Is it Worth It?

I had started an amusing entry yesterday to be finished today.  However, something happened today that I need to address.
Early this morning in Long Island, New York, a 34 year old temporary worker at a Wal*Mart was crushed to death by shoppers who broke down the locked doors he was standing by before the store’s early opening.  Several others were hurt including a woman who is eight months pregnant (mother and child are well).
What is this insanity?  What is this season all about?  Please, please….calm down and enjoy your loved ones.   There is one family who will never get that chance again.

8 responses to “Is it Worth It?

  1. My thoughts exactly Gail.  I was appalled when I heard about this and I’m not sure about this bit of news, but I believe a lady had a miscarriage after being tripped up in the excitement this morning.
    It’s definitely insane and people need to get a grip on themselves.BP

  2. This is terrible. I had heard it but thought is wasnt true.
    They have to do something different.
    Glad you shared this .
    Thanks Gail for stopping
    Love you my Sister.

  3. Yes, it appears that some of our citizens have lost some sanity.  The tragedy was avoidable and tragic, but the worst part was shoppers continuing in the store by stepping over the man’s battered body.  Sadly my friend, it will probably only become much worse before trending back to some resemblance of compassion for those outside their own self interest.  Patty’s link is  She is the Patty on my friends list.  I want to thank you for this post.  Thinking about the Walmart incident, the shooting at Toys R Us in California, and the terrorists in India had me thinking of posting something similar.  It is my intent to have a touching and true post about a local 12 year old boy sometime tomorrow. 

  4. wow, shoppers barging in like that? they couldn’t wait to throw away cash. *shaking head.*
    crazy things are happening around the world G. Over here the big news is Demonstration in Bangkok, causing 2 airports there to shut down. Some of the tourists are coming into our country via bus, and then flying out through our airports. And then there’s the bombing in Mumbai.
    the world is getting chaotic….

  5. I had heard about that but didn’t know where it was exactly….so sad.  I stay away from those mad people.  It’s not about the presents anyway….it’s about HIS presence.  I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. 

  6. I agree. I have never understood rushing out in mass chaos like that to save a couple of dollars. Over the past years I’ve been withdrawing more and more during the months of November and December and trying to enjoy my family and what I HAVE rather than trying to fill voids with things I think I must have. *hug* Happy Holidays and Blessings.

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