Stranger than Fiction?

When I was instant message chatting with Jean in the wee hours of the morning the other day,  I pondered how my blogging buddies perceive me to be like in my reality.  She gave me three words that she believed described me.  Two out of the three had me chuckling!  One had me feeling very, very good.  (I am not going to tell you the words right now and you will see why in a moment.)
This has me thinking about this a lot.  When I met Lols, she said I am exactly the way my blog reads and I felt the same about her.  I suppose that made me think that everyone sees me the same way she does!  Jean’s adjectives made me reconsider that notion.
In that vain, I would like to try something new; if you are game, let’s visit each other and use three words or so to describe how we think our blogging buddy is in real life.  For example:  Jean – generous, fun, free-spirited and nurturing.  That’s the impression I get and I would like Jean to let me know if I hit the mark.
There will be no nastiness and no saccharin (false flattery), please.  Here is our official "tag" invite:
"You have been tagged.  ‘What are you really like?’  Following are several words to describe how I think you are in real life.  Please let me know if I am right or if you have got me completely fooled!"  (adjectives to follow)  Spread this around and maybe we’ll get to know each other better and maybe clear up some misconceptions!"
Let me know what you think, okay?  Have a great week, gail

13 responses to “Stranger than Fiction?

  1. Well, you seem to have me pegged.  I think you got 4 out of 4 right.  Wait?  I thought you said THREE.
    So, for you I would have to say Thoughtful, more measured than impulsive, and caring.  For sure caring.

  2. Hit me with a hammer!! LOL In other words, right on the nose.. Those are definitely me.. I like this.. I remember this the other night.. You’re not quiet or shy!! You are loving.. and fun, and intense.. I’d have loved to marry into a big, loud italian or latino family!! I fit right in. Ours is close, and talkative, but not too loud. LOL Good post.. I’m going to have to go read everyone else’s descriptions!!

  3. 3 words? hmmm…..
    caring (people centered), thinker (too much sometimes), learner (always striving to learn something new)


    Good morning G…
    Hmmm…Paternal, God-fearing, outgoing, strong-headed.
    Interesting entry…
    Am I paternal…Oh yes, very much.
    God fearing…I would say may God loving.
    Outgoing…Yes, but at first I am quiet and a listener.
    Strong-headed…I was once a very strong -headed person…Today, I am a heart listener.
    OK…My turn…Right?
    Gail…Caring, helpful, and very wise.
    Have a terrific Tuesday…Greg

  5. I’ll have a go at this one mate.  Gail is compassionate.  Which makes her concerned (I’ll take this chance to encourage you to practice “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you” lest your compassion and concern turn into worry).  Mix compassion and concern and the blending produces a desire for connection, as in relationships.  Compassionate and concerned with a desire for connection to others.  These are issues of the heart.  If I was describing the mental side, I’d likely go with structured, detailed, and contemplative (more likely to think things through than to make snap decisions).

    Hi Gail!
    So let me see if I understand this….
    You think I am sensitive, strong, and loyal?
    I think those words accurately describe me, as do may other words which are not very flattering! lol
    Now I am to describe you in 3 words?
    Intelligent, articulate, and under-appreciated.
    So what do you think of my description of you?
    Hugs, Liz

    Well, that’s either really me or I’m truly living up to my blogging name, LOL!!!
    Gail: gracious, devotedly loving, and judicious.

  8. Good morning Gail —
    Thank you for the compliment — it is my home — although I took the picture of it in it’s least flattering season.  Regardless though – I also love it as well as the neighborhood.  Even withouth the ocean and beach close by.
    Yes, you got me right, although I had to think abit about the patience part.  I think that has been someting that has developed as I age. 
    Now your turn — I see intelligence, loyalty, and creativeness.  Three things I admire greatly.  What wonderful idea’s you have.
    We are so very proud of Eric’s progress — yet, yes I understand the frustration sometimes as well.  How I wish he could speak and tell us the things he wants us to know.  Yet, my frustration is probably minimal compared to his — as he tries so hard sometimes to get us to understand what he wants to comminicate. 
    Oops – my morning time is done and it’s time to start my day.  Off to the shower I go.
    Have a great day Gail.

  9. what a great idea and thanks for the tag.  I must say that outgoing does describe me in this venue.  People that I have known for a while always forget that initially I am quite shy – QUIT YOUR LAUGHING!

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