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Insomnia is a bummer.  I suppose I’ll type out a few thoughts.
I’m wondering why no one has answered the Friday questions.  Is it because I didn’t say, "Here’s the questions?"  If you see this color print it means I have answered a question.  Still don’t have a name for the Friday festivities.  Hmmm…Friday Festivities……kind of lame.  Any more suggestions?
The Boy turned 19 this past week.  My baby!  I was looking at him the other day as he was doing something on the pc and I said, "You look content."  He agreed.  This made me happy.
We are finally having autumn weather here in the great Atlantice northeast.  The thermostat in the house dipped below 70 and They Boy complained that it is "freezing."  Wimp.  Anyhoo, the colors of the leaves, once again, has me in awe of God’s pallette.  If I am wearing my sunglasses, I have to look over them to appreciate the fiery reds and glowing oranges, yellows and purples.  I try to memorize the beauty because, all too soon, the winds and rains will come and tear the leaves from their precarious perches and onto the ground.
Isabella has turned into a kleptomaniac.  She carries around a Minnie Mouse cloth-covered basket everywhere she goes – sort of like a security blanket.  Well, she came home from daycare with three little plastic giraffes in Minnie last week!  Himself snuck them back to the school and she came home the same day with one BIG giraffe in her basket!  I just know if we go out and buy some giraffe toys for her she won’t be interested in them.  sigh
If someone were to offer you the most fantabulous gift in all the world; one that would change your life for the better forever; that would guarantee hope for tomorrow and a reason to be rid of your fears, would you accept it?
I really don’t understand people who have no sense of time management.  Maybe it is because of my OCD but I find it difficult to deal with lateness.  Unless, of course, you have small children.  They can throw a monkey wrench into the best of plans.
I made an outrageously good apple crisp recently.  Yum.  I hope there are still apples on the trees for us to go apple picking.  The fresh apples are so much better than the store bought.
I got my  last "empathy" hair cut this week.  Tired of seeing everyone with my signature "bob," had my friend cut it asymetrically.  The left side is below my chin and the right side is barely to the bottom of my ear and pused behind my ear.  I think she went a little crazy with the short side but, hey, it’s harri; it grows.
Does anyone have a remedy for insomnia that doesn’t include pharmaceuticals?Sleepy
Well, it is almost 2:30 AM.  Maybe it is time to try to sleep again.  Hope you all are sleeping well.  Bless you, g

13 responses to “That and This

  1. If someone were to offer you the most fantabulous gift in all the world; one that would change your life for the better forever; that would guarantee hope for tomorrow and a reason to be rid of your fears, would you accept it? 
    In answer to your question…..Yes I would accept that gift and I already have. I have accepted God’s Son, Jesus and have received His Gift of Salvation. He has changed my life forever and is my Hope for today, tomorrow and forever. He is the Source of everything good. Jesus is the Source of my Love, Joy, Peace and so much more. From time to time I need to be reminded that no matter what happens today, tomorrow and forevermore, He will take care of my needs and be with me through the good times and the bad times. Yes I too can get stressed and worry about things, but He gives me Hope and His Grace to get through those times. Life is not always easy but I am so glad Jesus is in my life and said He would never leave me, not forsake me. That is a live time guarantee. 🙂 Blessings to you and your family. Hugs, Dianne

  2. hi gail, hope you get a better nights sleep tonight – I am normally a good sleeper, but have much on my mind at present and keep waking up, I agree with dianne, life is not easy, but I too am glad I have Jesus in my life to turn too. as someone said to me in chapel this morning what must it be like, if you dont have jesus in your life,  with world problems and personal problems.  no it is not easy, but jesus promised he would help us through the problems not take them away. sometimes like now, I wish he would take them away, but then again, he knows best

  3. Hints for insomnia?  Eat turkey? 
    It’s a little late for suggesting eliminating the primary cause of insomnia around our home; otherwise, I’d say don’t have kids.  I know I don’t have insomnia hints since Queen Kay was awake most of last night.  The closest I can come is “Take no thought..” 

  4. Have you tried drinking a cup of warm milk before bed?  That always seems to work.
    As for Friday, I’ll go back and read it now. We had early release from school and parent-teacher conferences. I spent all afternoon at two different schools because the teachers at the second school got further and further behind with their conferences. I was brain-dead when I got home.

  5. hey G, wish I had the answer for insomnia, but alas I don’t, and I too have the same problem. However, I’ve found that days I go jungle trekking, about 2 hours, I sleep much better. haha….
    Wow, giraffes in the basket everyday? haha…… I suppose children go through these things. That’s why they have parents n grandmas to teach the right thing. My niece came home with 16 erasers one day!!! and she hid them very carefully….for a long time. it was discovered by her 2 year old brother!
    praying you’ll get good rest tonight.
    p.s i miss the autumn

  6. What I take a little girl?  Yes, but my circumstances don’t permit me the opportunity right now.  That in addition to the fact that my Frau, if she ever decides to come over here permanently, has put the kibosh to babies and really small children.  This is something we don’t agree on, but what he do?  If she comes over here (I’m still keeping my fingers crossed) maybe I can convince her to adopt a child over the age of eight or nine.  There are plenty out there.
    I have heard warm milk helps out.  Additionally I have also heard something about a special coffee bean.  I believe if you smell a certain type of uncooked coffee being it helps you go to sleep without difficulties.  I wish I knew which type it was.
    I suffer from insomnia often myself.BP

