What’s Going On?

Where is time going?  It’s already Tuesday?  Three PM  Tuesday?  I think I hear a "whoosh" of time passing by me.
Just finished reading Multiple Blessings by Jon and Kate Gosselin and Beth Carson.  I watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 religiously every week.  It is a real life "reality" television show about the Gosselin family who had twins and then sextuplets.  I thought I knew everything about this family until I read the book.  Oh, my, but did they go through hard times!  They are very real and that makes them easy to like.  I’d recommend the book if you need some inspiration.
Next on the book list is a bunch of books I ordered from the library on autism.  If this is the label my darling Bells is going to live with I need to be knowledgeable.  Once The Girl starts working again, more than likely I will be involved with Isabella’s early intervention again.  She will start with the local school system as soon as they evaluate her which should be very soon. 
When I was praying last night, I asked God why Isabella had to be affected with this.  It struck me as I asked that I don’t love this little girl any less than if she wasn’t "special."  She is "fearfully and wonderfully made!"  She isn’t a mistake.  She is exactly as God created her to be and we love her as she is.  Any other child would not be Isabella. 
She is my heart.  Is my heart broken over this?  I have to be honest with you.  Sometimes, like last night, it is.  It is sometimes selfishly broken for me; sometimes for my daughter.  But Isabella is such a happy person!  Isn’t that a great, positive overshadowing the negative? 
It is thought by Isabella’s therapists (occupational and early interventionist) that Bells will be able to lead a "normal" life.  She will be mainstreamed early on and be able to shop at the mall with her friends when she is older.  We’ll see if they are right about this.  I hope and pray that they are.  In the meantime, we need to love her and kiss her and hug her and enjoy the happiness and joy that exudes from her. 
I am so blessed.  g

10 responses to “What’s Going On?

  1. Hi Gail, I also think Bells will be just fine….early intervention is great…..there is so much out there for kids with autism….it certainly wasn’t like this 20 years ago. She is so fortunate to have you. I would encourage you to attend any and all meetings regarding her and her schooling. IEPs especially (Individual Education Plans) You probably already are familiar with that though. I am passionate about kids with special needs. I am scheduling an autism training for all my school nurses in March. I"m really looking forward to it. It’s being presented by an autism specialist who is employed by the Board of Education in my county. That’s someone else for you to contact. They provide training to staff regarding autism. You would be surprised how many people are scared and do not know how to act around a child with autism or how to interact with them. There are so many in the spectrum though. When Bells starts school, I would ask if the staff/teachers working with her have been trained in autism. Very important question because you would be surprised how many are not.Regarding your comment….Yes I am very positive….I’ve been on the dark side and know that the future looks bright…..life has never been better. I’m excited about what the new year holds…..I"m optimistic about marriage and babies. Yes, I said that.

  2. Good post.. Yes, Bella will do well. Just educate yourself, and make sure the people entrusted with her care know what they are doing, and NEVER be afraid to rattle the cage if they don’t. When you work with the system, some will do the least allowable, and it’s your job (and the Girl’s) to make sure Bella gets EVERYTHING available.. I have a blog friend with an autistic child.. a teen now. She has fought every step of the way, in rural England.. I’ll get her to send you some info.. You can learn a lot just from other families. God will use this mightily.. Belles will have a wonderful effect on people..hugs,Jean

  3. I am sure with the active role you are playing in the enthusiasm with which you educate yourself on this subject, everything will turn out well.I have been meaning to take a look at Kathy Reich’s books, but I have so many other novels on my list right now. I don’t disagree with you about the quality of books being better if they are both entertaining and educational, but in my frame of mind right now I would rather it be more entertaining. I find educational value in almost anything I read it if I cannot find anything educational, it’s probably not worth my time.I’ll keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.Thanks as always for coming by and checking on me.BP

  4. Eric’s first Speech therapist stopped by the house last night to visit Nikki and Eric. She was overwhelmed at his progress. I will forever be gratefu for the Early Intervention Program. I just simply cannot imagine Eric any different than he is. It is so fascinating to watch him learn and hear his laugh (which comes straight from his belly (it’s quite catching actually) : o ). And watching Nikki teach him and share her joy with me at each new goal reached, has brought us closer than I think we would otherwise be. All will be well gail – I truly believe this. Both Bells and our Eric are one of the fortunate. My prayers always go out to the little ones undiagnosed and troubled. I learned alot reading "Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew" by Ellen Notbohm, among other books. I hope your week is going well and you are avoiding some of the ice and snow we are getting here. Deb

  5. Back before they had all these fancy diagnoses we lived in the bliss of ignorance and loved our kids anyway. There are tremendous blessings and beautiful gifts in everything. As much as I hate this term…You just have to think outside the box to find them.Love you! Very much. CL 🙂

  6. And your letter is…. R? Good luck and thanks for playing!Have a good weekend, G. I will stop back later and see if anything’s new.

  7. hey dear G, enjoyed reading this honest heartfelt post. I think…most important at this point of time is that Bells knows she’s loved no matter what. What a blessing that she has you for a grandmama. :)How are things otherwise? hugs

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