It’s Friday…Again

Hallelujah!  I’ve got some things to do before posting the questions so bear with me.  I’m trying to come up with a name for our Friday meme.  Friday’s Feast is already taken.  Have any suggestions?
In the meantime, if you want to do more for this election than just argue and cuss, here is a site to help you:  Why not go to a higher source?
Be back in a while, g
Back……….let’s do a tv preference meme:
Houseor Grey’s AnatomyI get really ticked off with the soap opera going on in Grey’s but am still attracted to some of the characters.  House is an evil genius and I get a kick out of him.  However, if I hear them suggest MS one more time as a possible diagnosis…  All that to say that House is my answer.
House Hunters Suzanne WhangCraftsman houses often have thick, tapered porch posts.or Iron ChefHouse Hunters hands down.  Sometimes, though, it gets me sick to see how much house you can get in other parts of the country for so much less than they are here.
TV or a good book?  I have to admit it can go either way.  Since we have a dvr, about the only thing we watch live is sports.  I can read during a game because of instant replay so I guess that is the best of both worlds.
Have you ever complained to the FCC, a retail sponsor and or a network about indecency on a programStock Photography: Funny Baby Expressions Many times.  About 50% of the time, sponsors listen and pull their advertising.  What’s taken for granted by the generation growing up now was soft port or worse when I was growing up.  It’s fearful.


I know that some of you will say you don’t have time for tv.  Come on; isn’t there even one show you just have to watch?Wink

This has been a long, long week around here.  The stomach ailment took days to go away and our sinuses are giving us a hard time with atumn allergies.  Overall, though, I am thankful for our health.
Be blessed, g

6 responses to “It’s Friday…Again

  1. How about Friday Five?Or… Gail’s Tale with parts of a story like dedication, forward, main story, epilogue?  Or… hm… How about the Friday Shuffle – 5 random questions in no particular order?Okay, that’s all I got.

  2. Oh, House is a favorite.  Although I do get sick of his perversity in EVERY conversation.  I am still an addict though.  That and the Office are the only shows I really follow.  And, I DVR everything too.  It is very rare I watch anything on tv so I just fast forward the commercials.  I’ve only seen house hunters a few times but it is interesting, and Iron Chef is a fun time to just veg!Have a great weekend!Amy

  3. You know me too well. That last question was just for me. Having said that…
    House or Grey’s Anatomy? I’ve never seen either one.
    House Hunters or Iron Chef? I’ve never seen either one.
    TV or a good book? Good book, magazine, newspaper, sudoku puzzles, crossword puzzles, catalogs, emails…
    Complained about indecency? No. I know it’s out there. I just choose not to watch it. But some of the TV shows I watch would be considered indecent by some people – The Tudors, Big Love, Rome. But those shows are on "premium" cable channels. Not everyone gets those channels.
    Can’t miss TV show? The Long Way Down. I can’t wait for the DVDs to come out! After it’s over, it’ll be a long dry spell until their next Long Way series through North and South America.

  4. How about Funday Friday?? Or Friday Fun.. Anyway.
    I’ve never watched House.. I do enjoy Gray’s anatomy sometimes.
    Never watched House hunters.. I love the original Iron Chef.. not the new one.
    TV or a book? BOOK hands down.. I only have my tv on an average of one or maybe two evenings a week!
    Complained?? Only a couple of times.. I just don’t watch.. vote with my tv dial.
    I do love LOST, and Boston Legal, and Gray’s Anatomy.. I NEVER miss Lost, and miss the other two more than I watch!LOL I wouldn’t be prepared to admit that it’s my memory!

  5. I had that stomach ailment about 3 weeks ago… it was followed by the sinus issue as well. SIGHS… I love autumn but this particular yearly "event" brings me down.
    I LOVE House Hunters. It slays me when the prospective new master closet is larger than my entire 3 br flat and the "wife or lady" says, "Oh this closet will not do it is so small…" :-S Well, that annoys me big time. Or they say to the beautifully remodeled kitchen, "OH this must be redone," just because there is no stainless appliances. To that I say, "come behold MY lovely kitchen and cabinets in the "vintage" late-60’s "look".  You gotta love that lingo… vintage=old and worn out. There are definitely some snobs on that show.
    I love Iron Chef too! Olympic kitchen-stadium cracks me up often.
    And one of my all time favorite TV shows is: "Dog Whisperer." I use many of his tactics to keep the cat-pride in line.
    I hope your tummy is feeling a bit better now. It is a rainy type of Sunday today.
    Love and hugs from Lori

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