Friday Falderal

After spending a little time with "Webster,"  I finally came up with a name for the Friday question set.  Why "falderal?"  Because:  1) I like the way it sounds and 2)  It was a word my friend L used in one of our last conversations before she passed recently.  I don’t believe my questions to be falderal all the time but some may think so.
Hearts asked for an update on Isabella so I will fill you in.  For those who haven’t been around all that long, Bells is believed to have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).   The definition I have highlighted is pretty good.  A lot of children with autism have SPD but Isabella doesn’t have autism.  Bells’ manifests in "sensory seeking" and, sometimes, "sensory avoiding."  She is not at the extreme end of either though she is hyperactive. 
SPD is like ADHD in that you never outgrow it;  you learn to adjust your behavior and live with it.  It has nothing to do with intelligence but is a neurological disorder. 
Our little girl is still unable to hold a conversation although she can play act whole scenes from her tv shows saying some words correctly and making some up as she goes along!  She can get her point across to us by using one or two words such has "milk" (nilk is how she says it) or "horsey" when she wants to go on the bouncing horse.  She is quite affectionate and has good eye contact.Too cool for school
Through the state’s early intervention program, Bells has been working with an occupational therapist (OT)and an developmental interventionist.  She has come so far because of this!  As Bells turns three next month, she will have to start working with the local school system.  We are in the process of transitioning in that direction and it is scary to me.  For the last year, her therapists have been coming here for the most part and I have been able to learn sos much from them.  Hopefully, we will be able to develop good working relationships with her new team.  I have a great relationship with the OT and the DI and will miss them very much.
The Girl gets very overwhelmed with Bells’ behavior sometimes and I get discouraged occasionally.  We want so badly to be able to  have a conversation with our girl but she isn’t there yet.  God is good and, no matter  what, we have a wonderful, much loved child.
That’s enough of that.  Let’s have some falderal:
Are you allergic to any foods?  No.  Not so far at least.  My mom developed a coconut allergy within, I believe, the last ten years.  Also, peanuts have been making me feel strange lately.
There is a plane waiting just for you.  Where is it going?   In an ideal world where I have no fear of flying, I think it would be back to England and on to Ireland and Scotland.  So nice there and we speak the same language – sort of!
You are suddenly bilingual.  What would be your new language and why?  Probably Spanish.  There is so much opportunity to use it around here and around a lot of the world.  Or maybe Farsi so I could learn to understand the Middle Eastern people better and come alongside them.  It’s a toss up.
If you were to have a child in the near future, do you have favorite names?  I have always liked the name Jared for a boy.  For a girl, hmm…I’m starting to get more traditional and am liking the name Mary.
What are your plans for the weekend?  Not quite sure except that I haven’t gotten to apple picking yet.  With the cold weather we’ve been having I doubt I will this season.  But, hope springs eternal!
My back is almost completely better – hooray!  Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes.
Stay safe, g

5 responses to “Friday Falderal

  1. I have many, many hypotheses about these sort of things having lived through the era when they didn’t have names for all these "disorders" and I had a pretty good list of things growing up.  My son, I suppose, has had a few obstacles to overcome as well.  I will spare you getting on my soapbox about some of the things I believe about all these fancy terms and means.  The bottom line is the girl is loved.  And we know that love covers not only a multitude of sins but also a multitude of disorders, lol!
    Have you noticed the time?  And have you ever noticed that I rarely if ever got to leave you comments at this time of night and beyond?  You’ll see how this is possible when you go to my blog – at your earliest convenience of course! 🙂
    The last few times I ate shrimp there an attempted uprising commenced but those battles were quickly turned to the gate and disaster averted!  Blessed is the name of the Lord!
    Great minds think alike!  My plane, too, is going to Scotland, and of course, since I’m that close, Ireland is definitely the next destination once we’ve landed.  If there’s time, I suppose we’ll drop off a few pounds in England as well!  😀  If we get a 2nd choice of destinations, Italy is a very close 2nd. 
    Um, I’m not a big fan of being locked down and limited, and so it is with my language of choice.  Therefore, I’m opting for being able to speak whatever language I am confronted with in the precise moment I am confronted with it. 
    Oh dear!  I haven’t had favorite names picked out for future babies since before I got saved.  Please trust me when I say you don’t want to know the names I had picked out BC….
    And I’m also a wee bit (okay, prolly more than a wee bit) undecided as to my plans for the weekend as well.  It really depends on the types of phone calls I get.  Specifically, when I get calls from the people I go out and minister with on the streets of PB (Pacific Beach), then I’ll know a lot more what my weekend will look like.
    So, that said, have a very wonderful one with whatever you decide to do with your weekend, okay?
    I’m so glad to hear your back is better.  🙂
    I love ya!!!
    CL 🙂

