A New Normal?

Sleepy  Oh, excuse the yawn, please.  We have a new routine here:
Monday:  watch Bells from 6:00 AM to about 6:45 PM (or so)
Tuesday:  watch Bells from 6:00 AM until one of us brings her to daycare (around 7:30) then pick her up usually before 5:00 pm
Wednesday:  watch Bells from 11:00 AM until 6:45 PM
Thursday and Friday:  same schedule as Tuesday
The Girl has a new job – one that I warned her not to take – and her hours are ridiculous.  As she is trying to make it on her own with Isabella, she took the job that pays the most. 
Two days a week was fine for me to be with my little pumpkin.  These early hours and late pick ups, well, it is rough.  As anyone who has been around here for a while will tell you, I am a night owl.   Love, love, love to stay up late.  Drinking Coffee cup gets me sick if it has caffeine in it.  Trying to go to bed earlier, well, I am trying.
Saturday, I woke up late, stayed up a couple of hours, went back to bed, stayed up for the evening and then slept all night.  Ugh!  Not very productive except to catch up on lost z’s.  However, the new schedule had me exhausted.
The original plan included participation in dropping off and picking up by others but that fell through.  My sister says that family comes first and I have to bite the bullet.  Others tell me not to be used and say no.
Know what?  I am going to pray for the strength and the wisdom to deal with this situation.  Self-pity is not attractive and I feel myself falling into the trap of it.  Poor me!  Nope.  Won’t go there if I can help it.  And I can help it with His help.
On a lighter note, The Boy started college today!  My baby…..hooray!  He is commuting by bus to a nearby city to attend county college.  When I think about it, it blows my mind!  Let us hope and pray he doesn’t feel overwhelmed and that he will meet good people to hang out with.  I’m not too thrilled with his current crop of friends.
Oh, and I neglected to mention that he is supposed to start a new job this week – it keeps on getting better and better.  I am guardedly optimistic.
How about some questions?
Are you able to confront people who have wronged you or who have done something wrong?  I used to have a big problem with this.  Now, however difficult it is, I try to find the most gentle, loving way to deal with the situation.  If anyone is interested, I have sermon notes on the right way to confront someone.
What is the cheapest you can remember movie tickets being?  Oy, my age is showing:  35 cents!  My sister and I would go nearly every Saturday until they started showing regular, grown up films during the matinee hours.  My first movie alone with my sister was Pinocchio.  I can still remember where we were sitting in the movie house.
Your favorite author has a new book out.  Do you buy it or get on the library waiting list?  Library.  The librarians know me by name and I know their names as well.  It is one of my favorite places to be.  Without reading, my life wouldn’t be complete.  My life as it is now at least.  Besides, have you seen the price of books lately?
What’s up for the week?  I already showed you my scheduleSurprised!  Be blessed, gail

9 responses to “A New Normal?

  1. I have total confidence, G, that you will adjust to the new schedule.  Seems like it is for a good cause and there will be a day when you look back fondly on your time with her… convinced yet?  :o)
    Biggest congrats to the Boy! 
    I will confront a wrongdoer only if it really matters. I try to make sure I am well cooled before I make that decision.  Unless it is my family. Sad, but I tend to go off immediately when I find my tweezer missing for the bajillionth time.
    I remember kids movie tickets when they were 50 cents. The first theatre movie I remember was Mary Poppins.
    Definitely get the books from the Library.  I usually only buy books when I’m going on vacation.  Or when the library sells them for 75 cents.  Cheap, cheap says Jane.
    My week?  More of the same… work… cook… clean… sleep.  You want to trade for a week?  Luvya!
    Hang in there Gail!

  2. It’s tough when you are really the only logical choice to care for your grand daughter on those off hours. Wish I had some wisdom for you but I don’t. There is nothing I could mention that you yourself wouldn’t have already considered.
    If it’s any consolation, I know you are not alone in this. My neighbor is going through it with her grandchildren. Almost any time I ask her to do something she can’t because she is babysitting. At least in the summer months she comes over a lot because the little ones love playing in my back yard… but for the most part she is chained to her house because of the grandchildren. At least she adores them as you adore Belles. You are both such wonderful grandmas.

  3. Yoweee!  Don’t do early mornings to well myself even though my work hours start at 0700.  Do you feel all drugged or “drug out” by mid day naps?  
    Are you able to confront people?  Oh yea.  Arguing with an engineer is like wrestling with a pig in the mud.  After a while I realize the pig enjoys it!Yes, if I feel it will be profitable for all.   I must often confront people during counseling.  There’s no way to get around confrontation when you truly care for a person who is damaging themselves through negative attitudes and actions.
    What is the cheapest you can remember movie tickets being?  Hey, that ain’t right!  We’re the same age and I can remember 25 cents with get me in for the show WITH a bag of popcorn to boot!
    Your favorite author has a new book out.  Do you buy it or get on the library waiting list?  If it’s a “favorite” author, I buy the book.  I use the library to check out the author’s I don’t know; however, I will go the library route if the book is a novel.   
    What’s up for the week?  M-Sat work, M – Bible study focus group, T – counseling, W – prayer, Th – counseling, F – may go to Little Rock with Kay and eldest daughter, Ruth, Sat – ?
    Have a blessed day!


