Enough of This

I get embarrassed by praise.  I will post later but I wanted to get past the last post.  See you in a bit, g
Back.  I picked up a "like new" toy for Bells from a fellow freecycler.  She was thinning out her son’s toys in anticipation of Christmas.  This got me to thinking about the upcoming holidays.  With the price of everything going up (except for gas which has gone below $3 a gallon here – for now), what changes are you anticipating making, if any, in your holiday shopping?  As I have mentioned here before, I refuse to go overboard on gifts for anyone and only buy for the grandparents, kids and Bells.  I have already purchased flylady’s "Hey Tom" dryer cleaner kits for the folks to keep them safe from lint fires.  The price is reasonable and my mom was very excited about it.  My m-i-l probably won’t be, though.Disappointed
What do you think of re-gifting?  I think it is a good idea but there must be rules:  1) Never, ever re-gift to someone the person who originally gave the gift knows.  I once saw a gift I had given to my a good friend being worn by a mutual friend.  This was before re-gifting became popular and it hurt.  2)  Never give something that has been used.  3) Always rewrap.
Would you want someone to give to a charitable organization instead of giving you a gift?  I enjoy getting gifts.  Yes, I do.  However, gift my favorite non-profit and I am giddy with joy!
Are you willing to go into debt (or more debt) to buy gifts?  Absolutely not.  That takes away any joy I would get from the giving or receiving.
Have you ever or would you ever be willing to make gifts instead of buying?  Actually,  I have.  One year I stenciled terra cotta flower pots, added potting soil and gave a bulb to be planted at the recipient’s choice of time for a winter flowering plant (paper whites).  Another year, when I was taking stained glass lessons, I made sun catchers.
Would you consider having a gift-free Christmas or Hannukah?  I think that would be ideal.  Just enjoying family and the gift of Messiah is enough. 
The cooler weather has arrived and I anticipate doing some walking this weekend.  How about you?  blessings from the great Atlantic northeast, g

5 responses to “Enough of This

  1. I really doubt you are much of a nag because I sense in you a great tolerance for difference.  I mean you put up with me, right?

  2. Oh, you would be surprised, Jane.  I can be quite "equine" (I think that is pretty funny – equine -ha).  Yes, I do different.  There are gems of people in "different." 

  3. Well, unless things change drastically really soon, Christmas this year will indeed be different.  Because we have NO money, and no, I am not willing to go into debt to buy presents.  Re-gifting?  In theory, I’m for it – recycling!  Depends on the item, I think.  I worry about being "found out" and hurting someone, so I haven’t done it.   For my parents the last couple years, I have done the ‘charitable’ gift…. like, last year we gave a dairy cow to a family in Africa through a Christian organization.  They thought that was great.  My inlaws would probably think I was being cheap, even though it’s more than I’d normally spend on them!  I love making gifts, and certainly have, and will again.   A gift-free Christmas?  I like the idea, but with a child at home…. I don’t know, she’d probably freak out!! 

  4. What do you think of re-gifting?  Only if I feel the gift would be much desired and appreciated.   
    Would you want someone to give to a charitable organization instead of giving you a gift?  Depends on the occasion.  Birthdays, showers, weddings and anniversaries should go to the person(s) unless the person clearly would prefer the gift be sent to charity.  We almost always send memorials to charity.
    Are you willing to go into debt (or more debt) to buy gifts?  Not willing, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t a few times.
    Have you ever or would you ever be willing to make gifts instead of buying?  I often get the bug at Christmas time and head out to the shop to create wood stuff. 
    Would you consider having a gift-free Christmas or Hannukah? My folks tried something new last year.  We drew names were to buy one nice gift for a family member.  Gift to other family members had a maximum limit of $5.00.  My parents encouraged us to donate the money which we normally would have spent to charity.

  5. Changes in holiday shopping? – spend a lot less, set a smaller budget for gifts.
    Regifting? – only if it’s a good fit for the other person. Once it’s been given to you, you can do with it as you wish. If someone gave you a sweater in the wrong size or a color that makes you look like death-warmed-over, would you wear it just for the giver? Yes, it is the thought that counts. Therefore think about whether a regift would be something that the other person might use. It’s not as bad as maintaining a "gift closet". "Gift closet" to me is too impersonal. Don’t give me something just because I gave you something and you feel obligated. And especially don’t pull it out of your closet as if you’d picked it out just for me.
    Charitable organization? – yes, please!
    Debt for gifts? – are you crazy? No way!
    Make gifts? – I used to make gifts all the time for our extended family. I stopped after the fourth year of receiving no thank you cards from any of them. Actually that’s the year I switched to giving them a share of a cow from Heifer International.
    Gift-free Christmas? – in a heartbeat! I need to get everyone on board.
    Weekend? – Girl Scouts troop meeting.

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