Not Another……

…wedding!  I can’t even begin to tell you how sick I am of going to weddings!  It’s not the weddings, actually, but the receptions.  Around these here parts, receptions are a big deal.  Cocktail hour, sit down dinner, dancing and sometimes a fancy Viennese Table (outrageous dessert spectacle besides the wedding cake!).  After a while, unless the couple is extremely creative or the venue is particularly beautiful, one reception runs into another.
So, here are our Friday Falderal questions to see what wedding receptions are like where you live:
Is it an insult for you to go to the reception if you don’t attend the wedding service?  We, personally, feel that it is.  However, there are usually so many people that the bride and groom wouldn’t notice.
Do you usually give money or a present other than money?  We always give money.  The tradition is to give enough to cover what your spot at the reception cost.  We determine the amount by how close we are to the parents of the bride and groom (nearly every wedding is that of a friend’s son or daughter).  Sometimes, I give a book such as a couples’ devotional as well.
Are you out on the dance floor or an observer?  Usually an observer.  Sometimes I’ll have a dance with Himself.  When I was younger, though…
Do you know how to do the chicken danceOf course!  It is a staple around here.  Well, it was…….
jui  b bfv   ccccccccz    n n nnnnc (Isabella’s two cents worth.)nbMoney
It’s getting late and that’s about all I’ve got here…..have a great weekend!  g
Uh, speaking of weddingsEmbarrassed, I neglected to mention it was our 21st anniversary yesterday.  We invited our bcf (best couple friends) to share take out with us and had a very nice evening.  Party

12 responses to “Not Another……

  1.     Oh yes the Funky Chicken. Is there anyone who doesn’t know how to that? My children who are in the 30’s and 20’s know the chicken.
        Wedding in my area are alot like what you described except for those redneck friends of mine, and then you never know what to exect. LOL.
        I prefer to give money at the wedding, the gifts were already given at the showers. Around here you better be at the wedding if you are going to show up at the reception. I think they have someone checking to see who was there and who was not. It has to be a southern thing.
        God bless you and your precious family and I hope you have awonderful weekend.~Hugs~Mariyn~

  2. Happy 21st wedding anniversary G and himself! It sounded like a nice quaint time. Take out is good!
    I ordered in a pizza pie and salad this evening. That was good too.
    Good luck and try to enjoy the wedding and overnight stay.
    I enjoyed Belle’s 2 cents worth. Tell her I found it very insightful and see a future blogger in her.
    YES! It has snowed and YES it comes your way. Drive safely when it arrives. I thought it was very pretty this morning. That beautiful pristine show.
    Have a wonderful and safe weekend, G ~
    Love, Lori

  3. How can a hipster not know how to do the funky chicken??? LOL I’ll go rag on Lori about that one!!!!
    For the questions: I love weddings and receptions. Only thing I don’t like about them is having to dress up! For the gifts it depends how well I know the couple. I think a gift is much more personable, but I dislike registries and like to choose the gift myself… but that is only if I know them well enough. Otherwise it is cash. It’s also cash if I get lazy and forget to shop! LOL And yes, I will dance, especially if I have a drink or two in me!
    Hope you have a great time even though you are a reluctant antendee! (Is that a word?) LOL
    Hugs, Liz

  4. So, like, you and him are probably at the wedding now…
    … love, Love, LOVE … so much love. (said very cool and hipster like)
    *Does my rendition of the funky chicken and clucks self back home.*

  5. i’ve not been to a wedding that fancy. many of the recent weddings i have been to have been outdoors at small vineyards. i kinda like weddings. i have never been in a location that did the chicken dance, tho i am very familiar with it.

  6.    G.
          Wanted to stop by and say hello and let uou know you are in my thoughts and prayers.
          I will be leaving Thursday for the boat for another 28 days. I ask that you keep me in your prayers.
          May God bless you and I hope you have fantastic week.~Hugs~Marilyn~

  7. I’m a few days late I see.  I know how you hate late but I’m going to risk it anyway.I’m going to have to answer for my ‘home state’ since the weddings here are so far from normal.No insult to attend the reception and not the wedding… or vice versa.I like to give money but my husband always wants to give something tangible and memorable… think that weird green ashtray you got for your wedding.I usually dance but not every song.How’s is all going?  Happy Anniversary to you and Himself!Yes, I know the chicken dance… and the bunny hop.

  8. So I’m guessing you live in the East or the South…because here in the West we are so much more laid back!  People go to receptions all the time without going to the wedding…which is cool because that just means more gifts!  In fact, sometimes a couple only invites people to a reception…like my cousin who flew to the Bahamas to get married, with just her immediate family.  Then threw a reception back home for everyone else.  Mostly, receptions are not as big and grand as you are describing…in fact, a reception can be just cake, punch, mixed nuts and butter mints.  The bride throws the bouquet, the groom throws the garter, the guests throw rice, and best wishes to all!!  The "rich folk" can do it up more, but it’s not held against anyone!  We’ve always given gifts, and usually something from wherever the couple has registered.  I know at my wedding, we got lovely gifts, stupid gifts, and were happy for money as well! 
    Hey, Jane –  There is nothing normal about a wedding in the state where you live.  I know.  I lived there once.  lol.

  9. oh-my-gosh.  I just checked out some videos of the ‘chicken dance’.  Seriously??  It’s like… polka music!!??  I had nooooo idea….

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