Frigid but Faithful Falderal

It just hit me that today is Friday.  Yes, I’ve known all day that it is Friday but it didn’t hit me that it is Friday Falderal time.  With the lack of visitors we’ve all been experiencing because of the "improvements’ we were gifted with, well, I forgot!  Almost.
Might I make a suggestion?  I put all your sites in my "favorites" list in folders.  That way I can get to you easily.  Since it is hard to see who has updated I find it to be a blessing.  I try to visit everyone once a week but don’t always get to. 
What shall we talk about today?  Maybe a hodge podge is in order:
1)  How have you been coping with the changes on spaces if you are still here?  If you have moved, are you happy with your new home?  As I stated above, your sites are in my favorites.  I really don’t feel good about the changes.  I don’t find them to be user friendly.  I’m afraid to move because I am not all that computer savvy and I don’t know if I could get the site to look decent.
2)  What is your favorite comfort food.  Dark Chocolate.  And pasta.  And tomato-cheese casserole.  And, and…
3)  Do you believe in global warming?  You can’t prove it by the weather we have around here.  I really don’t know but I’ve seen arguments on both sides.
4)  What actor or actors do you think to be the best of our time?  Without a doubt, Robert*Duvall
and Anthony*Hopkins.  Actresses?  I can’t think of anyone who would be up there.  Glen*Close?  Now if Joan*Crawford or Bette*Davis were still alive….
5) If you had to be anywhere but where  you are right now, where would you be?  Visiting my baby brother.  I miss him (he lives on the left coast).
Hopefully, I will get visitors to answer my trivia treasure trove.  I’m really interested in what you have to say!
bless you, g

14 responses to “Frigid but Faithful Falderal

  1. Anthony Hopkins wow maybe I like The Silence of the Lambs.and I know nothing about windows live, the blog modules always piss me off.

  2. Im not the only one that has to check what day it is. Thank You!!!Gail after the renos I will still have a Guest Room. Smaller but it will be there.Now your questions.1. Today I wanted to whine and scream. But adjusting. Today was the second time I missed the old Spaces. I miss the updates. If Im not on here I miss most of them and have to hunt spaces down.2. Apples , Cheese and Crackers and most sugar for last resort.3. Yes4. Dont know5. Mountains.Blessing to you G.Lisa

  3. Good morning g — Oh yes – Eric definately was happy in his world also. Such a happy little guy. I say was because with his schooling, he is being drawn out and is learning so much. He’s still a happy little guy, but does have his moments of frustration and impatience. We as a family are learning also, how to make this transition from his world to life around him. Ahhh, I’ve missed the Friday Falderal…1. I’ve pretty much gotten used to the new changes but I don’t like the new Photo layouts. I cannot rearrange my pictures so they appear out of order. And I don’t like not having the part where it shows who commented on your blog or such, because I might miss a comment made on a previous blog.2. Cinnamon Toast and Hot Chocolate, a lightly toasted bagel and butter, meatloaf…I love meatloaf…lol.3. I’m not one to question the professionals, but honestly, like you I don’t see any evidence of it in my area. Even the summers are not as hot as I remember from years ago.4. Actors — Jack Nickolson (sp?) and John Wayne. Today my favorites are Nick Cage and Johnny Depp. They play so many different roles and while some of their movies are not my type of movie, I love their versatility.Actresses – Barbara Striesand without a doubt and Bette Davis…..I also like to Susan Saradon (sp?). My brain is still half asleep I guess, as my spell module isn’t working.5. On the coast most definately. Specifically on the beach watching the ocean.Hey – that was fun…Talking in person sounds like a great idea — I’m a hands on person also, I never was a book learner. But the books give me a guideline and awareness of what I am up against. We have learned ALOT from Erics teachers and therapists.Have a good weekend g — I have to laugh at how big my comments always are to you. I enjoy our visits.Deb

  4. If you feel like changing, I have to tell you that blogspot is seriously easy to use. And, when you go to cutest blog on the block, they have a million free backgrounds to use that are also easy. Now, for the answers…1) How have you been coping with the changes on spaces if you are still here? If you have moved, are you happy with your new home? I moved ages ago so I’m not sure about the changes. 2) What is your favorite comfort food. Pasta. I love pasta with red sauce or pesto or alfredo… 3) Do you believe in global warming? Not really. Particularly in the below freezing weather here.4) What actor or actors do you think to be the best of our time? Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts come to mind. 5) If you had to be anywhere but where you are right now, where would you be? The Carribean maybe, or Hawaii, or Italy or France…hmmm…lots of places, but certainly somewhere warm. South America is warm this time of year, maybe there.

