14 responses to “Oooohh…

  1. Feel better – yesterday – in Jesus’ name!
    I almost put up the mawwiage one but decided to save it for the right occasion if I catch wind of someone getting married in the very near future…Lol!
    And I’ve been known to utter, "Inconsskhievable!"  Lol!!!

  2. While I have prayed for your speedy recovery and return to good health, be warned I will spray you with Lysol if you get near me! 

  3. sorry to hear you are not well g.
    I had to visit you after I managed to get on here tonight …my laptop  is being he kind & the wireless connection is ok  ..way to go !!! I have tried so many times & failed that I had given up on msn ..anyway .I am pleased I got to see your pics ,you & your family look lovely g :-)hope the berries were tasty .I’ll be back again ,wireless conection willing …lol
    love and blessings

  4. Sure G, call me out on it…
    I have no idea where the term vidokey came from – we’ve always used it for anything icky and contagious.  I couldn’t find it anywhere, either and I tried many different spellings.  Maybe it’s Scandanavian? 

  5. Hope you’re feeling better 😦
    BTW- I write in a Word document, then paste; the letters are in the webdings or wingdings font- I choose "Insert:Symbol" then scroll all the way to the bottom of the font choices

  6. :o(
    hope you are feeling better!♥~♥ :oD because you shared a smile…someone’s day got brighter… :oD ♥~♥

  7. ACTIVIA! Even occasional irregularity is unacceptable!
    Love ya hun…cya at the VP debate tonite! ~smiles~

  8. oh dear…..are you better already????? hope so…..
    are you with bells now 7 days a week? please get good rest….oh and enjoy the autumn season 🙂

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