Friday Falderal For Finicky Funsters

I just had to do that.  I don’t know why.  Actually, I was going to do a whole paragraph with words starting in "f" but decided to spare you.
Bummer about the Cardinals.  As BP mentioned, the commercials were so bad that they didn’t soften the blow.  Except for the Potato Head Couple (Please do take a moment to watch it.  I’ll wait.).  And a Clydesdale commercial or two.  Any I missed?  Let me know your favorite.
Still, Kurt Warner is a class act and I defy anyone to disagree.  A true gentleman is he.
Have any of you seen Bonnie Hunt’s talk show?  I laugh every time it is on!  You might remember her as the mom in Cheaper by the Dozen opposite Steve Martin.  Or the sister of Renee’ Zellweger in Jerry Maguire.  I highly recommend it.
Isabella has been accepted into a full day pre-school disabled program in town.  This is big.  Very big.  Hopefully, she will start within the next two weeks.  This caused my daughter to cry with relief and with sadness as she is so upset that Bells has these problems.  I understand but I also know God doesn’t make any mistakes.  Our Bells is thoroughly loved and ever so lovable.  She will do fine in this world.  As a matter of fact, I believe she will do better than fine.
Many thanks to Debbie (Courage Doesn’t Always Roar – don’t you love that name for a blog?) and her daughter Nikki for the phone converation Monday evening.  We compared where their Eric is at and where Bells is at and I was given some great advice.  The two of you rock!
As the SuperBowl ads were so disappointing, what is your favorite commercial of all time?  I would have to say the series of commercials Alka*Seltzer had back in the 60’s and 70’s  Whatever Shape Your Stomach’s In, I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing, That’s a some spicy meat-a-ball……etc.  Too funny.
In this age of digital video recorders (dvr’s), do you still watch commercials?  Only during sporting events.  And the occasional commercial that I like.
What or who can always make you laugh – not including a child in your life!  That’s a hard one – and I make up the questions!  Bonnie Hunt is at the top of my list at the moment and her cast of characters (crew).
Who or what can always make you cry?  The end of the movie It’s a Wonderful Life – "To my big brother George; the richest man in town!"  Gets me every time.
Are you reading any good books right now?  I am about to finish Ted Dekker’s latest novel, KissIt’s pretty interesting.  Also, Emergence Labeled Autistic and Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew.
Hope you have a great weekend.  I haven’t a clue what we will be doing.   Just be safe, will you?  I want only good news come Monday! 
blessings, g

10 responses to “Friday Falderal For Finicky Funsters

  1. Yay! For once I made it on time!This is eerie weird – I was just thinking about Bonnie Hunt this morning because there’s a lady on the bus that looks SO much like her. I was wondering what she was doing these days. Is that a cable show she has or syndicated? If so, it must not play in these parts. I liked her sitcom about being a talk show host.Okey, dokey, down to biz:Favorite all time commercial….. hmmm…. you know the funny thing is that most of my favorite commercials don’t bring to mind what the actual product was. I like the talking baby ones but have no idea who the sponser is.DVR? Hahaha.Can always make me laugh – Ellen and DooceMakes me cry – my retirement accountI am reading an old Robert B Parker, Spenser novel that I somehow missed over the years. I love his books.

  2. ¬ I don’t know about all time but this is my current favourite ad at the moment –¬ In the UK, the leading broadcaster [BBC] doesn’t have ad breaks during programmes, phew! Although we have to pay an annual TV licence like several countries in Europe, Asia etc. Grr¬ My work colleagues never fail to make me laugh¬ Onions & Chinese burns make watery droplets emerge from my eye sockets¬ I’m reading ‘Friends Like These’ by Danny Wallace. I’m a lazy reader so I’m quite surprised I’ve read just over half it. I should finish it by early November. ;)t i m –

