Gripe or Remain Positive?

That is the question.  I could go either way today.  Let’s start with something I’ve been wanting to address for quite a while:  What is with the sense of entitlement in this country?  Why are our children so spoiled they expect to get the latest game system or fashions – and get them?  Wake up parents! 
Watching House*Hunters, I see these kids grown up – at least somewhat.  They are looking for a home and they have to have a master suite with two sinks.  Our family of five had one bathroom most of the time I was growing up and, when we became six, added a powder room (eventually  3/4 bath).  Know what?  We survived just fine, thank you very much.  Three teenagers.  My memory is a bit foggy right now but I am sure we fought over shower times and towels but we also had to learn teamwork – happily or not.
Oh, and granite countertops!  Have to have granite countertops and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen!  How long before having to buy and use a special cleaner for that stainless steel every day gets old?  And I’ve read where dark colors of granite can give off unhealthy amounts of radon!
I would love to have a kitchen make-over.  Quartz countertops would be nice; bamboo floors.  An extension to make the back of the house, where the kitchen is, an "open-concept" kitchen/family room.  Am I willing to over-extend myself and my family to get what I want.  Nope.  We’re barely making it as it is.  I’ll be happy if we can stay in our humble abode.
So glad I got that off my chest.  I could go on and on………but that’s enough.
On a positive note, I had a great conversation with Liz today.  She’s a blogging buddy who has become a friend.  I feel so comfortable speaking with her.  After getting fed up with spaces, she designed her own web site which I highly recommend.  She hasn’t been spending much time there because of the lack of visitors.  I told her that I am getting fewer and fewer visitors except for the faithful five or so.  Hang in there, Liz!
Let’s falderal (did you know that is a verb?  Nah.):
 If you have a spouse, do you have the same view on life style?  Not really.  Himself likes "things" more than I do.  I can live without the big screen tv but wanting one gnawed at his gut until he got one.
Superbowl Sunday in the USA!  Will you be watching?  If not, what are your plans?  If so, who are you planning to watch it with,  are rooting for one team over the other or just want to see a good game and great commercials!?  Oh, boy will I be watching and rooting for the Cardinals because of Kurt Warner is their quarterback (see previous entry).  We plan to see it with G&P who are our best couple friends.
Has the hole in the ozone layer affected you?  Not that I know of.
Donuts or cookies?  Oh, cookies for sure.  Yum.
Have you read The Shack by William P. Young?  This book changed the way I see God – in a good way.  I highly recommend it.
Can you tell I don’t have much creativity today?  Sorry.  Here’s hoping for a safe, fun, Cardinal-winning weekend!  g

20 responses to “Gripe or Remain Positive?

  1. If youngsters are brought up with a silver spoon in their mouth & are accustomed to an extravagant lifestyle from day one, then its more than likely they’ll be spoilt. Blame the parents.If you have a spouse, do you have the same view on life style? Opposites attract… to a certain extent; ¬ Superbowl Sunday in the USA! Will you be watching? If not, what are your plans? Being European, there’s a minority of folks over here that avidly follow your version of “football” [which is played mostly by hands & rarely feet + it seems to take several hours to complete :)], that aside, I might dip in for a few minutes to see what the fuss is about & I’ll be rooting for the underdogs, so Cardinals it is; ¬ Has the hole in the ozone layer affected you? I’m not sure if this is helping heal the ozone layer, but I now wear Vera Wang cologne; ¬ Donuts or cookies? Plain doughnuts; ¬ Have you read The Shack by William P. Young? I’m a lazy reader, but if he has an audio version, I shall put it on my listening list;t i m –

  2. Well, yeah, the sense of entitlement is problematic. I have also seen parents, though, who give their kids the latest things that their hearts desire… but it has never taken precident over teaching them what is right – including the right heart attitudes. Those trinkets are little more than extended outpourings of affection, and the children receiving the trinkets have grown into really lovely people!And, no. Overextending oneself to have the latest and greatest is…well, it’s insanity, isn’t it? I see nothing wrong with saving up for something new and nice for the home. Delayed gratification alright too. I was 42 or 43 before I owned my first television – aside from the one I grew up with at my parents’ house and the one I inherited by marriage – which I walked away from (along with the spouse) after little more than a year. I wanted an iPod for years before I actually got one. And I got by with flea market furniture for years just fine before finally able to add new furniture one piece at a time, mostly.Yes, Liz is the blogger extraordinairre!!!And we’ll just wait and see what happens with Spaces. It will either cease to be the place to blog and something better will come along, or Spaces will take off again and be the jazziest place to blog (as, in my opinion, it totally WAS before this latest upgrade).Well, the first bit of falderal is easy enough to answer as I have no spouse. Superbowl Sunday? Who’s playing? 😀 (oh, yeah. you said the Cardinals, didn’t you…) :)I can’t tell that the hole in the ozone has affected me.Cookies.Haven’t even heard of The Shack. I really don’t read much Christian literature. I stick pretty much to the Word.Have an excellent weekend, G!Love you!!!

