There’s Something in the Air

Thankfully, the insomnia bug has departed.  Thank you for all your suggestions.  I think a trip to the "healthy store" is in my near future.
There’s tension in the air.  I am fairly certain that this tension is being felt all over the country.  All over the world in fact.  Economics, elections, stock markets, retirement funds, mortgage woes.  What can we do to relieve the tension?
Contentment comes to mind.  How do you find contentment?  Do you compare what you have to what others have or don’t have?  Do you measure it by the quality of your relationships?  What about by the state of your health?
When tension is in the world, it is easy to not take the time to count your blessings.  I sometimes wallow in self-pity and it is not a pretty sight.  When I can look at the positives in my life, contentment follows.  Now if I can only get the rest of my loved ones to do the same!
Let’s count our blessings for our Friday meme:
To name a few:
My family is – both nuclear and extended- is healthy.
Himself’s and my parents are still with us.
Isabella’s "disability" is mild.
I have a roof over my head.
There is food in my home.
We here in the Great Atlantic Northeast have not experienced another attack in seven years.
I can heat  my home.
I am loved.
I love.
My friends rock.
I know I am going to heaven.
What about you?  Let’s hear some of your blessings. 
Hope you have a great weekend, g

6 responses to “There’s Something in the Air

  1. Life; Hubby; my children; the ability to provide a house and food in the manner we’re accustomed to; friends; our good health; LeChaim!

  2. Husband who loves me, no matter how ornery I am 🙂
    We are both employed
    We have a roof over our heads, food in the fridge, & enough to pay the bills
    Family to support us, should any of the above cease to be
    My salvation

  3. I have a large and loving family, that enjoys getting together and just having fun.. We have a few physical challenges, but nothing that stops us. I still have both my parents, and they are in moderately good shape.. and the challenges are just physical.. We just lost one aunt.. but we’re all there for the rest of us… We have nice homes, that are warm and cozy. We have PLENTY of food (lol), both to have and to share. I have some friends that are as close as family, and as loving. I have Jesus, who paid for me to know God and go to Heaven when I die. I live in the best country in the world, even with all it’s faults. I’m free.. to vote for whoever, to disagree with whomever, to do what ever I wish, within reason, and without hurting others.. I can worship the God I choose (or Who chose me), in the manner I wish, and the government cannot stop me, even if they tried.
    I’d say we have it better than 98% of the people of the world!!lol

  4. I’m very thankful for everything I’ve got, the wonderful people I’ve encountered & the new folks I continue to meet everyday… well every now & then.
    PS: I don’t blog walk as much as I should, so I just wanted to say I particularly liked reading the entry titled ‘A guest writer?’ alongside your other half – it was wonderfully written & you guys sound great together. 🙂

  5. Hey G, economy is the main issue in every country now I think. It affects everyone, although our government is trying to deny that it IS an issue.
    However, I agree with what you said. Contentment. With that, and a security in God, knowing that He provides for our every need, there is little to worry about.
    Like you, I’m blessed too.
    I’ve a :
    loving husband
    wonderful children
    loving parents
    great church
    job which enables me to work part time
    ..and the list goes on. 🙂
    blessings and hugs to all. 🙂
    update us on Bells eh. 🙂

    Just some of my count:
    I too am on my way to heaven and am being perfected and empowered by God to reveal the Way to heaven, to make Him known.
    Jesus knows me!
    My mama is still here!
    My friends rock too!
    I eat every day
    I live in a beautiful home on a beautiful spot in the country and have very pleasant roommates
    I have a great job!  I don’t bring home the primo pay, but the perks are off the chart!
    I too am loved.
    I too love. 
    Love is where God is teaching me to live.
    I’m content with my circumstances – and whenever discontentment comes knocking I usually don’t spend much time indulging in it (we’ve been given a 30-second time limit to be upset, lol).
    There’s so much more, but those are some pretty good ones…

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