This week, I’ve been reviewing my archives.  Boy, have I gotten lazy!  I used to write about things of substance on a regular basis but now depend on meme’s.  I know how much most of you like the "feasts" and what not and I would like to continue with them.
Used to be that I wouldn’t post unless I had something to say.  I’m still in the "figuring out" stage of where I am going to go with this.  I so enjoy keeping up with all of you and realize that you feel the same about me or you wouldn’t stick around.
Let’s have a blog meme:
Why do you blog?  Well, it started out as an experiment.  I wanted to start writing again and I had been visiting msn spaces so I signed up.  Now, besides writing, I blog to keep up with the wonderful people I have met here!  If I am not able to be online for a while I think of all of you and hope that all is well.  I even pray for you!
Have you ever met a fellow blogger?  Yes, LollieMouse, Laurie.  Himself and I were in Massachusetts for a wedding and Lols drove 90 minutes to have breakfast with Himself and me before the wedding.  It was a wonderful experience and she has visited me as well.
Will you be blogging about the presidential race?  Absolutely not.  There is so much I could say – and want to say! – but I want this to be a friendly place and I don’t think political speak is a safe subject. 
How long have you been blogging?  I had my two year anniversary this past June. 
What attracts you  most to a blog site?  That’s a tough one.  Common interests come to mind.  Humor at times.  There are so many different personalities and styles and I find that I have become cyber friends with people I might not have ever gotten to know in the real world because we cruise in different directions.  My buddy out in Washington state is so very different from me but was there for me when my family went through a crisis last year.  A smiling new mom in Canada who kept me breathless and at the edge of my seat waiting for the news of her healthy, new son’s birth.  A mum and a musician in Malaysia who I feel closer to than some people around here and that goes for a gram in England as well.
Blogging has become so much a part of my life that it is inseparable from my day to day existence.  Actually, it is a wonderful part of it!  I do not feel addicted as I am not tied to my pc. 
I am blessed indeed.  g

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    Hi Super G…
    I too am writing less but then when I do write I seem to have more to share. But then life in spring, summer, and early fall takes us away from our computers more.
    Yep…Like you I starting blogging by just tinkering around. Then I started to meet some cool people…Like you our little friend family has grown. I’ve met a few fellow bloggers personally. Very nice people too.
    I could write about politics from two different angles. But, that is a touchy subject. This is a very interesting year and “true” discernment is the key.
    Blogging has become a part of our lives and we are a wonderful mixed bag of treats.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  2. I have done the same thing myself.  Started wanted to write about things of substance, but then it gradually tapered off into a desultory look at my life, which right now isn’t that interesting.
    I am, however, intrigued with the idea you have here.  It’s something I could expand on and I think I might do that as soon as I get my other microphone up and working again.  That probably won’t be until next week though.
    One of the reasons I don’t write much lately is because of all the political turmoil going on.  I don’t want to upset people with my views, so I keep them to myself when I am blogging.  At least a little bit, every now and then I chirp up.  In all honesty I believe the majority of people here probably don’t see things the same way I do.  I feel it’s better just to keep avoiding the subject of politics.  I don’t talk about it with my neighbors and I only talk about it would neighbors who share similar views.  Some people want to share their opposite view with me, but I politely tell them it’s probably best to leave that area alone.  Someone will get their feelings hurt or get angry, and it might even be me.  🙂
    Take it easy and keep blogging.  I definitely enjoy coming by.BP

  3. I blog much less, now.. I started the same month you did! I think I feel like repeating stuff would be boring, since I have some of the same readers I’ve always had.. I’ve met one blog buddy, great woman! And I have some wonderful "online" friends, now, that I talk with every day! It’s a great community.. including you!LOL

  4. I would love to blog about politics, but for sure I would upset a lot of people because I have some very strong views. So tempted to say something now, but my tongue I will hold. Amazing, eh?
    Yes, I have met someone from Spaces, and a few other online friends that I met at other sites.
    I have been blogging on various sites for several years now. Currently I only blog on Spaces and the only thing that keeps me here are the wonderful friends I have made here. You are very much included in that Gail. : )

  5. It’s good to hear from you however and whenever you feel like it. I love hearing about your world. Thanks for providing a feast for us.
    Why blog? – It started as a way to be disciplined about writing. I had gotten into a dry spell and needed something different.
    Met fellow blogger? – Yes, Jeankfl. On our cross-country road trip. She contacted me, said I’d be close to her and let’s meet. So we did. What fun!
    Presidential blog? – Not here. In my former life I worked on Capitol Hill and then as a lobbyist. I have a separate political blog but don’t share the address with anyone except Hubby. Politics and friendship don’t always mix too well and I want to keep my blog buddies.
    How long blogging? – Almost two years.
    Blog site attraction? – Tall, dark and handsome…LOL! Actually, shared interests, common beliefs, similar backgrounds, the way they write, what they write about, their photos, their friends’ list. Different things. I’m not looking for a blog that is a carbon copy of mine. That would be boring. I must be an enigima because that contradicts what I first listed as attractions. Long way of saying that it depends on the day and the direction the wind is blowing, I suppose.
    Have a great weekend, g! Many, many hugs your way!