  3. hi gail, hope you have a good weekend, visits have gone down on my space too, I admit I havent spent much time blogging or visiting of late, due to house move, but it is so different on here now. I have visited liz this week and will return, good blog and pictures. nita.

  4. First, I will never leave you dear. I must admit I was seriously turned-off with spaces after the last update and didn’t want to blog anymore… then Christmas, and work. Uff.SAY, I could not agree with you more regarding the sense of entitlement. I too, watch House Hunters. Some of these spoiled people’s master bedroom closet is larger then my living room and dining room combined. It slays me…. it really, really does.Is it any wonder our country is hurting the way it is???My traffic has died down too on my blog. It happens every year around December and January. I need to speak with Liz too. I miss her. That’s all I can say about that I guess.I hope you have a wonderful weekend Ms. G ~ Love and hugs from Lori

  5. I also can’t help but notice how the young House Hunters usually end up spending more than they wanted to. I wonder if TLC won’t soon have a show called Foreclosures. And the answers are:Pretty much the same view on lifstyle. I’m more easily pleased than he is.If I watch the Superbowl it will be by accident. Like I fell paralyzed in front of the t.v. Sorry, not a pro football fan.Dunno about the hole.Definitely donuts.Dunno about the book.Ill be here as long as they keep leaving the door open.Hope you have a great weekend. Pulling for the Cardinals, are you? Go Cardinals!

  6. What we’re witnessing today and feeling bitter is really the fault of parents who let their children grow in a way that is now a big concern for the parents. Big palatial house was a dream and attached with stories of kings and queens but now pump and show is the order of the day. People are spending more than their earnings. And Credit cards are also a source of extravaganza as spending is unlimited through the use of these cards. This menace has brought the US to today’s situation and has wrapped the whole world. The countries which were safe were also brought under this system by the multinational banks. Here too auto financing brought havoc and ultimately Govt. had to check it. Our elders lived very simple life and within means but these days all methods are adopted to spend lavishly.But I think present jolt to US economy is certainly going to mend ways.

  7. Well, I think this recession will deliver many from wanting too much! lol I still have a few commenters over here, but I keep losing old friends, and don’t know to go comment on their Space! I like Blogger better, for the most part.. I’ve figured out most of the changes, but I think they really made it harder to follow/find your friends.. I am reading The Shack now.. I’m pretty boring right now.. all I’m concerned with is my dad, who’s in the hospital..hugs,Jean

  8. Well, here ya go:1) I think we have pretty much the same views. He likes TV more; I like ‘stuff’ more, but neither of us ‘needs’ it. I’d have waaaay more pets than he’s willing to put up with!2) Superbowl – personally, I find football annoying… crazy game that takes 20 min. for each 2 min. deal…. That being said, I will be watching it, because Alan will be watching it in Virginia and Kiki wants to "watch the game with Dadda". At least I will enjoy the commercials! Oh – my husband’s family are dyed-in-the-wool Steelers fans, from way, way back. They live in Pittsburgh, and are crazy for their team.3) Holes in my memory are a much bigger nuisance.4) Donuts, cookies, cake, pie…. if it’s sweet and baked, I like it5) I have read it. I found it…. interesting. I think I was looking for something really profound because this book affected my husband very deeply. In a real good way. But it didn’t have that same impact on me. However, I have childhood "issues" regarding the Holy Spirit, and lots of good thoughts have been rolling around in my head since reading the book, so I think that will cause something good to come to fruition.

  9. Good morning g — I had to smile at your title today. So appropriate to the way I feel.Do Kevin and I have the same view? LOL! Absolutely not. I am the positive one, while he likes to take a negative view. Drives me crazy at times. Otherwise we are on the same wavelength — Our family means the world to us.Yep, I’ll be watching with the boys. Not the whole thing though, as I normally get to bed early. Work the next day. Why do they make it so late?Hole in the ozone layer? I’m not sure how it would affect me. I don’t know much about it. New thing to learn about though.Donuts or cookies? Do I have to choose? I am now on a phase with the Pepperidge Farm Milan cookies. They have them in all flavors. Rasperry, Mint, Orange and even a Chocolate Raspberry.No I haven’t read it yet, although I plan to. I’ve picked it up a few times, but lately I haven’t been able to concentrate on my books. With your recommendation though, I will bring it to the cash register next time.Have a great weekend. Talk to you Monday!Deb

