Ain’t Got a Thing

I know it is late for a Friday entry but I am not feeling very creative right now.  No excuses.  Just tapped out I guess.
How about some random trivia questions?
In the show House, what is House’s best friend’s full name – including middle name? 
Who was the first black female recording artist to have a number one hit, what was the song and what year was it?
Where is the majority of the body’s seratonin produced?  (the stay happy stuff)
What country eats the most turkey?
You all know the music from it now tell me the host of The Twilight Zone.
Hope all is well and that you have a great weekend……g

7 responses to “Ain’t Got a Thing

  1. I could cheat and answer these questions, but that would stick out like a sore thumb to you…grin. How about this new look G? Bought myself a huge bottle of extra strength Tylenol yesterday. Perhaps I should "dust off" the old investigative skills and I just might, repeat….might stumble on how to utilize these new changes without triggering a migraine. Good to have you back of my friends list. BTW, it’s colder here in Tennessee than where you live……burrrrrr!! Aging is not conducive with cold weather tolerance. Oh well, at least our roof don’t leak.John

  2. No idea on the trivia questions, and my brain is fried from too much CSS and PHP code, so I will pass on them this time around. They are good questions though!I got your space link so I can get back here again. I was enjoying our chat on Messenger, but either you left or it stopped working again. Might have to look into a new message program as well if the latter is the case.Hugs. Liz

  3. Wilson – I’ve no idea what his full name is;Dionne Warwick or err… Oprah;Happy pills;Turkey;Delaware;Twilight zone? Never heard of it ;)PS: What’s with the new look spaces? Me, no, like.t i m

  4. My brain’s a little too frazzled right now to do much more than go, ‘huh?’But I did want to stop by and say hi anyway. Love ya!

  5. Hey G, my brain cannot come up with the answers now. Anyway, popping by to say hello…and have a beautiful day. :)I see MSN has changed it’s layout again….hmm…. oh well. How did Thanksgiving go? Did your mum do the turkey with stuffing again? Here we do turkey during CHristmas, but I’ve decided I’ll go without one this year. too much hassle.

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