Feeling Better

Feeling better here.  Thanks so much for the support.  Hopefully, I will be able to post the Friday questions tomorrow or later today.  blessings, gUmbrella

6 responses to “Feeling Better

  1. Hi g, I am sorry to hear that you were feeling under the weather. I am glad you are feeling better. Your are in my thoughts and prayers. I just got my flu shot this morning and heading off you work shortly. Have a great day! Hugs , Dianne 🙂

  2. Glad you’re better.. I hate it when my friends are hurting, sick, or down.. And it’s the time of year!! lol Let’s keep each other lifted up and pray ourselves through the winter! We have plenty of people with physical challenges to make a little prayer group..

  3. So glad you are better Gail and so soI didn’t know you were hurt. 😦 Gosh, I have been a horrible blogger lately and especially bad in this case because I consider you a very dear friend and I do care what happens with you. Please accept my apologies. Liz


    Hi G…
    Glad to read you are sleeping better and your back is on the mend. Back pain is no fun for sure and it seems like there is no way to get comfortable.
    Yes…These are times when we all cannot jump unto the fear train and head down the tracks of gloom and doom.
    Things are going to change for the better and we can still find good around us.
    You all be well…Greg

  5. Glad you’re feeling better 🙂
    Yes, that wig was a hit- our mortician friend donated it to the cause (I think he even looks a bit like me :-P)
    The P/T is helping with the flexibility & strength, but the pain is still there; no decision on surgery yet *sigh*

  6. Oh my!  I’ve missed a lot.  Feel better in Jesus’ name!
    And it seems I’ve missed something else…in your count your blessings post you mentioned your granddaughter and a "mild disability?"

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