  10. mmm….’he & me’ seldom hold the same views but have ‘survived ’40 years of marriage so why worry always good to hear from you g every blessing

  11. ya my kitchen needs a makeover too!♥~♥ :oD because you shared a smile…someone’s day got brighter… :oD ♥~♥

  12. An outhouse was my only choice in early childhood. Also, I truly miss the most basic, simple and ordinary things that make a house a true home. G, I have to respectfully disagree with you. You are one of the most creative and honest persons I’ve had the pleasure to encounter on this place of multitudes of personality displays. Please know, please believe that my prayers remain for the concerns I know you have. You are, in fact, a person from whom I draw strength. That is the mark of a "real" friend to this man. Thanks for the recommend read. Its been on my list for future reading for awhile now. Think I’ll move it to the top. Stay warm and always, always protect your heart. Continue in grace my loyal friend.John

  13. Perhaps I detected a hint of your being a bit hard on yourself. Actually, after reading the post once again, I can understand your confusion with my comment…….very sorry. Must be the "age" factor again…older man grin!! Our friendship has grown from mutual respect and basic moral guidelines followed by two adults who know that friendship is ALL we seek. You should know by now that I value this friendship immensely. I’ve always admired a "straight talker", and you fit the bill. Once again, my sincere apology for my oft scattered brain. Be well and continue in grace.John

  14. Hi G…Yep…Some of us blogger buds have been around for awhile. Many have come and gone. Actually, if we think about it those of us who have persevered in life kind of persevere in blogging.Liz, Lori, you and another handful of a regular 10, 12, 15…That all seem to keep in some sort of communication on a regular basis.Kurt Warner and his family is a wonderful story in how turning our lives over in faithfulness to Him…He will always show up. We have watched Kurt mature as a believer from his last Super Bowl to this one. He is not just a talker but a doer.Enjoy the game and we will just keep being thankful for the little things in life.You all be well…GregNobody in football should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein. -Joe Theismann

  15. I often think of how these same things and complain just as bitterly. You know what, I used to have the exact floor plan you mentioned here and I will tell you it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. My present house still has a somewhat open floor plan, but it is much more cozy despite the fact that the house is 100 ft.² larger than my previous one.I have the same old kitchen which came with the house and I cannot see putting another 20 or 40 grand into making my kitchen into a shrine. My bedroom is functional in a spartan way and so is my office. I used to have an office which had a couple of chairs so people could sit and meet with me, but I decided to go for a smaller one when I’ll all of the amenities. I am just fine. My kitchen is much nicer in many ways than my other one, but it’s not the cream of the crop. I can tell you that my nephew and niece haven’t been brought up with a sense of entitlement. We have consistently tried to make sure that they understand there are financial constraints under which they must live. I hope this upbringing will continue to stay with them as they get older.Take care and enjoy this wonderful weekend.BPPS sorry for the rambling, but it’s what came to my mind right then.

  16. Hi Gail. You have been on my mind since last night . I just am on and off here . I would love to visit eveyone but I just can t right now. I have so much to do . Im looking at counter tops . Garnite is stupid if you ask me. So much money for what. The upkeep is beyond me. Every finger print shows. The women I know that have it are polishing it after someone touches it. . NO Thanks. Its heavey and cost way way much to have it made . floors reinforced just to have it and ect. Anyways. Picking things is easier this time than last so far it just takes time running around. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday. My camera is collecting dust again though all of this. Hugs sisterLisa

  17. Hey there Gail, I agree with you 100% about the Super Bowl commercials. It was so boring during the first quarter that I actually fell asleep for a couple of minutes and when I woke up, I didn’t even bother rewinding to see what I had missed. Thankfully the game was much more interesting in the latter half.I’m not a huge Springsteen fan, so the halftime show wasn’t that great to me, but I can see how those who are really enjoyed the show. I don’t how people could watch six hours worth of pregame. Because the Super Bowl was held in my backyard, I got so much coverage that I was tired of it about a week and a half ago. It’s a lot different if your team is involved. I must say that the Cardinals gave them hell, but in the end the Steelers played well enough to win.I’ll talk to you later.BP

  18. Just browsing and found your space and decided that I like it very much. Sorry about your Cardinals. I know that we might not see eye to eye on somethings, but I agree with alot of what you are saying.Blessed be

  19. hi gail, just passing through, too many thoughts going through my head, that I need to sort out, with the lord, for me to comment much, but know where you are coming from. as for spaces, they have made it a lot harder for all of us, in my opinion – sometimes I get an update when someone has blogged, sometimes I dont, sometimes I get visits and comments when I blog, sometimes I dont – take care – nita.

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