A Calmness Over Me

For Today…

Outside my Window…grey skies, mostly green leaves, neighbors’ seasonal decorations

I am thinking…is it too early to visit the greatgrandparents?  How blessed are we that we both have our parents still with us.
From the learning rooms…Isabella has adjusted to daycare/nursery school better than anticipated.  My little hurricane has won the hearts of the staff and this is a blessing and a relief to us.

I am thankful for…this quiet week I am having since Himself is reuniting with his Navy buddies in another state.  They spent months aboard ship in Viet Nam together and have a connection like no other.

From the kitchen…a clean stove that was soaked and scrubbed and has barely been used in several days!  Still, we have a bounty in the house available to us and I am truly thankful.

I am wearing…Seattle Seahawks sweatshirt, jeans and running shoes.

I am reading…another murder mystery and my Bible.

I am hoping…to finish going through Himself’s bags and bags of cell phone bags with mostly no phones and see what is salvagable and get rid of the rest (I get a lot done when he is away…).

I am creating…a peaceful setting in the bedroom by getting rid of all the clutter.

I am hearing…Isabella play with her balloon from my niece’s shower yesterday…we were so happy to have something to occupy her!

Around the house…a dent made in the clearing of clutter (see a theme here?).

One of my favorite things…quiet and solitude being available to me on a regular basis.  Though I love my family and friends, I cherish my time alone.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…to get as much done around here as possible before Himself gets home and to finally start the tape series I need to listen to and work through to help me grow in Christ.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

little angelHow fast they grow.
Yes, you read it right.  Himself is out of town at a reunion of some of the USS Princeton sailors he served with in Viet Nam.  When he graduated from high school, his parents gave him the choice of college or the service.  Fed up with school, he joined the Navy having never really noticed a "conflict" going on in a country called Viet Nam.  He has never regretted it though he still has dreams occasionally about being there.  There is no PTSD but he did see some terrible things.
The Boy and I have been living in peaceful co-existence since Friday.  It is so good for us to have this time together even if we are on different schedules.  He has matured so much since he started school and working.  It’s good to be proud of him again.
Well, the coffee is fresh and hot at Greatgrandma’s house and she needs a dose of Isabella.  I hope and pray that your week goes well.  Let me know if you have any prayer requests and I will be happy to bring them before the throne of grace.  g
A couple more things:
Tim!  I love it when you stop by.  Why don’t you have any entries on your blog space?  It would be nice to be able to keep in touch.
 Can anyone recommend a decaf tea that doesn’t taste like cardboard.  Bromley is the best so far.  Lipton is the worst.  Not herbal – ew.  Thanks!

11 responses to “A Calmness Over Me

  1. Thanks for the heaping dose of peacefulness, G.  … wishing my hubby had a ship…Have a fantastic week, it sounds like you have a great start.

  2. I love the purple and that precious baby, in his purple cap. I enjoyed your very peaceful space. Please remember Andy in your prayers. He’s been having chest pains, he’s wearing a monitor now. Thank you , G. Your prayers are so appreciated. Have a blessed day,  hugs, Sidney

  3. I’m still having problems with my puter, so I’ll be back by when I get another one.  Yes…you heard me!  Another one.  The puter I have purchased won’t work with Naturallyspeaking.  Now I have to go back and try to return it in the morning. I can’t wait for a whole year for them to improve the voice tecnology.  Please excuse the lack of comments lately, but mouthsticking the key board sucks.  I know that sounds strange, however, thats the way I see it.
    Billy Paul

  4. Aww, what an adorable baby. 🙂
    Outside my Window… rain, darkness, lots of rain.
    I am thinking… am I smarter than a 10 year old? From the learning rooms… today I learnt that chewing-gum can double as adhesive, but to my surprise adhesive cannot double as gum.
    I am thankful for… a lot of things.
    From the kitchen… I spend very little time in there, although I quite like most of the stuff that appears from there, apart from spinach & mushrooms & cabbage.
    I am wearing… a grin, a big cheesy grin.
    I am reading… my manuscript before I type it all out at some point.
    I am hoping… to finish it before the deadline day.
    I am creating… a Sarah Palin shrine.
    I am hearing… voices in my head, but the last time I listened they led me astray, so this time I’m resisting temptation.
    Around the house… & back again, I hope the neighbours haven’t noticed my bi-weekly running ritual.
    One of my favourite things… is also solitude as less people notice my quirks.
    A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… work, work, work, socialize, sleep.

  5. I am so glad to hear that you are having a calm and somewhat solitude week. We all need that once in awhile. Glad to hear all the good news with the boy and Isabella.
    I did get to go for a nice long walk with hubby and Jesse after dinner tonight as it was sunny here today.
    Thankyou for your visit today. I am always glad to hear from you. I am so glad we both have the same best friend in common. Can you imagine our lives without Him. I don’t even want to go there.
    Well I soon have to get some beauty sleep as I have to work in the morning. I thank God I have work to go to even if I get tired and weary and wish at times I could slow down a bit.
    My life is in His Hands and that makes it all worth while.
    Blessing my friend, Dianne 🙂

  6. Tim! You are so funny!! I wish he posted more here, too.. I find him on facebook the most..
    I love that daybook.. it’s so peaceful.. Hope your week stays this wonderful.

  7. Before I forget, I like Constant Comment, even in the decaf sort of way!  It’s made by Bigelow Tea.  Also, Chai comes in a decaf, it’s pretty yummy as well.  Well, I really came by to see how you are doing, but since you asked….lol…. we can use prayer in a big, big way about the hubby’s job sitch.  It’s getting more and more worrisome.  Glad you are doing well!

  8. Just dropping in the tell you how thankful I am that some stress is easing from your daily grind.  Yes, time alone is oft so very priceless.  Also good to have the boy back on the pavement of life.  Those ditches can be deep.  A prayer for my mother-in-law would be most appreciated.  Continue your walk in grace.  You are a very good person G.  It has been a pleasure.

  9. Sorry, but decaf is way outside the parameters of my expertise…  🙂
    That reunion sounds pretty amazing!  Do they do that often?
    And I’m so very happy to hear about you and the Boy!
    Love you much,
    Carol 🙂

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