You Want Meme’s? We’ve Got Meme’s

I’ll make them up unless I am too distracted:
If you are old enough to remember, where were you when JFK was shot?  If not old enough, make up a story.  I was in my first grade classroom and BC, a classmate, was crying about how her mother had voted for him.  I wasn’t old enough to appreciate the significance of it but I knew something significant had happened.
Once again, if you are old enough, where were you when man first walked on the moon?  Once again, make something up if you don’t remember.  Lying down on a sofa in my parents’ living room (I was 12).  I could barely keep my eyes open when it happened and it wasn’t even 10:30 at night.  Who would have known I would turn into a night owl?  Himself was in a bar.  Shows the age difference, eh?
Other than people or pets, what do you think you would grab if youhad the frame of mind and your house was on fire?  The only thing not replaceable would be photos.  However, if they burned, I believe I would try to get over it.  After all, everything is going to burn some day. 
What are you up to this weekend?  Haven’t a clue other than sleeping in.
Have a great one, g

9 responses to “You Want Meme’s? We’ve Got Meme’s

  1. I wasn’t old enough to remember but………..
    I went to his funeral. I was only 2 years old. I have a picture of me on my father’s shoulders as the funeral procession passed by.
    and yeah, I would grab pictures, videos, and other mementoes.

  2. She’s baaaaaack! Everyone shout Hurray!
    JFK – I was a twinkle in my father’s eye, a very long twinkle since I wasn’t born until after LBJ was ELECTED President. Daddy’s eye must’ve twinkled for quite a while.
    First man on moon – I was a three-year-old plopped down on the floor to play with my Fisher Price Buzzy Bee or Chatter Telephone. I was much more interested in the twirling wings of the bee and the up-and-down eye movement of the telephone than watching some Michelin Man try to jump off a step ladder.
    If house on fire – my photo albums, no wait, my genealogy files, no wait, my mother’s jewelry.
    This weekend – stay in bed. I’ve got some nasty somethin’ and with the dreary, cool rain, my bed and me shall ne’er part.
    Have a peaceful weekend. Hugs!

  3. When JFK was shot I lived my hometown in AL, and when the moonwalk occured I lived in South AL USA. If the fire was just starting I’d grab my papers, pics and most assuredly my cat. She would be my first consideration.  hugs , Sidney

  4. I was in school. I remember them coming on the loudspeakers to tell us. And my bff’s mom came up to make sure she was ok with all this..
    I don’t remember where I was, but I remember being thrilled to watch the moonwalk.
    I’d grab my computer tower. It has most of my pics and music stored in here!!LOL
    Have a good weekend..

  5.  Hi Gail,
    I forgot to turn off my alarm this morning and it went off at 6:30 am…
    So I pee’d and went back to bed and slept and had weird dreams. That was probably too much information, but whatevah!!!
    I am working on your package to be mailed on Monday. Would you like me to address it as your return mail sticker reads… the G.M. part? Or spelled out? I was just wondering.
    I also wanted to stop by and say HELLO. Hope all is well.
    Talk soon,
    Love and hugs from Lori
    I’m also watching a very weird and just awful movie on the SCI FI channel. I rarely watch this channel, and I’m being reminded why I don’t watch this channel.

  6. when the first man walked on the moon…my sister was being born. i was one month short of 10.
    thanks so much for continuing to come by. yes, i am well, and i am about to make a better showing on my blog, well two blogs. Ü

  7. T’was but a tumor in my momma and daddy’s eye when Kennedy was shot.  And, no, that was not a typo.  When Mom, aged 37 at the time (she had me on her 38th birthday), noticed some "funny stuff" happening in her body she told Dad (aged 45), "Alison, I’ve either got a tumor or I’m pregnant."  He said, "You’d better have a tumor."  I’m pretty sure that Dad ended up being glad I wasn’t a tumor…when I was ohhhh, say, 30?  LOL!
    When the first man walked on the moon I was 3 and in nursery school.  They weren’t supposed to take kids until 4, but Mama said they took me because I was so cute, lol (Mississippi…different time and place, don’tcha know…).  She said that by the time she picked me up at noon I was red-faced, fit to be tied!  I would see what they were doing and I knew I ought to be able to do it too, but my 3-year-old state of affairs just wouldn’t cooperate.
    I’d grab my son’s and other family photos, my passport , as many blankets as I could (I’m almost always cold), and some underwear if there was time.

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