  2. Well, I am a day late or you were a day early.  Whatev.What a little cutie, Bells is.  I think she will be fine with all the love and care you are giving her and getting for her.So Falderal it is!No know food allergies, although there are many things I just can’t eat.The plane is going to Costa Rica.  Wish it was really waiting for me… right now.Spanish, I think.  Useful in Costa Rica.If I have any children in the near future the names Fido or Kitty better be appropriate.  Right now the only plan for the weekend that sounds appealing is a big NAP!  I am SO looking forward to the extra hour!Have a good weekend, G!

  3. I didn’t know that your adorable little Bells had any kind of issue – she is so  blessed to have people in her life that love her so much and are getting her the help she needs.  I’m sure it must be tough some days… but all kids can be tough in their own ways, I suppose.  You mentioned early intervention – if you knew someone whose child obviously had some sort of problem (and lots of people have noticed except the mom and dad)  would you mention it to the parents?  How would you do that and not have them just be angry with you?  I’m in this situation, and it’s for the sake of the child getting the help she needs that I even wonder, but the mom is blatantly oblivious to there being anything amiss….denial, perhaps…. Would you have wanted someone to say something, or hoped they’d mind their own business?  Just wondering.  Have an awesome weekend, whatever your plans turn out to be!

  4. Are you allergic to any foods?  No
    For personal fun, I like the England/Ireland/Scotland idea, Israel and Russia are my first two picks for other reasons.
    Bilingual?  Spanish would be the most useful.  Chinese would be fun. 
    If you were to have a child in the near future, do you have favorite names?  Joseph or Joshua, Elizabeth
    What are your plans for the weekend?  Paint and install new utility room door on tomorrow’s list.  Church on Sunday.
    Glad you are feeling better.

  5. hi  G, thanks for update. Wow, Bells can act out whole scenes from TV! I recently read a book about high IQ children, and many of them are …can’t remember the term, but I think they called them "twice exceptional" children. Meaning they are very intelligent with high IQ, but with ADHD or SPD or Dyslaxia. Many have gone on to be specialists in certain fields and are doing very well. You just have you find their strengths. I’m sure the therapist would’ve told you anyway. 🙂 It’s great you have such good therapists there! Here it’s hard to find good ones, although it’s getting better with some people now opting to study that field.
    Are you allergic to any foods? no…although I ‘mbeginning to realise that peanuts give me pimples, and beacuse of my SVT I’m not allowed to drink coffee.. 😦 (i love the taste of it…so hard to stay away…)
    There is a plane waiting just for you.  Where is it going?   I’ll meet you in Ireland/Scotland. haha..
    You are suddenly bilingual.  What would be your new language and why? I am already bilingual…actually I speak 2 languages well and 2 more not so fluently, so a total of 4. However, I’d like to pick up a few more if I could…perhaps French and Japanese.
    If you were to have a child in the near future, do you have favorite names? not sure……but it’d have to be something with a "d" in it, coz both my kids have "d" in their names.
    What are your plans for the weekend? busy I teach, then go for my marriage course with hubby, followed by an orchestral concert featuring world famous violinist Sarah Chang. 🙂
    God bless!!!

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