…whatever will be will be.  Oh, give me a break.  I started out the week with a migraine and am ending it with one.
Today Isa-boo-lee (one of Isabella’s many nicknames) is three years old!  Boy, time sure does fly, eh?  She started out the day as a crankpot and I hope she is cheerier now.  No plans as far as I know but that could change.
What shall we talk about today?  Hmmm…
How did your family celebrate birthdays when you were a child?  Or did they?  My situation was a bit different as my birthday is the day after Christmas.  My parents always made sure my bd stood apart from the holiday and it made me feel very special – and my siblings a bit jealous. 
What is your perfect bd scenario?  Once again, being the day after a major holiday, my perfect day is one of rest!  Himself always wants to take me out to dinner and doesn’t get that I just want to take it easy.  Otherwise, having a tea or brunch with all my girlfriends present would be fantastic!  Even though they are very different, whenever I bring them together for a home demonstration and they meet for the first or second time, they get along very well.  Cool.
What is your favorite birthday memory?  I must have been all of four, maybe?  We still lived upstairs from my grandparents and my parents invited some family over.  My favorite dessert was chocolate pudding pie and mom made it and I felt like a princess!
Has your bd ever been forgotten?  All the time.  People are so exhausted from the holidays that they just forget.  It is made up for, though, for the times it is remembered.  As I get older, it doesn’t affect me that much.
Would you love or hate a surprise party?  Love, love, love it!  I’ve been trying to get Himself to give me one for the last 12 years (decade bd’s).  I even enlisted the help of a couple who gives the best parties ever.  Oh, well.  One of those bd’s he got tickets to see Phantom of the Opera in NYC, met a few friends (his) and my sister and her hubby for dinner afterward.  It was special.
What’s up with you?  Hope you have a blessed day, g

7 responses to “Fal-der-al-der-al…

  1. Lord, make that headache go away!  Yahoo, Bell’s is entering the terrific three’s!
    How did your family celebrate birthdays?  We got to pick what we wanted to eat for the main meal. 
    What is your perfect bd scenario?  Relaxed.  Eat out with Queen and family.
    Most memorable birthday? Turned 19 on board a guided missile cruiser during operations in Mediterranean Sea.
    Has your bd ever been forgotten? I think I’ve forgotten it a time or two, but I can’t really remember. 😉 
    Would you love or hate a surprise party?  Don’t like surprises; not even sure I like parties.  Kay’s the party gal.

  2. Just saying HELLO and hope you get rid of that awful migraine. Jeanne’s still got her’s opposite side now. The only BD that stands out during c’hood was that I left my sweater on the playground, got a spanking or switching, (I deserved it).Others were good though w/eating out and my BD is in DEC.  hugs, Sidney

  3. Hi G ~
    Happy Birthday to little Isabella, your soul mate!
    I have always felt sorry for those whose birthdays come right after a holiday as yours is. Also the January 29 leap year babies. It must be horrible really. Mine is in June and I always loved when my birthday was.
    I’ve been struggling with migraines as well as you for the past two weeks or so. And, YES, I had my root canal done on Tuesday. I went to an Endodontist and he was very swift, and precise and amazingly good. I’m on antibiotics and almost threw up at work today though. (Boo hoo.) I’m recovering from it all however. I hate dental issues and I seem to have alot of them.
    Everyone has something they have to live with, deal with, struggle with all the time it seems. No one is exempt.
    And HIMSELF! Maybe you should throw a painting party???? Combine it all you know? It wouldn’t take long with a bunch of people there. Just serve great food and drink.
    Have a wonderful weekend Miss  G ! Hugs from Lori

  4. Happy birthday you sweet little girl!!!
    Will be back tomorrow to talk about birthdays more. All of a sudden I can’t keep my eyes open. Maybe the pain pill I took? I dunno.
    Give Bells a big birthday hug for me!

  5. Hey – I didn’t miss it this week.  I’m up early.  Hubby has a cold which brings on snoring and is not condusive (is that a word?) to falling back to sleep.
    Hard to answer the birthday questions — I seem to take greater pleasure in my childrens birthdays.  My mom passed away when I was 14.  She made each one special, but afterwards, I don’t clearly remember alot of my birthdays.  My dad wasn’t much on remembering and I lived with relatives for awhile.   I remember my mom sayig how every person should have a special day to celelbrate and birthdays were that day.   I carried that over with my kids – which is probably why I remember theirs more than mine.  However, I’ll try…

    How did your family celebrate birthdays when you were a child?  Or did they?  My mom always had a celebration with cake, presents and friends.
    What is your perfect bd scenario?  A day to myself would be lovely – maybe a spa day with some shopping and browing a bookstore – and returning home to cake, family and presents  —  I love presents.  And lots of pictures.
    What is your favorite birthday memory?  Hmmm – not sure I had a particular favorite.  We celebrate mine the same, with cake, presents and hubby takes me to dinner.  So I would have to say each one of them.  But who knows what the future brings. Maybe m favorite is yet to come.
    Has your bd ever been forgotten?   Not that I can remember – my sister always remembers and sings to me on the phone.  I let her every year.
    Would you love or hate a surprise party?  I would love one — no one has taken the hint yet though.  Probably because I know everything that goes on around here.  But if I were my family, I’d look at it as a challenge.  😮 )
    Happy Birthday to Bells! 

  6. I hope that Bella gets over the crankpot thing so you can enjoy a birthday celebration with her.
    How did your family celebrate birthdays when you were a child? Or did they? Our tradition was to have a family supper with cake and presents after.

    What is your perfect birthday scenario? a day of just laying around doing whatever then to be taken out for dinner. That is a bit of a challenge because my birthday is Valentine’s Day. Most of my friends are “couples” so they are all doing the lovey dovey thing that day.
    What is your favorite birthday memory(s)? The year I turned 39. Life was not grand at that time so my step daughter arranged a surprise party for me a few weeks early. My mom was in hospital then and on my actual birthday was the first time that she actually SAW me when she looked at me.
    The year I turned 44 – our family best friend came out from Ontario for it.
    Has your birthday ever been forgotten? My younger brother never remembers but my older brother and dad always remember. I have one friend that totally has a mental block about my birthday so he just sends me a birthday card when he thinks of it. Over the 20+ years I have known him I have received cards in every month.
    Would you love or hate a surprise party? Love, love, love it! I have one when I turned 25 which I helped plan (the hostess told me she was planning a sledding party) and it was a hoot.

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