That’s what I payed for gas today.  Per gallon.  What does this tell you?  I’ll let you think on this.Sarcastic
Before I say anything else, here are the answers to Friday’s trivia questions:
In the show House, what is House’s best friend’s full name – including middle name?  James Evan Wilson – yes, I do look at details like diplomas on the set.
Who was the first black female recording artist to have a number one hit, what was the song and what year was it?  Little Eva – The Locomotion – 1962  (Listen to it on the link.  I double dog dare ya.  It’s really fun….)
Where is the majority of the body’s seratonin produced?  (the stay happy stuff)  In your stomach!  Can you believe that?  It is a neurotransmitter and it is mostly produced in your stomach!
What country eats the most turkey?  Israel.  Interesting, eh?
You all know the music from it now tell me the host of The Twilight Zone.  Rod Serling (doo-doo-doo-doo)
What a great day we had yesterday.  My folks live an hour and a half away and, due to life being what it is, we don’t see them all that often.  They came for a visit yesterday and we invited my niece, her husband and Tatyana (the new baby).  What a thrill it was to see Mom hold her third great-grandchild!  Mom is only 71 years old and is in great health so she can enjoy them.  Dad?  Well, he’s not much into kids.  But he appreciates them when they are older.  I think.Thinking
When we sat down to dinner, my niece asked with a gleam in her eye, "Are those your potatoes?"   "Of course!" I told her.  Here is the recipe for everyone’s favorite cheesy mashed potatoes:
Make mashed potatoes (boiled potatoes, I recommend russet, salt to taste, butter and milk mashed together.)
Spray a casserole dish – not a flat baking dish or it won’t come out well – with cooking spray and then coat with a thin layer of plain bread crumbs.
Put half the potatoes in the casserole.  Place shredded cheese over them – I recommend cheddar and either Monterey Jack or mozzarella.  Place the rest of the mashed potatoes over the cheese and repeat with shredded cheese.  Sprinkle a bit of bread crumbs over the cheese and a bit of paprika to make it look nice.
Place uncovered in a 375 degree preheated oven and bake for about 25 minutes or until the cheese is bubbly and the whole dish of potatoes has risen a bit.
I know, I know.  I didn’t give precise measurements.  Being a grandmother, I don’t have to apologize for that!  It is expected, right?  All I can say is make as many potatoes as will fit nicely in the casserole and use lots of cheese.  Just make sure you don’t mound it above the top of the casserole or it will spill over in the oven (experience speaks).
This is happy food.  You can’t be sad when you eat Auntie g’s special potato dish.  Let me know if you try it.  I do believe that Hearts did last year.
Do you have a recipe you are famous for?  Let’s hear about it.  Have a great week, g

5 responses to “$1.55.9

  1. $1.42.9 last night! Those sound delish!! I’m famous for several dishes.. a really good pate`, some unusual sloppy joe’s, turkey/dressing.. those are a few I could simply tell a friend I was making them, and have at least 12 people show up hoping to eat!!LOL Hope you’re doing well.. come look at all our new sites!! I have lots of links on my new one.. and I allowed anonymous commenters!!hugs,Jean

  2. Don’t know what you are getting at regarding gas prices but I sure am relieved they are dropping still. Your mashed taters sound delicious, and I think I just gained 10 pounds by reading the recipe! LOL

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