What’s it Like There?

I don’t know why I signed up for the one day women’s retreat held yesterday.  It is not my thing to be in a crowd of people and to spend money to do it.  I just knew I had to go.
Shortly after signing in, I saw the mom of my best friend in junior and senior high school.  This friend is the one who led me to Christ.  This lovely lady and I have a wonderful relationship and we got to catch up throughout the day .
Also there was C.  Years ago C and I instantly clicked when we met – I believe it was over the phone in my capacity of church secretary.  In fourteen years, we have only been face to face may be four times and had phone contact for various church reasons.  However, we have a bond that is unexplainable.  The retreat was at her home church and every time she saw me she either said my name loudly or mouthed it to me over and over again!  She is one funny person!
A number of years ago, I was blessed to be able to sing in the choir at a Billy Graham crusade.  Arriving early for rehearsal, I ran into many people from various churches I had attended over the years.  I thought, "This must be what heaven is like!  Seeing all the people who have touched me in my Christian walk in one place!" 
When I listen to that small voice which tells me where to go and what to do, I know that I am in God’s will.  Being in His will has never brought me down the wrong path.  If only I had listened more!  So much heartache would have been avoided!  Listening is still difficult when I want my own way.  I don’t know what is around the corner of my life.  But He knows.  Only He can guide me through the dark keeping me from stubbing my toe in my clumsiness.
That still, small voice led me to the retreat yesterday.  Seeing the people I saw and listening to the speakers blessed me more than I can express.  And my toes don’t hurt because I followed His suggestion instead of my own desire which was to sleep in!
A new week is ahead.  It looks like the Girl and Bells are moving back in for a while.  Please pray along with me that I hear His voice over the noise that is in my mind.  This is a small house and we have different ways of doing things.  This could cause strife but I hope for a supernatural peace to come over our home.
Be blessed.  Be safe.  g

6 responses to “What’s it Like There?

  1. It sure is amazing, the things that happen when you listen to God! Definitely life would have been lived differently if I had many times in the past too!I hope the move in goes well and the transition smooth!

  2. I’m so glad you followed His leading & reaped such lovely blessings- those are the things that get you through the tough times 🙂

  3. Good morning g — I’m waking up to more mounds of that good old white stuff on the ground. Will Spring ever arrive.The Girl is very blessed to have you and it will give you a great opportunity to see more of Bells. Beacause Nik and Daniel are staying here, it has been so much easier for me to observe and interact with Eric, which leads to a better understanding of what I learn. And therein comes the hands on way of learning. With God’s help, it will work out.Deb

  4. Hello, This is my first visit here and I like your space a lot 🙂 I’m glad your listened to your inner voice and went with what was best in your spiritual interest rather then your physical 🙂 It is so nice to be able to hear God’s voice when he speaks. I don’t think there’s anything in the world quite like it. Well anyways, just wanted to say – God bless you! Marina

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