I thought I knew what…

I wanted to write about today but I believe I have a "brain cloud" (a term from "Joe vs. the Volcano" I believe).  Let’s see…
I’ve neglected to mention that The Girl lost her job two days before Christmas.  We hardly ever get to see Isabella and it is hard.  Please pray for our girl as she is depressed and looking for work.
After The Boy said he was going to stay overnight at a friend’s house New Year’s Eve, something told me to stay up until the wee hours.  Just before four a.m., I heard the loud music which always announces his arrival in the driveway.
When he walked in, he smelled like a brewery but insisted that he was fine.  Even his friends said he was fine!  I took out my trusty breathylizer from his rehab. days and he blew a .16 – twice the legal limit.  "But I’m fine!  I just drove around the block!"  "I’m taking away your keys," said I.  Himself and I decided to take away his car ("You cant do that!  It’s my car!"  Just you watch me.) for two weeks.  I thought it needed to be longer but, for the softy we call Himself, that was a lot.  There’s more to it but I know you get the idea.
People all around me insist over and over again that The Boy is not an alcoholic.  I’m not convinced but time will tell.
 Let’s talk.  Friday Falderal:
Do you ever drink alcoholic beverages?  Not very much.  I enjoy the occasional half glass of wine but I can’t have all that much.  People drink for different reasons one of them being to feel tipsy.  I can’t stand being out of control.
Have you ever been the only one not drinking at an event?  Often.  Himself used to get ticked off because he felt I was being a snob around his friends but he got over it when I let him have it.  Can you imagine that?  ~humph~
Have you ever driven under the influence?  I must confess that, when I was in college working part-time, we went out for drinks after work.  I ought not to have driven home.  It was so out of character and I have felt terrible about it ever since.  Embarrassed
Do you believe that alcoholism is a disease?  Here we go again….you might remember my rantings on this when The Boy wa in rehab.  No, no, a thousand times no!  I believe that some might be more genetically disposed to alcoholism but it is not a disease.  (ref. July 10 at the end of the entry)
What are you up to this weekend?  Not a clue other than church on Sunday.
Oh, one more thing!  We watched the movie The Bucket List with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson last night.  It was fantastic and I highly recommend it.
Be well and let me hear from you.  I miss all the activity we used to have around here.  I stop by each of your spaces (I have them listed in folders in my favorites) as often as possible.  g

10 responses to “I thought I knew what…

  1. *sigh* so frustrating that they just don’t get it.So sorry that the girl has joined the ranks- what crappy timing :-(Prayers flying up on behalf of all of you {{{hugs}}}

  2. I’m so sorry you’re having those challenges right now.. I pray the girl will get a fantastic new job. God has something wonderful for her! And I pray the boy "gets it" without having to hurt someone while driving under the influence. And I pray peace over you at all times!hugs,Jean

  3. A prayer has been sent addressing your current concerns. And I suspect your concerns about the boy are justified G. Denial is his reaction. Drinking and acting "in control" is his transparent choice. Wonder if he knows how much this hurts his mom? His "friends" need to see further than the end of their noses. I honestly can’t fathom how you must feel, but I do know that you will do all that you can to help him see the ere of his ways. G, I’m at a loss for words here. Just very sad that you have to endure this constant worry. No, don’t drink alcohol whatsoever. Often I’m the only person not drinking at a social event. Primary reason for not socializing more. Can’t stand to be around intoxicated persons. It is one of the primary reasons I’m looked upon as a "loner" by many that know me. There are times to compromise and there are times to draw a line in the sand. Guess you have figured out I don’t like booze at all…..grin.I’ve driven under the influence, but not alcohol. Yep, I went through the hippie stage briefly. You know what I mean.No, alcoholism is NOT a darn disease!! Peer pressure is the social disease. I’ll never be convinced that one has to drink due to clinical need.This weekend will be spent with the Gospel and sick family friends. My sister-in-law has a very nasty bug.Thanks for the tip on The Bucket List. Laughing soothes lots of stress.John