  7. Good morning Gail,
    Ah, insomnia.  I’m very familiar with that.  Unfortunately, I haven’t found the remedy that works for me yet.  Getting to sleep is not the problem for me, but waking at odd hours and not being able to get back to sleep is a regular thing.
    It was such a pleasure seeing you visit.  I have not had as much time as I like on the computer lately.  Getting my thoughts together for a blog has been difficult as so much seems to happen and yet when I sit down to blog I never know where to start.  Then there have been the days my brain is so exhausted, it needs a rest.
    It’s been over three years since I’ve started, and I have noticed phases where I slack off and phases where I am on alot.  My old computer does not make things easier, for many blogs I love to visit,  freeze it up and I have to keep restarting.  New laptop on the horizon for me, hopefully after the holidays.
    I’m going to be re-adding the Friends list to my space, doing a little "cleaning out" of friends who no longer have a space, and making sure that ones I love to visit are there, so don’t be surprised to see a friend request.  I’m not sure if we officially did one for each other.  You are listed on my site under the blogs I visit, but I have found that opens a whole new window, which like I said, freezes my computer at home, prohibiting me alot of my favorite sites unless I am at work.  Which is time-restricting, due to the fact I am required to work for pay.  😮 )
    Have a great week gail…

  8. Insomnia sucks!  I can get to sleep because I smoke pot, however staying asleep with my bad lower back, Fibromyalgia and having to pee 10 times a night ~chuckles~.
    I do OK the first few days, but then hallucinations and skewing becomes a part of my mind! ~smiles~
    Yeah, the Shack is an awesome book huh?  My wife had to read it for her women’s church book club a couple months ago…the first part is really sad, but the explanations the author gives throughout the story has really helped a lot of evangelicals get a glimpse of reality ~smiles~, so I applaud the book or any book that opens the minds of people, especially when it can make then see what they are doing wrong In their own faith ~smiles~.  If one cannot see, then one cannot change.  And God gave us eyes in our mind so that we can see over the illusion of man ~smiles~
    My son is almost 16 and I wonder about his future…not because he isn’t smart, funny and community oriented.  But because I am unsure of where the world is taking him and his little sister ~shrugs~, but we do what we can! ~smiles~
    36 degrees right now at 9:30 AM in Spokane Washington…it’s always worse when there is no cloud cover to keep the warmth in, we are in a high pressure right now so super cold ~smiles~.  It’s all Governor Palin’s fault…she sent this Alaskan weather at us! ~chuckles~ Just kidding!
    No, but she might like to play with the packaging! ~chuckles~
    No thanks, I want to live for a bit longer ~chuckles~
    I am like you, I am very punctual and get irritated by people who are time impaired like my wife…~chuckles~.  A military father raised me so lack of punctuality was not an option.  I guess it just stuck with me, I like to be early and not rushed ~smiles~
    Ummmm where’s my Apple Crisp?  Must you torture us so?! ~grins~
    I have had great luck with sublingual Melatonin!  When I wake up at 2:30 and the morning wide awake I take one of the sublingual because they go right into your blood stream ~smiles~, so you get back to sleep faster ~smiles~.  Valerian Root is good too, but not as good as Melatonin ~smiles~
    I never sleep well but thanks anyways, I love you!

  9. Thanks for your comments.
    I’m so glad that you have instilled those values on to your children.  Who cares if they cancel out your vote.  My brother and I canceled out my parents vote for Hillary Clinton this year.  We, however, have not been more unified in my family than we are now.  It’s amazing how your perspective changes when you’re no longer in the military.
    Hopefully your insomnia has been relieved somewhat.You know what?  I should’ve asked if you have a recipe for sweet potato pie.  I have been craving that for a month now.Take care and don’t fret, everything will turn out for the best one way or another.  At least I hope so.BP

  10. Hi g, its been a while again 🙂  thanks for your comments to my blog.  We are finally getting autumn weather too here in Southern Illinois and its about time.  I love this time of year!   I have no remedies for insomnia(pot smoking is illegal in my world not to mention all the brain cells its destroying! IS that guy kiddin? LOL)   Sometimes I take tylenol pm but it makes me sleep in in the mornings then hahaha…not sure what a good solution is for insomnia..let me know when you find out!

  11. Hello G,
    L-Tryptophan is a wonder for insomnia. Don’t worry it is a natural substance found in fowls – mostly turkey and chicken. Omega-3 fatty acids (found naturally in some plants and in the oil of certain fish, such as salmon and mackerel) are helping me sleep. Then again, my system is slightly different than a lot of people’s.
    Hope your Bro enjoys NE Texas.
    Peace & Blessings.

  12. Last time I was here, I couldn’t comment – kept getting the pink ribbon.
    We must have been pregnant at the same time – Alpha was due October 30th but came a week late – 19 years ago.  Hardly seems possible!
    The only thing I can recommend for sleeping is melatonin.  It’s a supplement but I take it most nights if I don’t get out and exercise that day. There’s something about how you release melatonin when you aren’t out in the daylight and then you don’t have any left for the night.  IDK, but my doctor recommended it and it does help me sleep like a rock.
    Have a great weekend!!

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