  5. 1. I left spaces about year ago as I was already disillusioned with it back then, so I don’t miss it at all. I like my new online abode on blogspot as it also has many familiar faces that likewise made the switch.It’s easy to customize so ‘if’ you were to be persuaded into relocating, you could try it out first by duplicating your posts on spaces & your new blogger/blogspot home to get the feel of it. PS: no, I’m not on commission for recruiting erudite writers to blogger, honest. ;)2. Croissants & blueberry muffins – I dream of owning a bakery.3. Retreating, melting glaciers are the absolute proof of global warming so I’m a believer.4. Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Sean Penn, Daniel Day-Lewis, Ed Norton, Meryl Streep, Judi Dench, Laura Linney, Helen Mirren to name but a few.5. Italyt i m –

  6. Hey there! I’ll have to keep flipping back and forth from the questions to the comment area, but I’ll try and stay focused. I’m beginning to love some drugs. Just kidding. They make me paranoid!MSN…I’ve not been on enough to notice a difference, although I’m sure that I will notice it soon enough.Weather…Our weather is great. We flucuate from 70-80 to 30’s-40s’ every week. I see people wearing shorts and flip flops. Not me though…my legs are too hairy at the moment. Ha.Global warming. Hmmm. I can see where things cannot stay the same. History proves this, but I’m going to go against the main idea. I think it’s just another cause that some people grasp onto to bash the government. (not that it doesn’t deserve bashing!)I can agree with Robert Duvall. He’s great. But I will add John Lithgow, he’s super. Vincent D’Onfrio (sp?) John Travolta has really made a great comeback, but Bill Macy is better. I think there are some great actors and there are some mediocre ones. I can’t really say because they may come back and surprise us.Wow. If I could be anywhere but here….There are so many choices. I would go to the beach and take Baby Jack, Kate, Grace (The Princess) and Lovely Annah. Maybe I would bring their mothers, but that remains just a thought. Ha. Hubby has to be there because we are like one person. Of course Lola has to go even though she hates water. First of all we have to build her a launching pad to get into the pick up!Loved answering the Friday Falderal. Hmmm…Falderal. Not too many people use that word these days! I wonder how many people know what that means.Give Bells a hug for me and I’ll be around~xoxoDana Dana

  7. OH! I missed the comfort food question! I’d have to say cornbread, fried potatoes and pinto beans. That’s the best food as far as I’m concerned. Then the next day you can have the left over cornbread in a cup of milk for breakfast. Don’t flinch…ask an old person about how good it is.:~)xoxoDana Dana

  8. Alright, it isn’t Friday, but I’ll play anyway….1. Don’t like the changes. I’ve tried, but just don’t. I actually have a new space on Blogger, but I’m not ready to leave here, yet. 2. Milk Chocolate, for sure. And any kind of sweet, baked goods. (you know, healthy stuff!!) 3. The jury is still out with me. I’ve heard good arguments on both sides…but I wonder, the earth has been around how long, and we’ve only kept tabs so long, so do we really know?? 4. I’m going to say… I don’t know. Dustin Hoffman? He’s been great in everything I’ve seen him in. He IS the character. In 10 minutes I’ll decide on someone else…… 5. Definately in Virginia with my husband!! I miss him so much!

  9. just a quick drop in…i’ve been a little under the weather and sitting at the pc is not something i do for long spots.blogger IS very easy to use. the photo albums here are sooooo nice tho. and if i leave this msn spaces i have to give up my google hits which are pretty decent and fun even though i haven’t been working at the blog like i should… but i really should.i DON"T like the auto tie on to my hotmail account. just don’t. when i go to email to friend or family and everyone from spaces shows up in my contacts list, it’s….i’m still pondering.

