"Unforgiveness is the poison we drink hoping others will die."
Forgiveness is something that was, and sometimes still is, a problem for me.  The above quote says it all.  When I refuse to forgive it doesn’t bother the person who has offended me.  It hurts me.  Here are some thoughts and insight on forgiveness:
What forgiveness is not:
– It is not a feeling.  It is a conscious decision.  Even if you don’t feel like forgiving, if you act the forgiveness the feeling will eventually catch up with the action.
– It is not forgetting.  We aren’t made that way.  We have memories but we need to make thinking about offenses less prominent in our thoughts.
– It is not excusing.  "Forgiveness is the opposite of excusing."  Ken Sande
Forgiveness is a decision to make four promises:
– I will not think about this incident.
– I will not bring it up against you.
– I will not talk to others about this.
– I will not allow this incident to stand between us or hinder our personal relationship.
These thoughts and more were taught from my pastor’s pulpit yesterday and are based on teachings from the book The Peace Maker by Ken Sande.  If it has caught your interest, I will talk more about peace making and forgiveness.  Let me know, or, as Pastor D would say, "Lemme know."
I can’t believe I have been seeing leaves changing color already!  A fact I mentioned a couple of years ago is that, when leaves change color, they are showing their true colors!  The green masks their colorful beauty (although the green is beautiful in and of itself).
What are some of your favorite things about autumn?  (I know some of you don’t have seasons like I do but use your imagination!):  I love the beautiful colors of the leaves and the smells of autumn.  Fireplaces and woodburning stoves sending out their delightful fragrance is one of those smells.
Does autumn make you sad because of the end of summer and the leaves coming down or happy?  I love autumn.  I don’t like it when the trees are bare and I don’t like the shorter daylight hours but I am happy when the heat of summer is gone and I am in awe of the beauty all around me.
Do you get SAD (seasonal affective disorder) from the shorter daylight hours?  Last winter was the first time I think I dealt with this. 
Talk to me.  Have a great week, g

9 responses to “Forgiveness

  1. My friend and I debate this forgiveness thing quite often.  If your sister runs off with your husband, is it really necessary to forgive them?  It’s been 10 years and she does quite well as long as she doesn’t have to deal with either of them… carry on a personal relationship?  Not likely.
    Favorite autumn things:  Cooler temps… pretty colors… fresh air.
    Fall makes me sad because I love the green, but it makes me happy because it signals a 5-month break from garden and yard maintenance.
    I think I had SAD back when I lived at more northern lattitudes.  Hasn’t happened in my current state.

  2. Hi Gail.. Loved this Blog .It says alot.
    I love Fall and all the colors. The Difference in the air along with the smells too. I Love the smell of burning leaves and grass too.
    I can morn the loss of a Season but not for long. SMD. I have a Sunlight Lamp that I used last winter for the fist time.  I have it to some degree yet like the shorter days . There is more time to rest after working hard all Summer and Fall.. and when Spring comes again my Sprit will Sore. 
    Love Lisa 🙂

  3. The south has been so hot, I look forward to fall, the beautiful colors. Enjoyed your blog on forgivness. Have a good night , g….Sidney

  4. We probably all can make good use of a refresher couse on forgiveness and peacemaking . . .
    I love fall for the crisp morning and evenings, of course the colors, the millions of geese and ducks you can hear calling for miles and miles, the color of a newly harvested field completely covered in migrating birds grabbing a meal on the go – acres and acres of color and movement, then when you drive by the deafening roar of wings taking flight.
    But I love Winter, Spring, and Summer for the gifts they bring as well.
    Hope you’re having a great week! -cindy

  5. Favorite things about autumn? The cooler days, the colors of the leaves on the trees, piles of leaves to jump in (yes, even as an adult), football games, caramel-covered apples, wearing sweaters, seeing your breath in the air.
    Sad or happy? I’m happy in autumn. Getting ready for Halloween carnivals, the coming of Thanksgiving, anticipating being with family for the holidays.
    SAD? Not really. But I don’t seem to run run run as much as in summer. Things slow down a bit. I tend to curl up with a blanket, cup of tea and book more often.
    Have a great weekend, Gail!

  6. Unforgiveness is self abuse…I have this on my refrigerator as a constance reminder.  I love the other quotes but mine is shorter and you know that I’m always in a hurry.  Love, Mom

  7. The only way I can feel that autumn is in the air is because the nighttime temperatures have dropped 4° to a whopping 74° Fahrenheit. While that might sound stifling to most, it is much more bearable than the 78° low we have been putting up with.
    I have never suffered from SAD down here in Florida, but I used to get the that dreary feeling off and on when I served and lived in Germany. You probably had to do with going to work in the early morning darkness and returning during the darkness of the evening. The summer days were so long that it made up for the short winter days.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Hi Gail.  It’s CL. 
    How are you?  I’ve been keeping a secret blog for the past few months and am, little by little, ever-so-slowly, starting to come out of hiding, lol!  I’m not sure that I’m ready to go full-blown like I was before, but I did want to stop by and say hi to friends who’ve meant a lot to me through the years. 
    As you can see I didn’t quite make it a year like I intended to when I started my hiatus…lol.  But the break was necessary.  God had other irons in the fire He needed to hammer on, and all my online activity was hindering the things He wanted to deal with in my life.
    So I wouldn’t say I’m back back, but I did want you to know I’ve been thinking of you and hope that you are doing well.
    Much love,
    Carol L. 🙂

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