How to Age Ten Years in 60 Seconds or Less

I turned my back.  Yes.  All I did was turn my back and Isabella disappeared.  We were visiting my in-laws in their home and when I turned around she wasn’t in sight.  I looked through the rooms quickly then looked at the front door which was closed.  Uh,oh.  It had been left open to let the breeze from the storm door screens come in.  I looked out the storm door and there she was running down the street to the park.  Auto‘s?  No, thanks be to Him.  Strangers?  No.  Just a toddler running to the slides and swings.
Well, it is a good thing I had my running shoes on.  She fell down in some tall weeds before making it to the playground equipment and I pulled her out from the other side of the patch of them.  Truth be told I don’t do much spanking but she felt my hand on her amply padded tuckus (Yiddish wordk for bum).  I was literally shaking by the time we got back to her great-grandparents house.  I am not much of a crier but my eyes were filled with tears.  How could this happen on my watch?
Now, to be perfectly honest with you, the in-laws live three houses in from the park which is on a dead end street.  However, I have headed Bells off in the past when she’s run off and a car was passing by. 
Isabella has her limitations because of her delayed speech and her seemingly unending energy.  However, her closing the front door was evidence that she knew she was doing something wrong.  At least, that’s how I see it.
I felt at least ten years younger when I woke up this morning.Confused

11 responses to “How to Age Ten Years in 60 Seconds or Less

  1. Thanks God she is ok!!!!
    I know what you mean!!
    You hear that moment you have a heart beating right???
    Steven once gave me the scare of my life too.
    We were at the beach in a bath restricted area with HH’s HUGE family. I just a sec removed my eyes from him and he was gone.
    I called, I ran and looked everywhere….my breath was so heavy!!! i felt as if I was fainting…I wanted to cry and I started panicking the others. Started to look in the cars one by one.
    I even thought he was kidnapped as I overlooked my car.
    Geez,…all this barely took 3 minutes!!!
    Finally he was discovered by HH’s niece,….hiding at the back, between the two car seats, playing hide and seek!!
    How could I have missed him while looking….guess fear also makes you blind!
    The shaky feeling… I have felt! You feel your legs will just collapse from under you.
    Well, at least we know now what to expect from them!!!

  2. Oh, my Lord.. I remember that feeling… adrenaline. You could have lifted a car in that moment. They are soooo fast, and they think of it and act in the blink of an eye. Thank you Father, that she was ok.. Yes, she knew exactly what she was doing.. LOL Little monkey.. Hope you aren’t hurting too much from that adrenaline surge, and the stress! Don’t beat yourself up.. it happens to the best of us. You simply cannot be ‘on’ every single second. That’s when we have to trust the Lord to make it up for us..and He did.. no cars, you found her before she got far, and were able to apply the rod of correction to the seat of education!!! LOL You’ll just have to let her know how wrong it was.. and make it so she doesn’t want to do  that again! Same as any other toddler!! Hope you recover well. hehe

  3. Nothing like misplacing a child to give you grey hair. All three of mine wandered away from the house to the point where I had to call the police on every occassion. I felt like such a negligent mommy. But they’re fast. And when you find them, you don’t know whether to hug them or spank them. Or both.

  4. I can only imagine what you felt and how it you felt after getting her home. Wow. Gail. God is watching us all . He was pushing you on..
    Love ya.
    I would have given her one on the bum too. !!!  Hugs and Massive ones to you.

  5. So glad she is okay, and don’t berate yourself over this. It happens to everyone at some point. Just be thankful that God had it all under His control.

  6. Oh my gosh, how scary!  We live on a very busy (as in people driving 60MPH) road.  Fortunately we have a long driveway, but last year the peanut ran out the front door (I had no idea she could even open it!!) chasing after the dogs.  I got to her about in the middle of the driveway (she had just started walking so she couldn’t move nearly as fast back then) and I was just shaking and crying for the longest time.  It brings tears to my eyes now.  Oh, just so scary!!  I’m glad Isabella is ok!!

  7. Current age 52 + (Ruth, at Mall, MIA 40 minutes = 28 years aging) + (Rebecca, at hotel, MIA 25 minutes = 39 years aging) + (multiple other incidents = 305 years aging) = no wonder I feel old when I wake up!

  8. And they say, grandchildren keeps you feeling young. Ya right. 🙂
    I am so glad everything turned out okay. You had your run for the day and Bella had a blushing bum. You are such a good grandma and you did everything right. These things happen and are so scary indeed.  As grandparents now we have our children and grandchildren to contribute to our grey hair fund, :)Thank God , He is watching over you and has His hand is on your lives. Blessings and Hugs, Dianne 🙂

  9. One the kid’s favorite scare-mommy-and-daddy-half-to-death tactics was to hide in the middle of large circular clothes racks in department stores.  Would not make a sound as we franticly called and hunted for them! 

  10. Aye, a terrible fear indeed, especially when it’s not your kid ~smiles~.  Them little suckers are fast! ~smiles~.  No harm done and lesson learned!  I won’t tell if you won’t ~smiles~
    ~hugs iso~ be nice to grandma! ~chuckles~

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