Friday Also Rises

The weekend is upon us!  Hooray!  I get to sleep in tomorrow.Open-mouthed  I was actually awake and sipping on my tea when Bells got here this morning at 6:30.  My mom came up this morning to help me hang pictures.  I’ve had them leaning against the wall rather than up on the wall.
We got one hung up and realized we needed to get frames.  Out we went and didn’t have much luck.  Seems that a couple of the pictures need custom frames.  Ugh.  So we went to a store she likes but doesn’t have close to her and then she treated me to lunch.  I smiled and laughed.  A lot.  Thanks, Mom.  I’ll consider your visit and early bd present because it sure felt like it!
Your pictures are framed, LAMS!  Trying to figure out which to put where!
Fal-la-la-la-la-Der-al, al, al!  Here we go:
What is your favorite Christmas song?  O, Holy Night.  It is sooo beautiful.
Do you have a favorite Christmas tradition?  Before Himself and I were married and for a few years afterward, I had a Christmas morning brunch.  Some family, some friends in my apartment  I still find it interesting and wonderful that as many came as did.  Alas, we moved and they moved and everyone moved and we no longer have the brunch.  In the evening, my daughter and I would visit dear friends of mine.  I miss them.
Do you bring Santa Claus into Christmas?  No.  I just couldn’t lie to my kids!  Besides I/we worked hard to buy those gifts!  I won’t ruin it for Isabella but I just can’t do it.  For me, it lessens Jesus.  For me.  I don’t judge others.
My son is bugging me to tell me what I want for Christmas.  What should I tell him?  Instead of my usual, "Make a donation to…" I want him to physically have to go shopping!  It’s payback time!
Make up your own Christmas question and answer it and I will answer it, too!
Hopefully, the tree will be put up tomorrow.  We are very late this year.  Have a fun weekend, g

6 responses to “Friday Also Rises

  1. We are supposed to get a tree tomorrow as well…. today we are trying to clean the front room so we have somewhere nice to put one! (the hubby went to coffee with a friend, so Kiki and I are sneaking a break, lol). Tomorrow I think I’ll blog about Kiki’s belief in Santa, so come visit me!

  2. What is your favorite Christmas song? Mary, Did You Know? performed by Kathy Mattea.Do you have a favorite Christmas tradition? We have a Swedish feast on Christmas Eve with my mom’s side of the family.Do you bring Santa Claus into Christmas? Yes, we did, but I regret it somewhat. Very mixed feelings on this. I do hate the commercialism of the season, but love the music, even the commercialized songs.

  3. ¬ I’m rather indifferent to this time of the year but I haven’t turned into a full time Grinch yet, so I’ll still be humming along to Silent Night at the midnight mass, since my church organist doesn’t play my favourite festive song, ‘All I want for Christmas’ by Mariah Carey.¬ When I resided in warmer climates in my younger days, yuletide was usually spent at a timeshare beach resort full of gaiety – oh happy days.¬ A teacher at a local school in my neck of the woods was recently fired for revealing the truth about Santa to her class of elementary kids – apparently sometimes it’s better to lie to children. :)

  4. Hi Gail.. I love the "Song Mary Did you Know". I first heard it sung and was in tears.Christmas is always with kids , and family .. lots to eat , and lots of laughs.I loved it when my kids believed in Santa. It was so much fun.Hope your having a Grand time hanging the Art. I m still putting out a few decoations and rearranging things. I love to do that also.Have a Great Night.Love you my Dear Sister.Lisa

  5. hey G, I’m ok. Thanks for asking. I finally found an SVT specialist, but have not had time to see him yet. Most likely after the new year. I just have to be careful not to have sudden movements and all that. Otherwise, I’m doing very well. :)Thanks G. :)love ya..

  6. it’s goin good… we had a little presentation today… as a review for the quality department(new as well)…to know how we were doin… it was great… i received compliments on our work…we even made some power point to go with it… we did all that at work… couple of hours and we were done… it was so good as it helped me to remember everything i have learned… and i really hope i can continue to better understand and develop this new task…love ya mama… i am still waiting for those answers i need…. i went to church and was ministered by a my best friend and her mama… got me thinkin… now i only have to make up my mind between whats good and right… and what i want…kisses

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