    Hi G…
    Looks like we are both babysitter’s…
    My six month grandbaby is setting right next to me watching Tom & Jerry.
    My daughter asked if I could watch her while she went for a workout at the Rec Plex.
    No I have not read "The Shack. " I really do not know much about the story but my heart has strongly led me to go get this book. You are like the third person who has asked me if I have read this book. I better go purchase myself a copy.
    Time to tend to baby. You all be well and that is good news about your son.
    Have a wonderful week…Greg

  5. Ouch~ I’m not a morning person either, so I feel your pain :-S
    Congrats on the Boy heading to college- we’ll be praying that the right people come his way to help him succeed.
    I don’t do confrontation- entirely too stressfull for me- except with Chris or the kids; my job is to keep them accountable for their actions & I feel secure in my position with them.
    The cheapest movie I ever remember was $1.00; that was for the Saturday matinee at the neighborhood theater, with $0.50 popcorn & hotdogs
    With new books, if it comes out in paperback, I’ll buy it- otherwise, I go to the library.
    This week? Aside from work, I have Garden Club one evening, knitting group on Friday, & working on a special project with an online friend- I’ll be posting pics as we go.

  6. Hey G, mornings….arrrghhhhh……. i know it’s terribly waking up early. I alternate with my sis in law in sending the kids to school, and I dread it when it’s my shift, coz it means waking up early. Afternoon naps would be great, but unfortunately I usually work afternoons. Anyway, there was a year when I needed my mum’s help with newly born Danelle while I went to work by 7am. I used to carry her still sleeping to my mum’s room, a mattress would be ready on the floor, and I’d just place Danelle there quietly and head off to work. Well, that’s coz I had the keys to my mum’s place. so both would cont sleeping.
    as for the questions..

    Are you able to confront people who have wronged you or who have done something wrong?  sometimes I still have a problem with this, sometimes I don’t. It depends on who. it’d be nice to have some tips to handle people who get easily offended..
    What is the cheapest you can remember movie tickets being?  hmmmm……7$? they were never really cheap.
    Your favorite author has a new book out.  Do you buy it or get on the library waiting list?  the library here is pretty behind in purchase of new novels. Usually I wait for the sales and buy them. books are ridiculously priced, esp in this part of the world.  a novel costs between 35 to 75$. Harry Porter was sold at 120$ ! ridiculous huh?

  7. What can you do but pray and meditate.  We aren’t getting any younger hun, and I bet Iso is getting to be a handful ~chuckles~, at least she goes to daycare for a bit.  Think of this as a chance to instill your great virtues into the granddaughter ~smiles~.
    Is this the same boy who had drinking issues?  If so BRAVO! Yes, we don’t want him having more than 12 or 15 credits, and even that can be overwhelming ~smiles`.
    You are right to be skeptical but don’t let him know that ~chuckles~
    1)     No, I generally go the opposite direction.  I generally get violent with them to show my dominance and how unpleased I am with any given situation ~smiles~.  Confrontation is my specialty ~chuckles~
    2)     Back in the 70’s I use to watch 3 movies for a buck…try finding that nowadays ~chuckles~, of course Gas was only .50 cents too!
    3)     I get all my books free on the internet, but when it comes to fiction I prefer to wait for the movie, as I have no time in my life for fiction just fact and truth ~smiles~.
    Well, I am doing a diabetes walk at the end of the month for children with Type 1 Diabetes, I am working on a constitution for our city with a groups of young politicians, cleaning house of course ~snickers~.
    I have been practicing my Martial Arts again, so I guess I should register with the State of Washington as a deadly weapon, or not ~chuckles~.  I just picked up the sword.  I am a master of the staff but have always wanted to learn the sword, so I picked on up and practice with it about 30 minutes a day now ~smiles~.
    I get up at 5am and start my weightlifting, then get the wife and kids off to school, then I do an hour or more of cardio outdoors, then I clean house, get on the internet for an hour or so, then time to deal with the children again and homework, dinner, etc. ~smiles~.  It’s a never-ending chore that I get very little thanks or appreciation for, and I’m sure you know what I mean ~chuckles~, but we all have our lot in life ~smiles~.
    Love ya hun!

  8. Hello G ~
    Yes that is a hectic schedule. I hope you are hanging in there as "this too shall pass…" eventually.
    If I have money I buy the book, if I don’t have money I go to the library.
    I’ve started working again for that hobby place I worked at last year and I’m not used to the long hours either. I much prefer to stay up late like you do. So we both HAVE to go to bed earlier than we’d like to.
    Prayer will get you through. I believe your positive influence and lovely vibe will be beneficial to your little Bells.
    Love and hugs from Lori

  9. Great site.
    Might I suggest a movie to be added to your possible viewing list… The Cotton Club, with Richard Gere and Diane Lane. Although it’s a rater difficult find for some.
    -And a bit of reading into the movie… The long-going "relationship" between Diane lane and Richard Gere through there many movies together.

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