  4. "Brain Cloud", lol, I remember that movie! Before I forget, here’s my moive recommend: Ghost Town. No, it’s not a western nor a horror movie!! More of a, romantic comedy sort… very good. OH! And The Tale of Desperauex (I bet I spelled that wrong) Awesome points made in that movie. It’s not just for little kids. Very much not like the book, but good nonetheless.Sorry for your troubles right now. Not the way to start the new year. I know of so many people losing jobs! It’s awful. Hope she finds one soon. As for your son, I don’t know how that must hurt, but I am praying for you and for him. I don’t believe alcoholism is a disease, either. Sure, I do think some are predisposed, just as I struggle harder with weight than some do… but, a person can choose – however hard that choice might come – to not pick up a drink. Does a person get to choose whether the cancer comes back? Can they set the cancer down, maybe with help from some therapy or something, and walk away from it? No. There’s the difference, in my opinion. I am not much of a drinker, but I do occasionally drink. A beer now and then (quality beer, not Bud!) a very, very rare glass of wine… I did drink some Irish Creme this Christmas, it was sooo good. But, I’ll have like, two ounces in a glass of crushed ice. I don’t want to be affected at all in my judgement, so I never drink enough for that. Not that I never did, when I was young, but some of us learn from our mistakes! I have been the ‘designated driver’ more than once, but like JW I would rather just not go – drunk people tend to act really stupid, and time is too short to waste like that. I think the only thing I’ve ever driven under the influence of was a really messy burger, and lack of sleep. Which can be dangerous as well, so I’ve tried to give that up! May you feel God’s arms around you.

  5. All the best to the boy & the girl, respectively¬ Do you ever drink alcoholic beverages? – In England people drink purely to get drunk or “trolleyed” as they call it over here, but it’s just not my style. My dad was an alcoholic while growing up so I always wanted to pursue a different path when older & so far so go good – I’m by no means teetotal but I drink sensibly enough to remember my own name & where I live. ¬ Have you ever been the only one not drinking at an event? – The trick is to order non-alcoholic beer. ¬ Have you ever driven under the influence? I’ve hitched a few rides with someone who had one too many, luckily the roads were always virtually empty & nothing catastrophic happened. ¬ Do you believe that alcoholism is a disease? – It’s a dipsomania, the best ‘antidote’ being abstinence which is easier said than done. ¬ What are you up to this weekend? I visited an old-style barber shop for the first time in years & now the mirror is my friend. My new chiselled looks will be the centre of attention at the epiphany lunch after church on Sunday. ;)t i m – http://511161774.blogspot.com/

  6. Hi, Gail!Sorry I havent been around but life happens and I still can’t navigate this once pleasant place called Spaces. I was able to find you though I can’t even get to my own Space. Imagaine that?Here are my answers to your Friday Falderal:Do you ever drink alcoholic beverages? On occasion, but I never overindulge. Have you ever been the only one not drinking at an event? Many times. It doesn’t bother me. Have you ever driven under the influence? In my younger, wilder days, I am sure I did… but that never makes it right. Do you believe that alcoholism is a disease? I believe it’s an addiction and that addictions can sometimes be more awful than some diseases. What are you up to this weekend? Hopefully, will watch the Vikings whomp the Eagles.Hang in there dear friend. All my love, Liz

  7. You didn’t miss a thing by being stubborn G. It is not something I’m proud of for sure. Stubborn? Perhaps. I still prefer "grounded." BTW, you will weather this storm. John

  8. I’m going to answer these falderal questions later. My computer keeps dropping the window and I have to start over each time.Looking forward to your callxoxoDana Dana

  9. I still haven’t seen the Bucket List… thanks for the reminder!To answer your questions first: my living room is a cool dark red. It has lots of windows so it doesn’t come off as overwhelming. I hope. Second, a swamp cooler is a type of air conditioning used in desert areas. It basically blows air over water and the evaporation cools your house. I like it because you have to keep your windows slightly open so you have a constant supply of new air coursing through the house… much cheaper, too. It only works in places that have low humidity, tho. Sorry to hear about your daughter… and son… and your lack of Bells time. Oh, shoot – Kid2 is looking for me! I must go hide!

  10. Good morning Gail –I’m sorry to hear about The Girl’s job loss. I do believe though, that if one door closes another opens. We just have to pay attention. Easier said than done, I know. I am trying harder this year with affirmations and positive thinking. Also sending blessings your way. It’s hard to know those you love so much are going through hard times and challenges. I’ve lost alot of sleep and still worry often, even though they are grown. Having faith they find their way is tough for me. Hence the effort to keep positive.I know I’ve been remiss on my space also. I think that all the past 2 weeks of activitiy required a day or so of burying myself in my book, naps and playing with Eric. I was just plain lazy and tired. It actually felt good yesterday to get back to work and get back to my routine.Now if Spring would arrive and melt this frozen tundra outside my window. The Bucket List – now there is one I haven’t heard of yet. I’ll have to investigate. Off to the shower. I hope you have a great week g — and watch for those blessings.Deb

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