shaving thing for a friend.  I usually get mine cut so short most of the time it could be shaved.  I love the ease of caring for short hair and I think it makes me look ummm I think "neater" is the word I"m looking for.  Every hair in place so to speak.
    So glad to see you stopped by for a visit.  Oh and as for your question "is the boy an alcoholic?"  I know you didnt ask for an opinion, but I worry about the same with my kids, now that they are drinking age and I know that only time will tell.  I guess for me I can’t undertand why they think getting drunk is fun? 
    Have a great week Gail…

  12. Hello g,
    N needs to contact Locks of Love so that no one will feel that shaving their heads in support of her is necessary:) You went outside of your comfort zone to show N support, and yes some people they can’t appreciate what is given. Anonymous donations are a great way to go so that no one can say it isn’t short enough.
    We got 4.5 inches in parts of the South Plains in one day – the uphill side of the Caprock. Here was only 2" or so.
    Peace & Blessings.

  13. Awe g–irly,
    So sorry to hear that. You were doing so much better too… or so I thought at least.
    Feel better soon.
    I’ll be thinking about you.
    Hugs, Liz

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