Dyslexic Fingers

I just washed my hadns and can’t do a thing with them.  Yes, my fingerws have become diyslexic.  You can see that by the typos in those two sentences.  Being obsessive compulsive I can’t continue to not correct errors. 
Has this ever happened to you?  Is it just that I have too much on my mind to be able to remember how to type?  I think I will blame it on the weather Umbrella.  No, the season.  No, no, um, rats!  I can’t think of anything else!
How are things with you?  With only a little over two weeks until Christmas, are you seeing the same craziness as I am seeing at all the shopping areas?  People driving around looking for a parking space?  Do you think they would do that if gas prices were still high?Thinking  I don’t know. 
I have been reading my early blogs lately.  We visited each other so much more then.  Maybe it was because we had so many fewer people to visit.  I cherish each and every one of my blog buddies.  If you comment, I visit.  Before the spaces "upgrade," I checked to see who had updated and visited.  I try to take a blog walk every couple of weeks even if you haven’t updated just to let you know I am thinking of you.  If you are reading this and I haven’t visited, I apologize.  My intentions are pure!Rainbow
Reading my early entries didn’t bore me.  Now I bore me.  Oh, well. 
Tomorrow, the Falderal. 
blessings, g

6 responses to “Dyslexic Fingers

  1. When I started blogging I had such grand ideas about how I was going to start writing again. Stories of childhood, something my kids would have, blah, blah, blah . . . now it’s mostly just a whinefest about never having enough time.There were a lot more people who visited in the beginning, but I think it has become more of a ‘circle of friends’ now. I try to stop in several places every day, just to see how things are. I don’t usually have a lot of time to comment, though, so just like in every day life if I don’t have anything to say, I keep quiet. (some might disagree, lol).And, yes, I have one finger on each hand that ‘sticks’ if I don’t move it enough. I have to physically rebend or unbend it with the other hand. Very distracting!!-cindy

  2. hi gail, just to say happy christmas, and let you know amanda and myself will be moving house next week, praise god for answered prayer, and we will not be on the internet for a couple of weeks probably. after that hope I can master this new set up and re establish regular contact with my valued space friends.

  3. First, I’d like to wish you and all you love a merry Christmas. And yes, I’m finding myself stumbling with typing these days myself. In my case I think is more in line with "brain erosion." G, are you having problems with this new format? Just tell me I’ll figure it out and perhaps I’ll feel better…..grin. God’s richest blessings to you my friend.John

  4. I think we feel like we’ve said what we had to say! At least I think about it when I’m considering what to write about. I used to blog a LOT more! I’m doing better in my new home.. It’s so much less stressful.. But, I’ll never leave here totally, as long as I have friends here.. We used to comment more, but I think we visit as much.. I got into reading RSS feeds for a while, so I didn’t comment unless I really wanted to respond.. my bad! Hope you’re feeling well, and aren’t too cold.. It’s only about 50 here today.. 29 tonight! brrrrrrrhugs,Jean

  5. Hi g,I’m to the point where nothing much is working anymore. I am only 47 and feel 97 sometimes. Sucks to be me for sure.I told you before I was looking forward to Christmas holidays. Now I’m not. Stressed and depressed is what I am. Maybe not because of the holidays, but its sure dimmed the brightness.I am going to try and set up a live rss feed of sites on my blogroll to help me see who has posted and when. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure that out over the weekend. We shall see.Hugs, Lizhttp://fototrek.net/

  6. Well, pfft! I had this great comment typed out and then whosh….I was on a different page and all was lost. What I wanted to say was that back when blogging was new, posting entries were exciting to read. When I was lost in my grief, I thought I’d never have another entry. Now when I read the old ones, I am proud of my mastery of the English langue and I fear I’ll never write that good again. I also realize that reading of The Princess, Baby Jack and my adventures keep them forever etched in my memory. Those times would be lost if not for journaling them. Life is short….enjoy the ride. If nothing else, I’ll keep writing just so you can see how live.ttfn,xoxoDana Dana

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