Finally, Flora Filled Falderal

A few years ago we moved two potted pathos plants to a countertop to move them out of the way for a party. They "rooted" in that place until a couple of days ago.Embarrassed  They have flourished and even interwoven themselves.  Today is the day I am going to repot them – finally, and get them off the kitchen table where I placed them to clear the counter.
As a matter of fact, I have been on a countertop clearing binge this week.  Isn’t it amazing how big a mess one can make when cleaning and clearing up?  You move things to clean an area then you have to figure out where to put the stuff to get them off the area you dumped them on.  I am bound and determined to take care of this today. 
Unlike when the kids were younger, we, as a family, have moved away from eating at the kitchen table together.  There is always too much "stuff" on it and schedules vary.  Also, The Boy is a picky eater.  Well, I have decided that I am going to cook for Himself and me.  If The Boy doesn’t like what I make there is always peanut butter, eggs, cereal, etc.  Getting Himself to go along with the program has been a struggle but I think he is finally getting in the spirit, so to speak.  (He would give our son money to buy dinner elsewhere. Angry)
With The Girl and Bells moving back I definitely want the little one to have the routine of family meals.  She needs routine.
Speaking of Bells, The Girl and I met with the Child Study Team and Bells starts school on Wednesday!  I am really impressed with the individual lesson plan they have developed for her and I believe she will respond well to the people who will be working with her.
Getting back to decluttering, I think the key is getting rid of things you don’t love and don’t need.  The next step is not replacing the stuff!  It’s been said that when you break a habit you have to replace it with something else.  Just don’t replace it with something equally bad like overeating for smoking.  In the long run, from what I hear, it may be just as bad, although I think dying from a heart attack would be preferable to suffering from emphysema for years.
It’s the same thing with spiritual "clutter."  I’ve been blessed to have people helping me to get rid of negative beliefs and negative thinking.  For example, thinking that I am not lovable or that something in my past has the power to make my life miserable now.  I realize now that neither is true!  However, if I don’t replace those negatives with positives, they are going to creep right back into my mind and affect my life negatively.
Therefore, I am looking for ways to change my old ways.  Instead of thinking, "I’ll never get the countertops just right, I am now trying to think, and act out, "One step at a time.  It doesn’t have to be done in one day and it doesn’t have to be perfect."
Positive for negative.  God’s truth against satan’s lies.  God’s love vs. satan’s hate for us.  That enemy wants us to hate ourselves because it takes away from God’s glory.  Don’t give in!
Are you a naturally organized person or do you have to work at it?  Truth be told I was a very organized, neat person until I got fed up with my sister, whom I shared a room with, leaving a mess all the time.  Now I am not all that neat and she is a neatnik.  Love you sis.
Is there anyone in particular who makes you want to be a better you?  Besides God, I believe it would have to be everyone I have contact with.  I have a yearning to share the love of God with as many people as I make contact with.  He has transformed my heart and, like not being able to explain a grandparent’s love to someone who is not a grandparent,  only the experience of God’s love can fill your heart with His joy!
Do you take advantage of the day after Valentine’s day and other holiday half price candy sales?  I’ve been munching on dark chocolate mandm’s as I type this.Wink
You spot celebrity you admire whilst on a plane trip.  What, if anything, do you do?  Usually I don’t do "what if" questions but, since this did happen to me, I can answer it.  Many years ago, I was flying back to the US from England and I spotted Cliff Robertson (Spider Man’s uncle).  After arguing with myself as to whether or not to bother him, I walked to where he was sitting, confirmed who he was, then put out my hand to shake his and introduced myself, first and last name.  I told him that I admired his work and we chatted about what he was doing in England.  When we deboarded, he looked for me and gave me a wave.  It was a good thing.  I don’t anticipate that kind of reaction from an actor happens very often.
Do you use sunscreen?  Definately.  Because of how it keeps vitamin D from being absorbed, I supplement.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Please stay safe.  g

9 responses to “Finally, Flora Filled Falderal

  1. Good luck with your counter cleaning. I know that something that simple really does my heart good.FF:I used to be naturally organized. Now I have to work hard at it and admit I’m not all that successful. Sigh.I aspire to be the person my dad and my dog think I am. My dad is always bragging me up and my dog would follow me into fire. I’m lucky,I bought the bag of milk chocolate green M’s… but not until the 19th. I’m a bit slow on the sale uptake, but I think they were 75% off!I would probably take a picture of the celebrity. Unless it was Ellen. Then I would totally kick out her seat mate and sit down.I usually wear sunscreen. I’m much better than I used to be.I hope you have a good weekend, G. Good luck finding new habits. It sounds like you have a good plan so that’s a great start.

