Thank You

I need to constantly remind myself that freedom isn’t free.
Thank you, Veterans and those in active service for offering the ultimate sacrifice for my freedom and safety.
Grandpa – Marines – WWI
Dad – Army – Korea
Himself – Navy – Viet Nam
Richard C., JW Leigh, Billy Paul, Tim, Bill (just home from Iraq and serving in Germany), Lams, Sheila
(If I forgot anyone, please forgive me.)
Thanks is not enough.

11 responses to “Thank You

  1. I agree!  My grandpa was in the Marines in WW2 and my brother is over in Japan, soon to be Iraq, with the Marines now.  How could I not have complete respect and thanks for that!

  2. Good morning Gail,
    I do hope your migraine is better.  I’ve never had a migraine — but I know the agony when I have a sinus infection is unbearable — so I can hardly imagine how great the pain of a migraine.
    I actually love the layaway for 2 reasons — one, I can shop early enough that things are not picked through and the things I plan to get are not all bought up, and two I don’t have to hide them so the kids don’t stumble across them, although now it’s a matter of grandkids stumbling across them.
    I don’t know if the policy on layaways are still the same, but I do believe that if you take the layaway off and one of your items is on sale at that time, you can take the receipt to customer service and get a refund.  At least that is how it is here.  The one time it happened to me, it was only a savings of three dollars and the line for customer service was huge, so I just considered myself lucky to have the item at all because it was a popular one, and headed home.  I might be patient, but not that patient.  LOL!
    Also they charge a fee for layaway, which here is $5.00.  I consider that my storage fee.  All in all, it makes it easier to pay for and far outweighs the hassle of running from store to store looking for sold out items later.  It was also the way I managed to pay for my new expensive pots and pan set last summer.
    Eric is feeling much better — I bought a humidifier with Vicks steam for his cough and such. 
    Darn, I get talking to you and time flies away.  Time to head for the shower – too bad it’s not Saturday.  Have a great day Gail….

  3. Thank you Gail.  It truly was an amazing honor to serve.  And you counldn’t be more correct…freedom is never free and always comes at the great cost of human lives and sufferings.  I salute you for being the patriot that you are.  Walk in grace my friend.

  4. I really hate when my software screws up.  Especially when it’s after I had written a rather lengthy reply.
    Basically I wanted to thank you for thinking of all of us.  I don’t particularly think I did anything heroic.  It’s even more obvious that I didn’t when you contrast it to all of the combat veterans serving Allen before.
    Sure I served in Desert Storm, but I had the fortune of not really seeing combat.  One of the blessings that I had over there was not having to fire a shot or be shot at.  I did some other stuff, but nothing compared to what these people are doing and what your relatives and for that matter any of mine did in the past.
    In case I didn’t tell you, I am at least the third generation of my family to have served this nation.  My father and I were both career military, but my grandfather served during World War II in the Korean conflict.Take care and thanks again,BP

  5. Aye, it is a good thing there are people who believe in duty, honor and integrity….it makes up for the hundreds of millions who are too weak, cowardly, or unwilling to do it for themselves! ~smiles~

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