If You’re a Chicken….

…thank a turkey.  Yes, it is that time of year again.  American Thanksgiving is next week.  Let’s get all the falderal out of the way:
Do you like turkey?  Only in a sandwich with various combinations of condiments and other foods such as swiss cheese.  On its own?  Nah.
What about stuffing/dressing?  What kind do you like and do you know the difference between the two?  Most people enjoy bread stuffing but I was raised on rice stuffing (remember when my mom gave you the recipe, Hearts?).  It is made with rice, Italian sausage without the casing, ground beef, romano grated cheese, eggs and a few spices.  Some people like raisins added but I don’t care for sweet and savory together unless it is a chocolate covered pretzel!  Himself likes his mom’s which is a bread stuffing made with gizzards.  Can you say ew?  Stuffing is placed inside the bird and dressing is baked in a separate baking dish or pan.  You have to eat stuffing right away or it will go bad quickly.  Dressing doesn’t have that problem.
What does your perfect Thanksgiving look like?  I love my family.  I love Himself’s family.  However, I feel no need to get together just because of a day on the calendar.  I’d rather get together unprompted.  Actually, my side of the family doesn’t bother with the holidays any more except for Christmas Eve which is always at my sister’s place.  That being said, my perfect Thanksgiving would be helping prepare food for a soup kitchen or hosting a meal for people I know who don’t have family in the area.  I think it is more in keeping with the spirit of the day.  (Himself won’t let me though.  The closest we ever came to that was helping prepare at the local Red*Cross one year with The Boy.)  The Girl helped at a soup kitchen for years when she was a youngster.
What is the furthest you have ever traveled for Thanksgiving or any other holiday?  Oh, around 3,000 miles.  When The Boy was two years old, we spent Thanksgiving with friends in California.
Make up a new holiday, name it and tell us what it celebrates.  Cacao Appreciation Day which would celebrate the discovery of cacao and all the joy it has brought to humanity for generations!  Good chocolate could solve all of the world’s problems, don’t you think?
It has been mentioned on this site that I am considered a holiday grumpBaring teeth.  I don’t like to feel obligated to attend family gatherings just because of a date on the calendar.  I even wish that, if I am going to be sick some time this season it would be on a holiday so I can stay home!  It truly bothers Himself and the kids and so I need to get an attitude adjustment.   
Stay well, g

6 responses to “If You’re a Chicken….

    LOL @ Thank a chicken!
    All holidays bring stress, but for the most part I love them. My family is so large, and we all have such busy schedules that we need holidays to get us all (most of us)together at once.

  2. Your are not a grump, grouch, or party pooper.  You are just refreshingly honest.  In fact, I feel exactly the same about dates and celebrations.  Christmas, of course, being the sole exception.  Nope, don’t like turkey, stuffing or dressing.  Therefore, chickens beware!!  Actually, I’m a fish lover….yummmm.  Gail, have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Hey G, thanks for the encouragement. Well, truth is hubby’s got a new job. While he’s always around in his old job, the new one requires quite a lot of travelling, at least 3 times a week. Thus, we see him about 3 times a week now. So I have to adjust timings and all, and the older girl is not taking it well, and so it gets me thinking and all that.
    I am however, happy for his newjob, coz he’s been bored stiff with his old one. So I’m trying to be supportive, and at the same time get used to the idea of him not being around as much as usual. see.. but I don’t tell him this, coz I want him to enjoy his new job and not be bogged down or be affected by what I think. So I’m not gonna write about it either on my blog. Anyway…yeah. Pray for us, taht we’ll get used to it soon, especially the children. Thanks.
    oh, and CONGRATULATIONS on the new addition to the family! 🙂 God bless.

  4. Do you like turkey?I like visiting Istanbul in the spring
    What about stuffing/dressing? The person seen taking a few gulps of Paul Newman’s Own salad dressing may have looked like me, talked like me, walked like me, but it wasn’t me, honest. That’s my story & I’m sticking to it
    What does your perfect Thanksgiving look like?We don’t celebrate that in the UK, although we do have National Doughnut week
    What is the furthest you have ever travelled for Thanksgiving or any other holiday?Blockbusters Video, I highly recommend Jaws II
    Make up a new holiday, name it and tell us what it celebrates.International Hug A Stranger Day – as a great hugger, its only right the rest of world should one by one experience the privilege of my bear hugs

  5. Hiyo Gail!!!
    Do you like turkey? Yes please! Ha! I love a cold turkey sandwhich the day after thanksgiving and I put cranberry sauce AND some stuffing dressing on it. There is something about the tangy cranberry sauce with the turkey and dressy all in one bite that I love. PLUS the fact that the sandwhich signifies a complete lack of work.  It practically throws itself together!
    Stuffing/dressing? YES AND YES I like any kind of dressing, but when I was in my ahem "gourmet years" I made this rice and almond dressing that you stuffed those tiny little capons with, but since my husband doesn’t do the tiny birds, I haven’t made that dressing in ages. Dang I never knew there was distinction between stuffing and dressing, but it definately makes sense.
    Perfect Thanksgiving?well for starters as far as the meal is concerned…lots of help in the kitchen, but not just preparing, but also with the cleanup.As far as activities, well it would be nice to be able to do a 5k run that morning There is a run called the Turkey Trot about 10 minutes away from me at 8 am that morning, and if it isn’t too cold, I may just pop the Turkey in the oven and go get a run in!!! would love to get a kid or two involved but, oh well…maybe right now it is best just to be an example and not a drill instructor (snicker).
    Farthest traveled?  about 400 miles to Colonial Williamsburg. Several years in a row when the kids were young, we would drive to Williamsburg the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  We would have our dinner at a lovely restaurant called "SEASONS".  We would go to bed on Thanksgiving nite at our hotel and in the morning, like magic, the whole hotel had gone from autumn decorations to Christmas decorations in the wink of an eye, as though Santa’s helpers had been busy all night! It was a magical time when the kids were younger, but now that they are older, gotta be honest here, I am so thrilled by not having to fulfill their expections and makes it all the more betterer for me…now I feel like I have a holiday too!!!
    I have to think of the new holiday thingy.  My idea of a holiday is doing or seeing something new and it doesn’t necessarily have to involve family members (‘specially if they are the kind that can’t hang or don’t know how to behave!HA HA!)
      The degree is called HIT or Health Industries Techonologies.  Some of the course work will be clinicals at the hospital and some businesses and at the end of the two years I will be eligible to sit for a board that if I pass will make me Nationally Certified for Insurance Billing and Coding.  This is one of the fastest growing areas for job employment for obvious reasons.
    I have missed you g. and thank you so much for coming by while I have been busy. I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving that is stress free and relaxing!love and hugs, S.

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