  10. How about my Tuesday Trivia, since I missed Friday and all of the weekend.1. I am happy at Blogger, You would have no trouble working up a new site, G. It is only as techy as you want it to be and so far there have been no major changes! I do not like that every time I come over here and leave a comment, it shows up on my friends whatever you call it. Let me know if you want to know more.2. Chocolate, pizza and mexican food.3. Firmly believe. 4. Meryl Streep…. Denzel Washington um…. I’ll have to think some more.5. Somewhere in the warm sunshine.I hope you had a great weekend!!

  11. My apologies for not responding to my assigned letter of "j". With all these misguided changes to Spaces I’ve been somewhat reluctant to power the PC up each day. Geezzz Gail, I liked the other version so much better. This old dog does not do well with new tricks!! On to Tuesday Trivia… * Wonderful idea about putting friends in a favorites folder. I nominate you for the Spaces team….grin.* Favorite comfort food includes homemade butterscotch pie, grilled Alaskan salmon and Chex Mix. Not all at once mind you!!* I believe in global changes over vast periods of time. But yes, I do think humanity has contributed somewhat. Mostly I believe that God is always in charge. Our fears are fueled by those who delight in prospering from our fear. Bottom line….I believe in cycles of earth’s environment. Creation of this earth is far beyond the scope of scientific theories of pending doom by man’s hand. Just one man’s view. * Many worthy actors but Clint Eastwood and Jodie Foster come to mind. Agree with you about Anthony Hopkins. Meryl Streep is a favorite also.* Anywhere but home right now? Nothing would give me more peace and pleasure than to walk the hills and woods of my boyhood in rural Kentucky. Just might do that this spring.God bless my friend.John

  12. 1) Coping with the changes on spaces if you are still here? Not coping very well. 2) What is your favorite comfort – FOOD! 3) Do you believe in global warming? Sure! I believe in global cooling, too. Historical studies appear to indicate the earth goes through cycles of warming and cooling. I don’t buy into the idea that we humans have much to do with the macro cycles of the earth. 4) What actor or actors do you think to be the best of our time? I like Robert*Duvall also. Actresses? A thought – If they take off their garments (on screen), doesn’t that make them highly compensated c@ll girls? 5) If you had to be anywhere but where you are right now, where would you be? Home!

  13. 1) How have you been coping with the changes on spaces if you are still here? If you have moved, are you happy with your new home? I haven’t changed where I blog. I still blog here and somewhat on facebook. I have, however, had to warm up to the changes on Spaces. I can’t say I have arrived at feeling the warm fuzzies as yet, though.2) What is your favorite comfort food. Varies with the sort of comfort I need. Right now I’m on a potatoe soup kick. And, of course, I have dark chocolate stashes where I need them the most. 🙂 3) Do you believe in global warming? I believe that God who created the heavens and the earth upholds all things by the Word of His power. I also believe that the elements will melt with a fervent heat and that this heaven and earth shall pass away and a new heaven and new earth will be established at the time that God has preordained. 4) What actor or actors do you think to be the best of our time? Actresses? I don’t know that I know enough about acting to know who is the best. 5) If you had to be anywhere but where you are right now, where would you be? Aside from heaven, somewhere in the woods, or working on a farm, or Scotland.

  14. Wow- my week just slipped away- I’m 7 days behind this entry :-(Coping with the changes? Not well- I get impatient with all the steps to get where I want to be; they completely tanked my photo albums & forced a new one on me which I can’t move out of the way; sorry- I don’t care if you commented on XYZ’s entry from 3 days ago- I want to know when you post something new; & I miss new windows opening to visit my blogroll 😦 Whine-whine-whine! I started a Blogspot site 2 years ago, posting virtually the same content on both sites, but since the last "improvement" I rarely get any activity here- Blogger is so much easier than all this (though I’m not crazy about the photo album options- you have to know Flickr)Comfort Food- sourdough bread & butter, chocolate pudding, tuna casseroleGlobal warming? Nope- there have been & always will be fluctuations in weather patternsBest actors- tough one- Dame Judy Dench, can’t think of a male one since Greg Peck died :-SHome- I want to be at home, since it’s raining & dreary

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