A Stubborn Child

D is still in labor – over thirty hours now with little progress.  As you can imagine, everyone is exhausted.  What a stubborn child Tatyana is!  It’s not her fault, though.  She can’t control how she is born.
The Girl was more than two weeks late when she was induced.  Doctors don’t allow more than one week now from what I understand.  Please continue praying for them.
(Several hours later…)  She’s born!  Tatyana Camille is born!  My sister didn’t know the details yet when we spoke but it appears that all is well.
Thanks for the prayers!
A baby is an inestimable blessing and bother.– Mark Twain
You know, when people think about having babies, they think about, well, babies. http://www.engagements.ca/archives/oh-baby-so-many-babies-007684.php The thoughts are not about the eight year old who just fell out of a tree and broke her arm.  Nor are they thinking of the rebellious teen.  ("Raising teenagers is like nailing Jell*o to a tree.")  Do they think of their child going off to war or moving away?  How about still being a parent when your child is middle aged?
As long as you and your child/ren are alive, being a parent doesn’t end.   It is a tether for life.  Do you still think people would have children as often as they do if really, really thought of the life long commitment?  Yea.  We’re wired for it.
Enough philosophical falderal.  I’ve got a floor to mop.  ughConfused
Blessings all around, g

8 responses to “A Stubborn Child

  1. Tell me about the parenting thing.  My parents still feel compelled to come over and make sure everything is okay with me and I’m 44.
    Congratulations.  36 hours is sure a rough one, or so I’ve been told.Us men will never fully comprehend.BP

  2. Oh, Congrats to her!  What an exciting time!I think people would still have kids, there is just something about it that cannot be explained.  It’s absolute love, wrapped in a lifetime of concern and caring.  It’s wonderful!

  3. hi gail, congrats all round, and god’s blessings. yes know all about long hard and complicated labours, but it is worth it in the end, and yes I would do it all again. you are so right about never stopping being a mother though but I wouldn’t have it any other way. take care -thanks for your prayers for us too. nita x

  4. Thanks for the reminder.  My darling children have infected me with the cold from … you know.  I am hoping to clear it out before Sunday when I fly back to my parents.  I hope to be a more considerate child and NOT share!  Ha!
    Congrats to you, Great Aunt G!

  5. Born on my birthday!  🙂   I just celebrated my 39th.  My Mom was in labor a good couple of hours before I was born hehe..With my kids the longest I was in labor was 12 hours and one of them was only 5 hours and 15 minutes. I cannot imagine being in labor for 30 something hours.  God bless her!     That name is beautiful too.

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