    Hi  Gail,
    This is a wonderful idea to have questions for your visitors to answer.  Personally, I think it is really a waste to have the Internet and this great forum for discussion, if all we do is talk about the weather and what we had for breakfast, for crying out loud!  The main reason for avoiding serious topics as I see it, is that they take so long to research, and by the time you get the facts, the world has moved on to the next topic.  Thanks for this post. 
    I couldn’t get your main page to load (tried three times), but I suspect it is just MSN again, not your page, since Spaces is so extremely slow tonight.  I hope your day is going well.

  7. it was good.. after tea and some cookies and cinnamon we talked bout what pastor said last sunday… um i didnt go… so i was kinda lost… but we had a nice time… but get home so late.. thats why i stopped goin.. we finished always at 1 +-.. so no good ahahalove ya

  8. Hello Miss Gail,
    I enjoyed your blog entry. Blogging is blogging and everyone does it one way or another these days, huh?
    I agree on the political subject is somewhat taboo as well. A need to know basis only.
    I will try to get back to you on the art. I need to pull it all out one of these days and then I will provide you the dimensions.
    I hope all is well in your crazy world. It can get that way, oh ya.
    Love and hugs from Lori.
    I remember when you and LollieMae met for lunch and there was the Fried Clams signs, with the missing C… I’ve never forgotten that one. There have been a few times in my life when that is absolutely appropriate to have called me that!

  9. Hi g, I had no interest in blogging until my mom told me about Back at the Ranch. My mom asked me if I ever looked at any of the space sites and I said no, I wasn’t interested nor did I have the time. She told me I should check out Lisa’s Space cause it had lots of nice photos, so I checked it out and I liked what I saw.
    I thought it might be a way for me to share my interest in photography so I contacted Lisa, from Back at The Ranch and we became friends as we had a mutual interest. I began back in Mar. of this year and I have met some really nice people whom I share some of the same interests such a my Christian Faith and of course photography.
    We won’t mention Baseball g as it doesn’t look like either of our teams are going to make it to the playoffs this year.
     I have never met any one from spaces in person but think it would be awesome as there are so many wonderful people such as yourself, g.
    All though I find politics interesting I make it a rule not too talk politics as it is a pretty passionate subject and besides I would rather talk about photography or my Faith in a Inspirational way to help and encourage others when I can , without being pushy.
    I feel bad when I don’t get to visit my friends on spaces but I beleive they understand and know I really do care about them but also have a busy life outside of spaces. I look at my self as being a part time blogger and hope my friends understand this. I am not out to make a zilllion friends but I am very loyal to my friends. They , including you Gail are in my thoughts and prayers even when I haven’t been around to visit as often as I would like. Blessings, Dianne 🙂

  10. Hi G :)Thanks for dropping in… I am so sorry that I haven’t been a good neighbour myself but life keeps getting in my way of blogging lolI started blogging because I had all this extra time on my hand because I had just recently left my job to be a full time drive around Mum. I enjoy the friends I have made never actually met any of my blog friends I live kind of too far to do that, but one day I am sure I will. Strangely though I have never liked writing, but through bloggin I have developed a real passion and dear I say talent for it 🙂 so I plan to write more it helps clear mind of someof it’s clutter.Thanks for your blessingshugs to you and I will try to visit more oftenG

  11. Hello G,
    I am sorry it has been a long since I last visit.
    I would like to thank you for your warm wishes.
    I was looking for your guestbook to leave you a little gift but could not find it.
    I have enjoyed your new album…..I want some blackberries;O)
    Please drop by anytime and do not forget to hug your little Isabella. She is sooooo beautiful!!!
    Take care,

  12. Darn Gail – please delete the comment below — I hit enter and it posted in the middle of me typing.  Geesh — I hadn’t even erased your answers yet to put in my own.  I’ll try again.

    I started blogging to keep kind of a journal of events and feelings, but that changed when I began making friends.     When my daughter Nikki lived in Flordia,my friend Melissa and I made arrangements to meet at Clearwater Beach.  She brought her family and I brought mine and we had a blast.    I love that she is just like on her blog.
    I’m not very politcal savy and even though I keep up with what/who is going on, there is alot I’m not sure I understand about politics.  I may make a short comment occasionally on my blog if I have a strong opinion on something, but that’s rare.    
    I’m so surprised that I’ve been on 3 years and 3 months.  The time has gone fast, and I have met so many people.  Some are no longer blogging, and I think the person ‘ve known the longest that is still here is Joanne – from Joanne’s Lounge who is on my friends list.
    I don’t think one particular thing attracts me to a blogsite — but what keeps me there is the other person’s willingness to stop and say hello – and keep in touch.  It’s how I’ve gotten to know many friends here – by just simply keeping in touch an getting to know them and sometimes even getting to know various family members. 
    Have a great week Gail — sorry about you haveing to delete below.  Sometimes my fingers go too fast for my brain.

  13. Hey G, thanks for popping by my place even when I’ve not visited. Things have just been busy, driving, working, children…. so much that there’s hardly any inspiration to blog. plus the aching back.
    Anyway, somebody gave us a free trip to one of the most beautiful islands around, and that was just so refreshing and wonderful to have a few days off doing nothin. I feel a little recharged and perhaps will blog soon.
    will be heading off to bed now. God bless, and I’m blessed to know you. 🙂

  14. I really want to thank you for continuing to come by and check on me. We are keeping our eyes peeled to the weather forecast in hopes that the storm will bypass us, but I am sure it’s going to hit someone really hard. Isn’t that a weird saying — keeping our eyes peeled? Maybe I’m using it incorrectly. I’m sure somebody let me know. Take care and enjoy this wonderful weekend.

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