Economic Stimulus Package

Gov. Mike*Huckabee came up with a great name for the economic stimulus package passed by congress last week despite the outcry from taxpayers to wait:
Want some pork rinds??

10 responses to “Economic Stimulus Package

  1. Good morning g –That’s too funny. I just wanted to say a quick hello and let you know I’m still alive and kickin –Things have been so busy here and I have had so much on my mind, it’s not easy to sit down and write. Hopefully after this candle party and baby shower are done, and we have my dad’s diagnosis from his Pet Scan, my mind will free up and I can catch up. My sister and I are going to his appointment tomorrow to hear the results and what kind of treatment is necessary. I hope all is well on your end. BTW – Eric does that too. Whenever he doesn’t want to leave where we are (birthday party or anywhere there are balloons or bubbles) or come inside from outside he screams and has a complete meltdown (as we call them). They are less and less though so we believe he is beginning to understand more. Have a great day my friend…Deb

  2. Well I hope everything is going while G.It amazes me how some Republicans call the stimulus partisan spending, but yet they manage to get their own items shoved into the bill while voting against it.After all of the deficit spending the Republicans have done, now they decide they’re really going to be "fiscal" Republicans. I just think they want this country to go into a depression so they can gain the majority once again. In my opinion, that is entirely unpatriotic. It would be like me having hoped Iraq ends in disaster only so President Bush and the Republican Party wouldn’t get elected. Thankfully we’re not all so narrow minded.Don’t get me wrong, there are a long list of things I would do differently if it were my bill , but at least someone’s willing to act and to take responsibility for their actions.

  3. As Charlie the farmer says, "If you find yourself in a hole quit digging." And yes, it is a bucket of crap we taxpayers have to endure. Prayers and kind thoughts for you and all your concerns. BTW, you have a wonderful sense of humor. You are most appreciated.John

  4. hi G, m ok, just a little paranoid with safety. We’ve got too many foreigners here, and illegal immigrants and they cause too much problems. How have you been otherwise?thanks for praying G. Appreciate it.. 🙂

  5. Hello g,Great truth about the spending. A bailout for housing last summer, a bank bailout last fall, now anohter junk bailout being followed by another $75 billion dollar housing bailout. Dr Spock was wrong about raising children.Peace & Blessings.rwc

  6. Good to see that a fellow Arkansan and former Governor can still recognize hog slop when he sees it!Ruth’s surgery was elective – vision correction in both eyes. She is so thrilled about not wearing glasses or contacts. It has been a dream of hers for many years.

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