6 responses to “Anniversary

  1. Hi my Sweet Sister in Christ. I was just going to sign off and go for a walk . Have been thinking about. You. Gail I know I dont come by as often as I want to Im just not here much right now.
    But always know that I keep you and your family as well as Our Family here on Spaces in my Prayers. You have blessed me with your Friendship and I needed to tell you that. We have been here together for while. Lets keep on going. 🙂
    Now to finish My thrid Chocolate Bar. 🙂 Must be a women thing. 🙂
    Love You

  2. I would love to remember 9/11 and also talk about the world Sympathy!
    People say "oh that is terrible" or "how hideous and unfair"  These are intentions of the Devil ~smiles~.
    Sympathy and Compassion are words/actions which have no value, to truly care means actions, such as donating money, time, organizing relief, etc.  The Dark Lords made sympathy and compassion so people can feel like they are actually doing something, but they aren’t…it’s just a feeling ~sighs~.
    Feelings are useless without action ~smiles~ So let us do more to help others when we feel for them! ~smiles~  I have been blinded and guilty for years, but today I prefer actions hence the reason I have gotten so involved in things that effect me, because part of my feeling bad was that I was sympathetic and compassionate but never really gave of myself in any sense…that has changed dramatically..I am sure it because my health is better ~smiles~
    May the light of God shine down upon you and yours!

  3. I always remember.  Perhaps that is why I have had such a dreary outlook over the last week and a half.  I am optimistic something will drag me out of my doldrums.Maybe I need to take on the outlook of your buddy Adam.  That’s what I used to do.  I have no idea why I’m not doing it any longer.BP

  4. yes….and let’s too continue to remember and pray for the Christians in Orissa who are persecuted daily…countless have died….
    and please pray too for my country….politics are creating havoc…racial issues…

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