Photo Update

The last picture I had was from a wedding about four years ago.  The new one is from last weekend.  Oh, to be twenty pounds lighter and have my hair grown in.
Although my grandmother was my best friend, I don’t appreciate her looking back at me when I glance into the mirror.  I am ashamed to admit that I have bought into this whole youth culture thing and am appalled at how I judge myself so harshly when God loves me so dearly.  He thinks I am beautiful!  He created me as I am and is not ashamed of me.
I pray that I will I learn to age gracefully and greatfully.  g

13 responses to “Photo Update

  1. This post is yet another reminder of why I place great value on your friendship.  Being very aware that aging is not as traumatic to men, I have to admire women that openly admit the inner battle with this natural process.  For what it’s worth, I see your inner beauty more and more with each post.  The depths of your faith are apparent yet subtle.  No, mirrors are no longer our friends, but they remind us of what is really important as we age….the manner in which we choose to accept it with grace.  You will win this battle and carry on to win many more.  Excellent post my friend.  
    BTW, don’t you know that birthdays are for kids?…..grin.  Thank you for remaining uniquely Gail.  It suits you perfectly.  Don’t worry my friend.  You have plenty of spunk to spare….bigger grin!!  Have a great weekend.

  2. I think you’re lovely! You need to learn to look with your heart. Then most people are attractive, and many are downright lovely.. See with the eyes the Lord does.. When I perfect it on myself, I’ll be happy!!LOL It’s funny how we can do it to someone else, but not ourselves.. *sigh* Someday!!

  3. Hey G, nice of you to update your photos. 🙂  Well, i thought you had darker hair. 🙂
    anyway, yes, you look lovely. and after having known you for 2 years now? you look beautiful also because of who you are. 🙂
    God bless..

  4. I think it is so difficult in the culture we live in.  We are constantly bombarded by messages of needing to be a size 2, have long luxury hair and flawless skin.   And who really fits that mold?  Not even the superist of stars! (Yes, I made that word up!)  Wouldn’t it be nice to look in the mirror and see ourselves as God created us?  Just a reminder that you are beautiful today!

  5. You are Beautiful from the Inside out. God made you perfectly that way. Thanks Gail. What would I do without you. I dont know.
    Life gets me busy . I think i have learned some new lessons.
    Some have yet to come too I know . . I hope they wait. 🙂
    Love and Hugs my Sister.
    I love your new SP pic.

  6. I pray so too.
    To me there’s nothing more beautiful than the sweet face of a woman well along in years who’s walked with God for many more years of her life than she ever walked without Him.  Something about the soft lines of sweet fellowship in her face that she’s enjoyed of all those days with Jesus is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and always makes me think, ‘That’s what I wanna be when I grow up!’

    I think you are beautiful too!!!!!!! ‘Cept Carol said it best!! 
    Now, do tell… is that himself seated next to you? Huh, huh, huh??

  8. Of course that’s Himself with me!  Lol!  You are tooo funny, Liz.
    CL, hmmm, well along in years?  Ouch.  I’ve only celebrated two anniversaries of my 49th bd!.

  9. Lol!  I didn’t say YOU when I was referring to someone well along in years!  I meant someone who truly IS well along in years.  You’re just a young pup! 
    I merely wanted to point out how beautiful it can be growing old.  Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the worst that can happen to a person.  C’mon now!  In fact, I think we ought’ta take back the joy and the freedom of growing old!  We’ve been robbed, I tell ya!  There have been many times I couldn’t wait to be old.  Who do you know in their 90’s who cares about who they impress?  Seriously!  Think about it!  I can think of no greater liberty!  Old folks can get away with a lot of stuff someone, say, our age, can’t even try!  
    I recommend a dose of Young @ Heart!  Seriously!  It’s worth a rent!

  10. I think you look fabulous.  It’s all about how you feel on the inside but I can most definitely relate.  I don’t like seeing my mother look back at me… even though I’ve gone to lengths to be different… but that’s a totally different neurosis.Sorry I missed the faldaral… it was a crazy weekend… I will have to email the details when I get a chance.I hope all goes well with your niece!!! 

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