  2. I think that I was wired to be naturally a neat freak, but my upbringing discouraged – if not downright sabotaged – it every step of the way, lol! So I’m trying to reclaim the neatness and cleanliness minus the freak.Yes. And my persons are like yours, G. I always eyeball the after V-Day treats after V-Day but so far have yet to bite (pun prolly intended).I have no idea what I’d do. If he or she was sitting in the seat next to me and seemed friendly and open to it I might strike up a chat.Yes, on my face but a low SPF (8) in hopes that there still might be some vitamin D absorbtion.You have a wonderful weekend too, G!Love ya!

  3. hi gail, like your words about positives and negatives, and god and satan – how easy it is to give in and be tripped up, but god loves us and loves us enough to hang on to us, when our grip on him is not as tight. thanks for sharing, have a great weekend and week to follow – nita.

  4. One of your better posts my friend. You are "dead on" with the observation of Satan vs God. Also, I admire the stance you have taken with the boy. Patty and I always eat in our den downstairs because our kitchen table is probably more cluttered than yours. BTW, I feel the organization pain….been there recently.* I’m a naturally organized person. Have the military and career to thank for that.* There is no single person that makes me want to do better. All the motivation needed is looking at my shortcomings and room for growth each morning. However, the apostle Paul does come to mind.* Like you, I take full advantage of dark chocolate sales after Valentine’s day.* Hope this does not come across as crass, but I usually avoid them intentionally. * Yes, I use sunscreen…SPF 25 with insect repellent.Wonderful weekend back to you.John

  5. A couple of years ago I had my brother and his family living with me and I made everyone eat at the table for dinner. It was nice to have a schedule and I believe the children love the attention they were getting. Now that they live in their own home, I am sure that is not going on any longer. We do still have meals together and during meals there is no television.Take care of yourself and good luck on decluttering your house.

  6. Are you a naturally organized person or do you have to work at it? – My vicinity is an organised chaos. Is there anyone in particular who makes you want to be a better you? – Mother. Do you take advantage of the day after Valentine’s day and other holiday half price candy sales? – I rarely go shopping, I have people for that. You spot celebrity you admire whilst on a plane trip. What, if anything, do you do? – I’d certainly say hello & gage their reaction after that to see they wanted to chat or be left aloneDo you use sunscreen? Pale skin = lots of sunscreent i m –

  7. Well…growing up, we never ate at the table. I’m not sure we had one. When my kids were young, we ate on the couch and love seat, but we DID all eat at the same time. I didn’t make separate meals either. Like you said, there was always something else to eat if the meal didn’t suit their taste!The only time at the table was Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.Talk to me…I am the Clutter Queen. I am a packrat and have a very hard time parting with things I might need someday!Ok, on the FF;No. I’m not naturally physically organized. In my mind, I am. But it takes a lot to translate.Who makes me a better you? My girls. The expect so much from me and I don’t want to dissapoint. No, after V -day…just another day to me. I love chocolate, but it doesn’t love me. Maybe a stuffed animal or two.Clebrity? Doesn’t mean a thing to me. They’re just people, like me. Sunscreen…only on my face, upper arms and cleavage. I tan pretty easily so I have to watch out for the dreaded ‘Farmer’s Tan’Good FF!xoxoDana

  8. #1 yes I am organized and it bothers the you-know-what outta me when I am rushed because of someone else and I can’t put my stuff away! BWAAAA haaa. But seriously, I am constantly going through my closets and culling, and my desk has to look a certain way for me to feel comfortable to work at it!#2My children, some other family members and some very close friends. I want to touch everyone around me in a positive way, some days that is easier than others, but it doesn’t stop me from trying :)#3no, but pass that bag of m and m’s if you have any left…#4Ha ha! yes! Martin Sheen years ago! he came up behind me at sales counter at the LA airport and I will never forget that voice as he asked for a pack of Marlboros, then there was Mr Rogers! I was seeing a friend off from Logan and I saw him sitting there, I just happened to have my MC enlistment papers in my purse and I shyly walked up to him and asked if I could have his autograph. I explained that I had just joined the Marine Corps, he told me he had just come from interviewing Gen Patton’s daughter (don’t know, didn’t ask) and he wished me well. Still have the papers where he signed from your good neighbor :)#5absotootalutely on the ss, though I am not so sure if it has helped… Hope you are doing well sweetie,I have missed you, but I have been trying to get by (I always know I will be interrogated when I come by, so I save you for when I have the time). We are almost 1/2 way through this semester and it is going pretty good and I have a run at the end of the week.Keep smiling G,thinkg of youhugs hugsS.

  9. Hey G, was interesting reading this. 🙂 De cluttering, takes lotsa time,and it is tiring, but at the end rewarding. I have been doing that, but it never seems to end. I’ve decided not to buy anymore toys or stuff, but I’ve been giving and giving and giving away the old but still good stuff. I’m usually not very neat, but I realise that less clutter makes cleaning easier, and gives one a greater sense of peace. ahaha..

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