  3. Good morning gail — YES!!!! (picture me saying that and shooting my fist in the air when I read Bells was accepted at the school). I am so excited for her and the many things she will be learning. Hope you have room on the frig for all the artwork she will eventually start bringing home. You’ve made my day! It was a pleasure to talk to you on Monday as well. Nik was very sincere when she said to feel free to call any time with questions. Favorite commercial of all time — I always loved the Bud light commercials with the frogs, but the ones that come to mind the most is the Windex commercials where someone bangs into the glass doors. It always brings to mind the day my Charlie did just that in front of the whole family. The look on his face? Priceless….DVR: We usually don’t tape alot of shows. I watch some of the commercials, but sometimes they overplay them so mostly I flip through my magazine during them.Laugh: I watch "Reba" and the son in law "Van" never fails to entertain me. I usually laugh throught the whole show.Cry: Don’t get me going –lol — Even a McDonalds commercial (the one where the big brother comes home from college and takes his little sister to McDonalds) makes me cry. I’m so sentimental… The one movie "A Star Is Born" with Striesand and Kristofferson has me sobbing every time I watch it.Right now I"m reading James Patterson "Cross Country" , but my concerntration level is off lately. I want to go pick up "The Shack" this weekend. I’ve heard good things about it.There’s not much up for me this weekend. You can probably tell by my silly post Thursday that I am going stir crazy. But with my candle party coming up, the dust needs to be cleaned out of the corners, so I’ll attach my ipod to my head and dance my way through my cleaning. And there’s the ever present laundry…sigh….such an exciting life I lead. : o ) Hugs to Bells..Deb

  4. Great news about Bells.Fav. Commercials – Got to be Bud frogs and Geico’s, starting with the squirrels up to today’s lizard and eyes. (Note: I wouldn’t object if they exiled the Sonic producer to Outer Mongolia)Only watch commercials I like. Can make me laugh – The Far Side, Patrick McManus stories and when Kay gets to laughing when I’m reading to her. Who or what can always make you cry? Lord of the Rings – Return of the King; during the siege of the city when Gandalf tells Pippin “this is not the end..” also when Frodo and Sam are on the lava surrounded rock and Sam cries as he speaks about Rosie back home. Are you reading any good books right now? God Doesn’t Believe in Atheist, Ray Comfort; When the Game is Over, It All Goes Back in the Box, John Ortberg

  5. Great news about Bells. It’s nice when you get good news.Let’s see, currently I am reading a Robert Ludlum collaboration with Gayle Lynds The Hades Factor.I’ll out of my head, I would say my favorite set of commercials was Lou and Frank. Remember the Budweiser salamanders who wouldn’t possibly do anything just after the kickoff on Super Bowl Sunday. Now that was funny.In 1994, my last year standing, McDonald’s did a series of commercials with two guys waiting in line for tickets to the Super Bowl. I thought that was a pretty good run. Of course the mean Joe Greene is always great, but I really did enjoy the commercial which took place which took place a couple of years back.Some people criticized it, but I thought it was pretty darn funny.

  6. Hi Gail, That’s great about Bells. Go over and check out my blog….just updated it with some good stuff. Things are looking great! I forgot to post about other things positive going on but maybe I’ll post some more later. Ok take care and hope you are enjoying this lovely weekend….it’s 57 now!

  7. Thanks for the comment. You are my faithful reader. I"m hoping he wants to grab a bite to eat before or after the movies so we can chat. So we will see.

  8. hi G, how are you? I’ve not been in the blogging world for a while. Had an eventful Chinese New Year, and now it’s back to the usual hurried lifestyle.I read yesterday that anti-depressants help people with fibromyalgia. Have you read of that? it reduces pain significantly after a period of time and improves sleep as well. I thought that was interesting.anyway, I’ve not blogged in a while either but I thought, just visit you and say you(hugs)

  9. I want chocolate…:) I will birng the coffee .. they would go good together.Blessing to you Gail . Gald your Living. !!! I m tired and have be going to much. I need to have some quite time and soon.Smiles and Hugs to you Lisa xo

  10. .:*~*:.♥.:*~*:.♥.:*~*:.♥.:*~*:……Happy Valentine’s Day!……:*~*:.♥.:*~*:.♥.:*~*:.♥.:*~*:.♥~♥ sending you my love today! ♥~♥

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