Thanks, Mrs. H.

The only picture that got hung up on Friday is my Georgia O*Keeffe Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival art print.Black and Purple Petunias Art Print by Georgia O'keeffe  It is so special to me and I will tell you why:
When I was in sixth grade, my teacher was not very nice to me.  That is an understatement.  She tortured me.  She would have me stand up for no reason at all.  Just stand at my desk whilst the rest of the class sat down.  After writing a book report, she gave me a failing grade saying that I didn’t write it.  It was copied, she said.  Even when my mom had a conference with her and told her that I did, indeed, write it, she gave me a "C," which is middling. 
That year was torture for me and for my mom who tried and tried to get this teacher to get off my back.  Things were different back then and there was no tallk of lawsuits against teachers.
One day, Mrs. H., our art teacher, came to our classroom and showed us slides of art works.  One in particular was a close-up of a purple, well, she asked what we thought it was.  I am not timid by any stretch of the imagination but, after my teacher’s batterings, I thought twice before raising my hand.  I said that I thought it looked like an iris.  We had irises growing at our house and it just looked like one.  Mrs. Harwin praised me on my ability to see what others didn’t.
That I am writing about this now shows how much those kind words helped me through an otherwise difficult time.  My art poster is not of irises; but my love for Georgia O*Keeffe’s works was kindled by Mrs. H., bless her soul.
Words, both kind and nasty, can last a lifetime in a person’s heart.  "Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in your sight, oh, Lord, my God."  If not careful, I might batter someone. 
Was there someone in your childhood who made a difference for the better for you?

6 responses to “Thanks, Mrs. H.

  1. I hate teachers that abuse their power over children! I’m so glad you had a bright spot in that year… And I’m glad that’s the painting that got hung…hugs,Jean

  2. Good morning gThat pictures is beautiful and I bet it looks fabulous in your home. I had a little chuckle – I have frames leaning againt the wall rather than the pictures, so I need pictures while you need frames. They are for the poster size pictures I want to hang of the grandkids in their playroom that’s put on hold for a bit. It’s a peaceful morning here — I woke to a few inches of snow and it’s beautiful outside as there have been no cars or plows yet to interrupt the blanket covering our neighborhood. Pastor Bob Long who I worked for as a secretary for 5 years taught me so much, both about myself and others and I will always be grateful that he shared his wisdom and love for others with me. Have a happy day g — Deb

  3. I love, love, love that poster! Gorgeous colors. I am going to have to start looking for things like this – for some reason I just never thought to actually get something to hang on my walls besides family pics and pictures I’ve received as gifts . . . silly me.-cindy

  4. I have memories of a teacher who abused me in the second grade. Her name is Miss Copp and the fact I can remember my second grade teacher more than I can any of my teachers when I was in high school, gives you an idea of how much impact this lady had on me.I had some wonderful teachers and even though I can’t remember their names, many of their lessons still live with me today. It is a wonderment what kind words and encouragement can do for individuals. I guess that’s why I was a different drill sergeant. Sure, I yelled and screamed with the best of them, but when my privates performed well, they knew it. The pride I took when those privates left my unit as soldiers, it’s difficult to describe to anyone that hasn’t experienced it.I love the photo also. I have a great fondness for lavender or purple.Has anyone else heard a rumor that spaces might be closing down? It seems a little strange that they may always changes and would be closing down.I’ll talk to you later. Have a wonderful Christmas.BP

  5. I think art teachers are by nature encouragers. Maybe because art has no right and wrong they attract a different sort of person to the profession. Your 6th grade teacher sounds horrid! I know what you mean, though, about times being different – we had to stick out most of the terrible stuff. When my girls were in elementary school, switching teachers was usually an option, some people were known to switch schools. Lawsuits? Good grief!I will have to think about your question… it’s a good one.

  6. I think schooling in the 50s and 60s were met with manydiscouragers. These days the teachers are much difference and the parents and students are their stakeholders ( so said my teacher daughter now ).Btw, me growing up in Singapore school, I have also been critized and even hitted on my knuckle for not bringing my mathematical set squares and dividers set. Reason why I didnt bring was because my family was so poor and could not afford to buy me one. I cant even explain to the teacher but got to stand on a chair and hit by the teacher until the wooden ruler broke into 2.. sigh sigh

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