Whatcha Gonna Do On a Snowy Day

Here in the Atlantic Northeast, we are anticipating some snow.  Some areas north of here have already had a bit but this will be our first significant storm of the season.  Schools are closed or closing early and that means I have my precious Isabella with me.
Anticipation of snow is usually a good thing for me.  It is so beautiful and pure.  Then, a few days later, in some places it is dirty and either frozen hard or slushy.  Sounds like humans; we come into the world so innocent and then we are exposed to the darkness that seems to rule this world.
Take heart!  There is a light in this world that none can put out!  He brings hope and unconditional love.  Hear that?  Unconditional!  "’Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,’ says the Lord, who has compassion on you." (Isaiah 54:10).  All ya have to do is seek Him and He is with you!  Immediately.  And He will never leave you.  Nope.  No matter what you do or say.  He loves you.  "…I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness." (Jeremiah 31:3)
No matter what has happened in my life, and, believe me, garbage has happened, I have been able to lean on the strength of this love; on the promises of He who created me.  As hard as it is to believe, He loves me even more than a mother can love her child or I can love Isabella!  That’s hard for me to understand but I believe it with all my  heart, soul and mind.  My wish for you is that you will experience the same hope and peace as I.  If you would like more info., click HERE.
What do you like to do on a day when the weather keeps you inside (snow, heavy rain, etc.)?  Well, I usually have very good intentions such as cleaning, baking, etc.  However, I like to watch a movie, make a comfort meal of maybe soup and I love to look out the window and watch the snow coming down or the wind blowing forcefully and lightning.  Right now I would like to take a nap before the action starts!
Do you feel comfortable driving in bad weather?  As a rule, yes.  I’ve found it is the drivers who are nervous are the biggest danger.  Best to stay home.
What is your favorite soup?  Hmmm…my mom’s lentil soup is great.  Yankee Bean soup is great, too.I made a great split pea soup this week…hmmm…ThinkingI can’t decide.
Have you ever gone snow skiing?  Did you like it?  I liked it very much.  Once I had The Girl, though, it was too expensive a sport to continue.
What do you imagine your ideal bad weather day to look like?  I picture a room with a fireplace with a cozy fire, a big window showing the snow falling outside, a book and quiet all around me.  Ahhh…I think I just had an out of body experience!
Tell me how you deal with the storms of life.  blessings, g

10 responses to “Whatcha Gonna Do On a Snowy Day

  1. Good morning gail — Ahh the good old Northeast winters. It’s due to start around noontime here. It’s 11:30 and the sky is changing, so I know it’s coming soon.What do you like to do on a day when the weather keeps you inside (snow, heavy rain, etc.)? I usually play at the computer with my coffee, or curl up and read while the laundry is going. I also enjoy a small bit of shoveling which gets me outside, talking with neighbors who are clearing up their walks and porches.Do you feel comfortable driving in bad weather? Yes, I have no problem with it. I do get very nervous though when someone is driving too close behind me. I tend to pull over when possible and let them pass. Along with a bit of mumbling and and a stern look at whoever is behind the wheel when they pass. LOL!What is your favorite soup? I LOVE my dad’s Split Pea soup. He makes it with ham and little bits of bacon. When that is not available, I"m a big fan of Campbells Bean with Bacon Soup.Have you ever gone snow skiing? Did you like it? Only cross country skiing — I guess I wasn’t too fond of it. I would have enjoyed the downhill skiing more I think.What do you imagine your ideal bad weather day to look like? Much like yours g — roaring fire, hot chocolate, afgan, open window — add a brief stint outside with Eric who loves snow.On that note – guess I’ll get back to work. They pay me for that after all….Have a great weekend – hope you got your nap in.Deb

  2. Well, G, I think I have definitely entered the slushy stage of life. Not that I ever resembled driven snow.As for the Faldaral…I think that bad weather that keeps me inside is God’s way of saying ‘take a nap!’. Naps never feel so delicious in fair weather.I feel pretty competent driving in fowl weather but I’m with you – I worry about the other guy… who is probably worried about ME. :o)Soups – Tortilla, Zuppa Toscana, Tomatillo Chili, Broccoli Cheddar… mand I’m hungry. I LOVE soups.I used to snow ski and liked it quite fine. But my knees weren’t meant for it, so I pack the lunches for the rest of the family.Ideal bad weather day? That nap… by a fireplace… with my dog.I hope you pull through the storm safely! I think I need to get away from these Northeast blogs. It is now starting to snow HERE! You think it’s contagious?

