I’m So Excited!

On Saturday, I had a wonderful phone conversation with the Hipster of all Hipsters, Lori "Lams" herself.  As if having that conversation was not enough to be excited about, we finalized the sale of several pieces of her artwork to me!  Here they are:
Lori’s work is, well, wonderful!  Some pieces are whimsical, others can be heavy and, well, you will see a veritable potpourri of "from the heart" works.  Please visit and you won’t regret it!
How about some questions?
What colors are you drawn to for dressing, decorating, etc.?  For dressing, I look best in jewel tones, purple, red, teal, etc.  I really favor the lavender/violet family.  For decorating, warm colors:  clay, a green I can’t describe except to say it shows varying shades in different lights and a splash of amethyst.  In nature, I love, love, love green!  As I’ve said before, the color of life.
Do you have favorite artists?  Well, Lams, of course!  I feel that the third piece of art is reminiscent of Van Gogh and Monet whom I like very much.  Some of Georgia O’Keefe’s works knock my socks off, too!  I have an art poster of hers, Black and Purple Petunias, that I had mounted and framed years ago and never tire of looking at it.  I’ll leave it at these four artists as I appreciate so many.
Have you ever had fun using "different" color/colors in your hair?  I loved having cray*ola red highlights in my hair!  I also like a burgundy base.
I hope you have a great week.  Try not to take yourself too seriously, okay? Have some fun! 
blessings, g

10 responses to “I’m So Excited!

  1. This is awesome Gail.
    I can’t see what paintings you bought from Lori but I love all her work so I am sure they are all excellent. It would be nice to know your taste though since her pieces are so eclectic.
    Since Lori is the only person from spaces I have ever met in person, I can attest that she is even more wonderful face to face.
    Enjoy your paintings and please let me know when you get the picture links to work right.
    Hugs, Liz

  2. Gail this is the source code you would need to insert pictures into your blog post:
    <img border="0" src="INSERT_FILE_LOCATION_HERE" width="597" height="456">
    I hope that helps you. Otherwise you could just upload them into a photo album. That would be easiest.

  3. I’m trying to decide on colors for the house right now. I’ve had wall papers in the kitchen and living room forever and it’s looking pretty  worn. It’s not something I’m good at. Earthy tones are calling my name, just not sure where to start with them . . .
    Will be back to see the artwork. -cindy

  4. Bummer!  The pics won’t show up for me!  (I wanted to see if you nabbed the ones I had my eyeballs on, lol…)
    I’ve been on your mind for reals???  Wow!  That’s amazing!  Like I said, I’m not sure that I’m back back but I’m at least around.  🙂  🙂
    The Lord’s been really good and really gracious in m life.  I’m certain that none of us really comprehends what a treasure we have in Him…
    Love you g!
    Carol 🙂

  5. Gee Whiz… I am absolutely 100% humbled! Thank you! You have included my name with several FINE artists. And to have my name in the same sentence as the likes of Monet is well, ASTONISHING!
    I’m getting real satisfaction out of letting go of the art I’ve held on to. There was a time you couldn’t get me to let go of anything. I am so glad I am beyond that phase. This is a serious bang!
    Thank you dear one for the admirable mentions.
    Also, I can see how you would look WONDERFUL in the brighter jewel tones. Absolutely! It was a pleasure to talk to you. 
    I wish you, Liz, Carol Lu and I lived closer together. That would be a fun, fun evening!
    Tell me Gail, Levin’s zip is 10121 (Penn Plaza). I did a search of the signature confirmation number thing and it said that the package delived to 10001. Are these the same? When in Manhattan does each building have their own zip code?
    I love you guys! You are one of my bright spots which make life worth living… really!
    Love, Lori 

  6. P.S. I’m so excited too… and it really was fun chatting with you. I think we could have visited for HOURS upon hours given half the chance.

  7. that reminds me i need to dye my hair…
    and yes our little man is sick…  :o(♥~♥ :oD because you shared a smile…someone’s day got brighter… :oD ♥~♥


    Yep…Lam-Chops is pretty cool.
    We have had some interesting conversations over the years.
    One of the few bloggers I have met personally.
    She’s even given me some good advice.
    Someday we can all say that we knew her before she became a famous painter or appears on Perez Hilton’s video blog.
    You all be well out east…Gregers

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