Fighting Fatigue – Failing Falderal

Been dealing with mom-in-law’s health issues this week (looks like she will be fine).  Too  late to think of a falderal.  Will try to come up with something tomorrow.
How was your week?  gail

9 responses to “Fighting Fatigue – Failing Falderal

  1. I can point to very little accomplished, actually, yet have been very busy this week!LOL Always seems that way.. *sigh*.. thank you, Lord!hugs,Jean

  2. My week? Went by quickly and actually had a warm day in there somewhere. The snow is melting and today I really must go outside and pick up all the sticks and branches covering my lawn. What a sight. Darn tree. Other than that — life goes on.Rest up — glad MIL is going to be fine.Deb

  3. Well I certainly do hope everything turns out fine. I myself have been dealing with fatigue issues also. This tends to lend itself to me getting less than and being a little less than enthusiastic about things in general.Take care, hopefully everything will improve.

  4. Brrrilliant, actually. Doctor was very helpful on Friday and made a decent suggestion so I can get help to cope with disability so all is not lost on that front. Did my usual Saturday caper yesterday and had a right old time. Cheered up just now by realising that we change the clock time at the end of this month so lighter, longer days are coming. Yippee:-)

  5. Hey G, how are you? just dropping by before I hit the sack. Just got back from mum’s and cleaned whole house up coz tomorrow I teach from home. How’s your mum in law? pls pray for me too, I covet your prayr’s. nothing much…just that with so much household things to do and work and kids…I think, I just get a little more cranky than usual, not good for kids… and I end up feeling down in the dumps. *sigh*, but yes, I’m reminded that the Lord is my strength. Perhaps, I should seek Him a little more.

  6. Hi G, Sorry I don’t make it around much. It’s so hard to keep up with blogs and so many just aren’t updating them anymore. Wanted to let you know I just updated mine. I pray your mother-in-law is doing better…..have a great rest of your Sunday….how’s the weather….pretty good so farhere. The snow we got overnight is melted already. Take care.

  7. Hello G. Glad to hear your mom-in-laws doing better. Things have been rather slow around here as of late. Have been getting everything packed and ready to go back out on the boat. I leave this Thursday. I hope you have a very blessed week.~Hugs~Marilyn~

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