A Love Story

Fifty-seven years ago they met.  He was nineteen and she was fourteen (she looked much older).  Shortly thereafter, they fell in love. 
After two years, they couldn’t wait any longer to marry and eloped, his mother secretly serving as their witness.  Their first try, they went to a place that had no waiting period.  It was the only day of the year the town closed down for local holiday!  The second time was the charm.
They lived apart keeping their marriage secret until she was expecting their first child.  Her father told her husband that if they were in "his country," he would kill him.  Her mother insisted on a church wedding.  However, September 24th would and will always be their anniversary.
Times were tough but they both  worked hard.  Very hard.  They achieved the dream of home ownership and welcomed many to their door.  They practiced random acts of kindness and took care of their aged mothers until they passed.
Fifty-five years, four children and six grandchildren later, they still enjoy each others’ company more than that of any other’s.  It wasn’t always that way.  Sometimes they didn’t get along but it always passed. They had their valleys as we all do in marriage.  Rebellious children and heartache visited them as well.  Their children continue to come home, though…..and, when they do, there is laughter – lots of it!
Sorry that this is late, Mom and Dad, but the happiest of anniversaries to you!  Although I haven’t always showed it, I love you both and cherish our time together.  Sorry for all the rough times I have given you.  Honestly.  g

7 responses to “A Love Story

  1. You have to love the tenacity, communication and commitment the people of ole have…and more of them had it, today divorce is too easy!
    Grats mom and dad!

  2. I wonder why young couples are not that tenacious to make it work nowadays…..
    I don’t know if it is the example to set or is it one on 10?
    I wish your parents many happy days to come!!!!
    And I woulf like them to tell us what you were like as a kid and teenager!!!Hihihihihi!!1
    Take care,

  3. Errr… Thanks for arousing my curiosity! LOL!!! Now I want to know more!
    To be sincere you seem to be such a calm pondered woman that it is difficult to think of you otherwise.
    Mmmmm…..any little story that would quench my thirst of what you were like child or teen…mmmmm…. OR BOTH? Hihihihihih!;O)

  4. We are fortunate to have had the example of our parents love and commitment. I hope someday our children can write the same about  our marriages . . .
    Have a great weekend, g! -cindy

  5. Yikes!  You might be my long lost twin sister.  My folks also eloped 57 years ago!  Dad was 21 and mom 18.  Marriage was undercover for many months until post office worker asked mom’s mom why the US Navy had sent a check to Emily B… instead of Emily T…

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