  3. What do you like to do on a day when the weather keeps you inside (snow, heavy rain, etc.)? It rarely snows in Manchester but it rains all the time which explains the webbed feet of the natives. Do you feel comfortable driving in bad weather? I’m far more comfortable when lounging watching a Western. What is your favourite soup? Bouillon Have you ever gone snow skiing? Did you like it? Yes, but it was full of Brits so it wasn’t as enjoyable. I go on vacation to escape the English accent & sample the exotic lifestyle for a bit. What do you imagine your ideal bad weather day to look like? North of Italy, [Piemonte, Cortina d’Ampezzo or Val Gardena] in the winter – pure bellisimo.PS: I’ve been meaning to post an update – it’s just been a busy week – I’ll get round to it soon. :)http://511161774.blogspot.com/

  4. Your Faith is Deep and Strong Gail… You have blessed me more than you Know with the Sharing and caring that come right from your Heart.Sending all my Love accross the Miles. and Merry Christmas. Gail.Love always.

  5. I love your new background…so wintery….just taking a break from candy and cookie making. It’s funny how those balls disappear. They are so addicting. As soon as I make them, I have to get them out of my house! Mmmmm I just read the last comment. Ooooh I love my chicken enchilada soup. Found it on a whim when I was just browsing the grocery store. It’s a boxed mix. I love split pea soup too. Ok take care and God Bless.

  6. We’ve been having quite a bit of snow ourselves, and it’s beautiful. I love watching it and playing in it, but I don’t like driving in it at all. Must be from growing up in Sunny Southern California!! I’ve never had an accident, but it does make me nervous. We used to ski quite a bit in Calif. (I know, that’s crazy!) but here, even tho the hill is closer, the drive is terrible and every time I’ve gone up it was either sleeting, raining, wind blowing hard, or so foggy you couldn’t see three feet ahead of you…. not enjoyable at all, so I finally gave up. I did take Kiki up for her first ever ski lessons last year, and she – mostly – enjoyed it. So we’ll see if we take it up again. I actually went snowshoeing while she had her lessons, and I found that really fun! I love soup, and it’s Kiki’s fave, so we have that a lot. Corn Chowder is one of my favorites. I love to bake when the weather is bad – that’s what I did today, and I plan on more of that tomorrow!

  7. Wonderful post , Gail. It was something I very much needed to be reminded of. Love the falderal questions. Here are my answers:What do you like to do on a day when the weather keeps you inside (snow, heavy rain, etc.)? It all depends on my mood +/or energy level.Do you feel comfortable driving in bad weather? I better, I do it for a living. What is your favorite soup? I have 2 favorites, and I make them both from scratch. Wild rice soup, and beef barley soup. Have you ever gone snow skiing? Yes. I used to go all the time. I would get called Suzie Chapstick on the slopes. What do you imagine your ideal bad weather day to look like? Warm fire, hot soup, and nowhere I need to go. Tell me how you deal with the storms of life. I am still trying to figure this one out.Have a Merry Christmas and happy birthday if I don’t see you beforehand.Love, Lizhttp://fototrek.net/:)

  8. Do I feel comfortable driving in bad weather? I was always very careful but confident until this summer when I hydroplaned on just a teeny bit of water, hit a tree, and rolled over, totalling my XTerra. My driving world suddenly became unsafe. Now I drive a cutie little Chevy Cobalt which is great, but my first non-minivan, non-SUV venture. It’s not the same in the snow as my Xterra or my Jeep or my Bronco or even my Plymouth Voyager.Favorite soup? Campbell’s Tomato Soup with lots and lots of Ritz crackers in it !Skiing? Never, but Jojo likes it so maybe someday I will hit the slopes (even though I am terrified of heights)Ideal weather day? Lots of rain but plenty of candlelight inside, a cozy fire, doing something that needs to be done but I put off (like sorting coupons) and beautiful Celtic instrumental music playing.Storms of life? I hit the Prayer Closet !!! God is forever faithful – and He likes to show us!Love you! Lols

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